Review of Air France flight Singapore Jakarta in Business

Airline Air France
Flight AF 254
Class Business
Seat 7L
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 12 Jul 14, 16:55
Arrival at 12 Jul 14, 17:35
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By 10866
Published on 26th July 2014
Trip Report:

12 July 2014
AF 254 SIN - CGK
Dep. 1655
Arr. 1735

Business Class

Hopping On An AF Short Fifth Freedom Flight to CGK

I took this flight on a second day after Air France resumed its operation to CGK. SIN – CGK used to have numerous fifth freedom flights but had been disappearing in the past few years due to either re-routing via other destinations or going direct. The last fifth freedom flight was about 2 years ago with Lufthansa having CGK as a tag on for its FRA – SIN flights. However, with the switch to A380, CGK tag on was then changed to its MUC – SIN flight, which was later cancelled as LH stopped flying to SIN from MUC. So, this new fifth freedom flight was greatly welcomed by me.

I arrived at the airport 1 hour and 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time. The check-in process was smooth and the agent asked me if I knew where the lounge was.

photo 20140712_160627

I was very familiar with the lounge which was a shared lounge managed by DNATA. KLM and China Airlines also use this lounge but Cathay Pacific seems to be the main user as the entrance to the lounge is clearly modeled after CX design. This lounge does have a very good outside view to the tarmac.

photo 20140712_162249

photo 20140712_161413

Having spent about 45 minutes in the lounge and had myself something hot to eat – I didn’t expect AF to serve hot meal for this short 1 hour and 20 minutes sector, I decided to go to the gate at D44.

photo 20140712_161528

The flight was in the middle of a boarding process when I arrived and it would be flown by F-GZNB.

photo 20140712_163248

I was one of the very last few passengers to board the flight. The Y load and Y+ load were quite high as there were fewer than 5 empty seats in Y. The J load that day was however not very good. I counted only around 15 of us. I later learned from the cabin crew that most of the passengers on the flight actually originated from SIN and only around 70 originated from CDG.

Upon entering the cabin through the 1L, I was greeted by a very friendly French female crew. She pointed me to the direction to my J seats through the F cabin. I was not impressed at all with AF’s F cabin and the seats which to me was very much lacking in privacy. My impression changed once I reached the mini J cabin which I though was very nice despite feeling a little tight with 2 – 3 – 2 seat config. My seat was 7L which was located on the 2nd J cabin. Along the way, 2 more very friendly female attendants also greeted me.

My seat

photo 20140712_164051

A view from my seat

photo 20140712_164200

My entire row was empty throughout the flight

photo 20140712_164040

A pair of slipper was found on every seat along with cloth hanger

photo 20140712_164103

A bottle of Evian was also available in every seat

photo 20140712_164739

About 5 minutes after I settled in, one of the female attendants whom I met during my journey to my seat came and offered me an amenity kit that came in a nicely designed AF pouch.

photo 20140712_164914

A male crew then came by and asked if I fancied anything to drink before take off

“Welcome on board! Anything to drink for you?” asked the friendly male crew.

There was nor drink neither meal menu distributed and I could not find either on the seat pocket.

“Yes, I would like a glass of water with ice please.”

The male crew then disappeared into the galley and came back with a glass of water with ice.

photo 20140712_165055

“Hot towel?”

The same female flight attendant who offered me the amenity kit came by with hot towel which I gladly took. I found hot towel to be very refreshing and helpful in making me feel relaxed just before the flight.

photo 20140712_165330

I found the seat to be very comfortable to sit on and although it was a lie flat, I did find it quite comfortable to sleep on as well. The only drawback about these seats was the small video screen.

photo 20140712_165113

However, this small video screen did have an outside camera feature which I enjoy.

photo 20140712_170653

Soon all doors closed and our B77W were ready for pushback and safety video was played on the system.

photo 20140712_164418

As our aircraft was taxiing ……

photo 20140712_170841

until we were holding short of runway 20C.

photo 20140712_170956

Our aircraft then took off towards the island of Batam in Indonesia.

photo 20140712_171144

photo 20140712_171455

We also flew over the Hang Nadim Airport in Batam

photo 20140712_171530

and the rest of the Riau Islands chain and the island of Billiton before heading towards the Java Sea

photo 20140712_171621

Meanwhile, the cabin service began onboard. AF crew never addressed any of its premium pax with names. However, the service remains very courteous and professional. I found the crew to be very willing to strike a conversation. I found them to be quite warm as well.

Meal service began in the J cabin with a tablecloth laid upon the tray table. The crew then served the meal from a cart in one go with a tray full of starter, main dish, and dessert (fresh fruits).

“We are serving seafood ravioli for today dinner,” said the friendly crew. ‘It is delicious, try it.”

photo 20140712_173708

Another flight attendant came with a basket of 3 types of bread. I went for the baguette which was of course synonymous to bread for the French. The baguette was so good that I had to ask for the second one which was gladly entertained by the crew. I also asked for another tub of the French butter to go with the baguette.

photo 20140712_173804

I found the ravioli to be good but nothing to write home about. However, the starter which was the crabmeat salad and smoked salmon was amazing. One of the best starters I have ever had in any flight.

photo 20140712_173726

I went with a glass of Bordeaux red which was good. Air France served Chateau de Camensac, 2008, 5th Grand Cru Classe onboard.

