Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Jakarta in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ950
Class Business
Seat 11K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 24 Dec 23, 06:50
Arrival at 24 Dec 23, 07:30
SQ   #3 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 696 reviews
Published on 8th February 2024


For the next part of my trip around the world, I was onboard a Singapore Airlines 777-300ER in business class on this 1 hour and 25-minute flight. While I had just checked out the business class offering on the 737 Max 8, I was excited to try Singapore Airlines on my first flight with them on a wide-body! 

This is a long, but detailed report with a mini-review of the Four Seasons Jakarta at the end.


How i booked this ticket

As mentioned in my previous post, I booked a routing that consisted of two legs for 27.5K United Miles+41$ in taxes and fees.

The first flight consisted of the 737 Max 8 in business class from Siem Reap to Singapore (which I was extremely impressed with) and the second leg consisted of this flight from Singapore to Jakarta, also in business class.

photo screen-shot-2024-02-03-at-111455

Including being on the ground, and waiting for departure, the total time onboard the aircrafts would be just over 5 hours combined. Considering cash fares were upwards of 900$, I consider this to be a decent value of points.

After an interesting stay at the Yotel in Changi, I had to figure out my way to Terminal 2 for the early 6:50 am departure to Jakarta this fine morning. 

photo img_0412

After a very long walk, I finally arrived at the electronic gates that checked my boarding pass and passport. In Siem Reap, they printed both of my boarding passes which meant I didn't have to head back to check-in. Check-in was deserted nonetheless, seeing it was Christmas Eve day.

Turning left, I headed up to the Silverkris business class lounge in Terminal 2.


The Singapore Business Class lounge in Terminal 2 is quite a compact lounge for the number of passengers that use it. Thankfully, due to it being Christmas Eve day, it was relatively quiet at 4:30 am. 

The brown leather chairs weren't necessarily very comfortable.😅

There was also a room off to the side that featured more solo seating.

photo img_0438

Pictured below are the dining room tables, which feel like the communal Wagamama in terminal 5 (shoutout to my Heathrow travellers).

photo img_0423

However, with no one in the lounge, I found (in my opinion) the best spot in the house (lounge). These chairs look a lot more "premium" and feature a table to put my laptop on for working.

photo img_0417

Other than a couple more seats around the dining section that's pretty much it. Considering terminal 2 isn't exactly the "premium terminal" for Singapore Airlines, it certainly shows in this lounge offering. 

The food and drink selection was considerably better than the seating offering. There is sort of a "dining room" located on the left when you walk in. 

For the responsible adult at 5 am, there are cold pint glasses for those looking to enjoy a beer. I love seeing this as it makes a huge difference! Singapore Airlines, you have saved yourselves! Free-flow Tattinger was offered in the lounge, a great champagne. I enjoyed a couple of glasses to go along with my cappuccinos. Not together, no need to call mental health services on me.

In all honesty, this lounge needs some work done. With the amount of Singapore Airlines flights that depart E and F gates, you would think that the lounge would be bigger and more modern. I felt that my lounge experience in Siem Reap was better. It's not all bad however, I was able to find a nice place to spend a few hours, the coffee was good and they serve Champagne. Out of all the lounges I visited in Changi over the next two weeks this was the worst. Don't worry though Singapore as your private room ranks as my best, review of that soon!!!


The walk was long from the lounge to F gates. It was almost as if I was walking to the gate that was the farthest away from the lounge in T2.

I passed gate F58 which would have an aircraft to Bali that day. I would have to wait a few more weeks to take that route!

photo img_0479

But the long walk kept going and going….. is this what they call the stairway to heaven? 😅

photo img_0474

And kept going….

photo img_0478

However, I eventually made it to the gate at 6:10 am for a boarding time of 6:20 am. As like with all other flights out of Singapore, security is done at the gate, which I have mixed feelings about. On the one hand, it's nice not having to unload your laptop after check-in but on the other hand, I am part American and love instant gratification, not delayed!

Boarding started early with First Class (not me today), followed by business class passengers!

photo img_0480

Even though I was in business class I still turned left! Woooooo (more on the configuration later)!

I was escorted to my seat, 11K, by a fabulous FA. The smiles and "good mornings" on SQ never get old. It's something I know this is part of their jobs but this is something I strive towards in life, the mentality that no matter what you are going through, be kind❤️.

photo img_0539

The same FA came around moments later to ask me if I wanted a pre-departure beverage and ask for my breakfast order. Well, she kind of shocked me since when I went to remove my air-pod, it fell out and through the seat (no fault of hers at all, all my fault). She kept apologising (I kept saying no worries at all) and went to go grab the lead pursuer (who was amazingly friendly during the flight) to search for my air-pod. If you know anything about these seats, they are very complex underneath with lots of different metal pieces. They searched for a solid 30 minutes… for an air-pod that was worth 60$ to get replaced. Above, above and beyond 🙌.

photo img_0502

Well, the plane had been fully boarded and they were still searching for the airpod, wooops🤭. After a solid 20 minutes of searching the pursuer said they would send the mechanic onboard once they reached Jakarta and if they found it, it would be at First Class check-in tomorrow. These staff set the standard as to why I believe Singapore Airlines has the top staff in the world (airlines-wise).

