Review of Asiana Airlines flight Seoul Jeju City in Economy

Airline Asiana Airlines
Flight OZ 8929
Class Economy
Seat 2F
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 12 Oct 11, 13:50
Arrival at 12 Oct 11, 15:00
OZ 100 reviews
By 6047
Published on 13th October 2011
I arrived the day before from Paris on Korean Airlines and I wanted to try the local low-cost carriers. It was impossible to book over the internet on the following carrier : Jin Air, Jeju Air, T'Way and Eastar Jet… Only Air Busan wanted to sell me tickets.
I decided to get a ticket on Asiana for the Gimpo-Jeju and return on the Air Busan flight. I know, I'm crazy, just to fly a day return for the fun of adding a new city, a new airport and a new airline to my collection !

So here is the GMP-CJU flight on Asiana.

I live the hotel in taxi for the Seoul Gimpo Airport around 11am, I arrive at the airport at 11:45am, I'll have a lot of time to kill at the airport…

I check-in at the very empty Asiana counters, not a soul around so I'll get my boarding pass in no time !
photo P1030690

photo P1030692

I didn't use the self-serve kiosk as I had forgotten to write down my booking number.
photo P1030691

After check-in I walk around the land-side part of the terminal to check what's available and there again another Dunkin Donuts, I never saw so many, not even in the USA and I know Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York so well…
photo P1030693

Pictures of the other Korean low-costs counters.
photo P1030694

photo P1030695

photo P1030696

They sell all at Gimpo… Don't know if you can carry it with you on the plane though…
photo P1030697

On the upper level there is a Gallery and restaurants.
photo P1030698

photo P1030699

I go to the Starbucks to get coffee and some macaroons… more coconut than almonds those macaroons…
photo P1030700

Now I don't know why but there was a hord of kids at Gimpo, thank god not on my flight ! they were so noisy, I felt like I was in a chicken coop !
photo P1030701

And on the other of the spectrum, there is a huge group of senior ladies…
photo P1030702

I go through security, not a lot of people, great !

Looking at the local traffic now…

Air Busan B737-500
photo P1030703

Jeju Air B737-800
photo P1030704

After the departure of a flight, the ground staff would grease the jetway and clean it.
photo P1030705

Korean Air 737 ready for departure
photo P1030706

photo P1030708

Jin Air 737
photo P1030707

Water fountain in the terminal
photo P1030709

All the gates that Asiana uses are equipped the same way with counters and placards.
photo P1030710

The crew for our flight is here and they do their briefing while they are waiting for the plane to arrive and it shouldn't be too long as the whole staff is here !
photo P1030711

On the neighbouring gate another Asiana Airbus 321-100 arrives and I see that it is no cleaner than the AF ones… We will note that our national airline doesn't have the exclusivity of the dirty planes.
photo P1030712

photo P1030713

Gate 15 is ready for boarding and departure !
photo P1030714

My boarding ticket for Jeju.
photo P1030715

I look at a Korean Air 747-400 coming from the International terminal and it will be positioned at the terminal for its next flight to… Jeju !
photo P1030716

Gimpo-Jeju is a little bit like ORY-NCE or MAD-BCN… There are a multitude of flights with a wide range of planes including the 747 !

Here is our 321-100, HL-7703 will take us to Jeju !
photo P1030717

The marshallers are here, ready to guide the plane in.
photo P1030718

The airplane is approaching…
photo P1030719

photo P1030720

photo P1030721

And stops !
photo P1030722

The ground agents start to get the Airbus ready and i 40 minutes it is ready to go !
photo P1030723

photo P1030724

photo P1030725

photo P1030726

A lot of Korean Air A300-600R ply the domestic routes !
photo P1030727

The terminal was not well thought and the ground staff have to cut off the terminal in order to let the flux of arriving passengers go to baggage claim without mixing them with passengers waiting to board their flight. To go from one gate to the next you will need to make a detour and walk behind a big block of walls.
photo P1030728

photo P1030729

Next to our A321 is an Air Busan 737-500
photo P1030730

Everyone is getting ready around our A321 at gate 15
photo P1030731

photo P1030732

photo P1030733

The plane is ready for boarding !
photo P1030734

photo P1030735

I am now at the door of the plane and we are all greeted by the purser and a cabin attendant.
photo P1030737

I get to my seat 2F, only to spare seats left on board, 2E and 3B !
photo P1030738

The legroom.
photo P1030739

View from the right hand side of the plane.
photo P1030740

photo P1030741

Seats ABC on the other side of the aisle.
photo P1030745

I look at the seat pocket contents. The inflight magazine, the Asiana sales articles and the safety card.
photo P1030746

Our purser is making its announcement before departure and will close the door.
photo P1030747

The safety demos are on, I only took 2 pictures, do not worry !
photo P1030748

photo P1030750

A lot of Korean Air planes at Gimpo.
photo P1030749

photo P1030752

We get to the runway's end and we start our take off roll.
photo P1030753

photo P1030754

photo P1030756

photo P1030757

photo P1030758

photo P1030759

photo P1030760

Soon after we fly over Incheon Airport
photo P1030761

photo P1030762

The crew will then start to serve drinks.
photo P1030763

I will have a Coke, not a lot of choice again. Orange Juice, Coke, water and coffee ! No crackers or cookies, nothing to eat !
photo P1030764

During the flight they will show 2 episodes of Mr Bean Returns !
photo P1030765

photo P1030766

Then a publicity for the city of Yeosu who is supposed to welcome some international Expo in 2013
photo P1030767

photo P1030768

The screen will then feature the airshow and inform us on the position of the airplane.
photo P1030770

photo P1030771

photo P1030772

photo P1030773

In the catalog, there are Asiana articles for sale such as plane models or air hostess aprons.
photo P1030775

We fly over a string of islands before we arrive in Jeju
photo P1030777

Arrival is coming up
photo P1030779

photo P1030780

photo P1030781

Jeju countryside
photo P1030782

photo P1030783

We land on time and we'll be parked at the remote stands. we deplane from the front and rear.
photo P1030784

photo P1030785

photo P1030786

I am lucky to have found a seat on the bus where there is a bit of the sticker thas's gone, I took a few pictures during our run to the terminal.
photo P1030787

China Eastern
photo P1030788

Welcome to Jeju
photo P1030790

Asiana Boeing 737-400
photo P1030791

photo P1030792

The bus will drop us off near the terminal and just next to the baggage carousel for our flight !
photo P1030793

photo P1030794

The other side of the decor !
photo P1030795

And passenger side where you can collect bags from our flight OZ8929
photo P1030796

I am adding pictures of Kimchi that I took at the Bucheon City market !
photo P1040004

photo P1040023
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Asiana Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Seoul - GMP


Jeju City - CJU



Nothing to say about the ontime performance of the flight I was amazed that they managed to turn a plane in 40 minutes ! Great performance !

Comfort wise, it was OK for a domestic flight.

The cabin crew was very attentive to the 3 elderly passengers that were seated in front of me, they would bring them pillows and will look after their comfort all the way to Jeju.

For the service, I can't be generous as there wasn't even a bag of peanuts or a cookie to eat... Just a glass of a drink of a very limited choice.

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