I was enjoying 2 episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” during the meal service. As Sheldon, Leonard and the gang went crazy, I did let out several laughs. The friendly crew would later asked me what I was watching while clearing up my tray.

“What have you been watching?” asked the friendly female crew who had been serving the section that I was sitting in. “You seem to enjoy it a lot.”

“The Big Bang Theory,” said I.

“Oh yes, they are funny, aren’t they? Well, enjoy the show,” as she walked off with my tray and a smile on her face.

I had been watching my show with the Sennheiser headset from AF. The headset was supposed to be noise cancelling or some sorts but it did not work as well as the one I was used to from SQ.

photo 20140712_171750

After the meal service which was executed very well by the crew, I went for the toilet inspection. Here were the amenities found in the J toilet.

photo 20140712_180051

photo 20140712_180101

As soon as I got out from the toilet, the captain announced that the aircraft was on descend and asked the crew to prepare for landing.

As we were approaching CGK from the Strait of Jakarta. ….

photo 20140712_180555

photo 20140712_182326

And we finally landed and the aircraft parked at Terminal 2 D4. This concludes my first very pleasurable fifth freedom flight experience with Air France.

photo 20140712_183052
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Air France

Cabin crew8.0

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Singapore - SIN


Jakarta - CGK



I enjoyed my short hop with AF a lot. With a fare that was similar to SQ Y fare, this was definitely a good deal. The service was very professional and courteous. The cabin crew members were very friendly and warmth. Food served was on par with what served by GA and SQ. It is the only airline serving the route that is giving our amenity to its J passengers. By the end of 2014, AF will also use the renovated aircraft with its new Cirrus seats in J. For those traveller who don’t care too much about the flight frequency, AF offers a great alternative on this route.

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  • Comment 113669 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6823 Comments
    Beautiful report with great pictures as usual! It's nice to see a positive experience with AF in business class. If the fare was similar to SQ in Y, it is definitely a good deal!Thanks for sharing the site's first report on this new-ish 5th freedom route!
    • Comment 297992 by
      GASQKL AUTHOR 23 Comments
      You are welcome. I do believe it is a good deal. SQ has done away with tablecloth on its SIN - CGK - SIN meal service in J. I know this is a first world problem but when one pays J, he will expect a J treatment. If GA and AF are still laying down a tablecloth, why did SQ do away with it?
    • Comment 298029 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6823 Comments
      Agreed. Considering we get tablecloths in DOmestic First/Business in the US (well, they're more like big napkins, but I won't nitpick), you would definitely think SQ should be using them on a flight of similar length.
    • Comment 297993 by
      GASQKL AUTHOR 23 Comments
      Thank you for reading the report as well. I also hope they would be successful. Hopefully, they will do more with GA now that GA is also a SkyTeam member. CGK is now a SkyTeam hub as well. I read that GA is now mulling JV with both AF/KL.
  • Comment 113697 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this interesting report.

    Great experience for such a short flight. You get the long haul treatment on a regional route. It doesn't get better than that.
  • Comment 113709 by
    skycruiser 1 Comments
    Great report! I must agree, the baguette on Air France is probably the best bread you can get in the air. Did you know it is also served in Economy Class?
    The meal looks good and fine for the duration of this flight. Good to hear also that you have a positive impression about Air France crew, because I usually feel the same when I fly them. A lot of people complain about this airline and their homebase CDG, but I think overall this airline does a pretty good job and product!
    • Comment 302907 by
      reyjusuf 2 Comments
      No baguette on Economy. They served roll, chicken salad and cheese cake on my flight.
    • Comment 298030 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6823 Comments
      I think a lot of the negative impressions of CDG we read are undeserved and perhaps outdated. Yes CDG used to be a big mess, but it has greatly improved over the past few years. It's now actually pretty easy and pleasant to connect in CDG on AF, especially since more AF operations have been consolidated in 2E, and the walk from 2F to 2E is pretty easy.
  • Comment 113718 by
    lagentsecret 12184 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this report

    Great FAs and a rather good meal (even if the hot dish is exploded as usual with AF)

    For this short hop it's a good flight

    • Comment 298321 by
      GASQKL AUTHOR 23 Comments
      Thank you, Lagentsecret.

      This is indeed a good flight and a very good value as well. Now that CGK is also a SkyTeam hub, I do hope that AF will stay in CGK for a long time. I am looking forward to seeing more agreements between GA and AF/KL.
  • Comment 119548 by
    reyjusuf 2 Comments
    Just flew Jakarta - Singapore on Air France economy class. No baguette but they served roll, chicken salad and cheese cake all in one tray. A bit disappointed that there's no entree but for that price, no complaint. Much cheaper than GA or SQ although more expensive than LCC.

    I fly Jakarta - Singapore quite often and it's a bit refreshing to see French crew. A bit bored of Asian crew :D.

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