Suffice it to say, that through my clumsiness, I missed out on a pre-departure beverage. 


The boarding doors closed and the captain came on to announce we would be pushing back shortly with a flight time of 1 hour and 25 minutes to Jakarta

At approximately 6:46 am we pushed back.

photo 553a709e-8ec9-4b03-b322-39cf65a4d940

We proceeded to taxi past another 777-300ER, parked at a remote stand.

photo 807fc9cd-7eae-4a2e-8f6a-f250f98ba89a

We lined up on the runway about 10 minutes after pushback. 

Where we had the most beautiful takeoff I have ever witnessed in my life. I have a full video if you would like it, feel free to message me in the comments and I will send the link to the Tiktok.

Did you think that was the best part? These are a couple of pictures from ascent.

These photos are too gorgeous to make a collage.

photo 0c2dbbcd-24d0-470e-a47a-6d758e638c4f_1_201_aphoto 26149e49-70e4-40b2-a09a-5e0c1ee11751_1_201_aphoto 458bf3e0-691f-4115-91a5-7f865bea2de8_1_201_a

Out of a movie scene!

photo 28a64865-fb2f-41e1-bf9c-da70b2aa235e_1_201_a

the seat/cabin

The Singapore 777-300ER is arranged in a 4-class configuration, featuring 4 suites in First Class, 48 lie-flat seats in Business Class across two cabins, 28 recliners in Premium Economy, and lastly, 184 seats in Economy Class. Luckily, 48 hours before departure I checked the seat map and was able to snag a bulkhead seat in the front, smaller cabin. The front cabin where I was sitting is right behind First Class, featuring 12 seats in a 1-2-1 configuration. 

photo img_0487

As you can see the legroom in the bulkhead seat offers plenty of space for your feet. My recommendation is if you can, snag 11A or 11K.

photo img_0489

Here is a better view of the footwell. I would be shocked if you didn't have enough space in this seat!

photo img_0551

The seat is well-designed and comes with plenty to look at! To start, on the right of you lies the remote, which you have to use as the TV isn't touchscreen (really SQ).

photo img_0496

Then right beneath the TV remote lies the menu which was waiting for me, as well as the tray table which has a sign saying "push to release".

photo img_0497

Even further right (behind you), lies the charging ports. Thankfully they worked, unlike at the Yotel 🤨. I like this design where you can choose to close the latch if you are not charging anything!

photo img_0506

Next to the charging ports lay a cubby that I placed my camera inside. A tight squeeze 😅. What was it George Russell said, "If you see a gap, go for it"?

photo img_0495

Flaps up for takeoff? Don't worry, there is plenty of storage for this seat!

photo img_0494

Moving on, in front of you lies the TV, it's pretty hard to miss.

photo img_0488

And a vanity mirror which, similarly to the charging ports, flips up and down. Took me a minute to discover this.

photo img_0557

On the left side of the seat, you will find the seat controls, light controls, and the headphone jack.

photo img_0526

Lastly, you will find the lights on the left-hand side of your temple. 

photo img_0543

Similarly to my last flight, wreaths were placed around the cabin! I had one right above my seat. 

photo img_0498

Shall we address the elephant in the room? If you have read anything about this product, you know that much like Virgin Atlantic, the bed had to be flipped over to go in full flat. While this is true, the flight was too short for me to test out. However, staff will do it for you when you would like it to be done. Here is a picture of how it works. 

photo img_0578

Overall, I had an empty flight in business, with only 11/47 seats occupied. 2 of those (including me) were in the front, more intimate cabin. It was a very peaceful, relaxing, and comfortable flight. This seat is perfect for lounging!


As you can see in the above picture, there is bedding provided but it is stored behind your seat. Interesting that, but actually a great use of space. I don't think they load full bedding on this flight though (mattress pad, duvet, etc).

Upon boarding, I was presented with a pillow for the flight along with the classic business-class blanket (not pictured, see previous review for pictures). 

photo img_0546

Adding onto the pillow, I found a pair of noise-canceling headphones. Suffice it to say, they were fantastic!

photo img_0549

For the IFE there was a TV remote located on the right-hand side of my seat. As I spoke about earlier, you have to utilize the remote to work the TV, you cannot use your fingers. 

photo img_0499

In front of you lay the TV. While I touched on the movie offerings in my last post, the system is the same, therefore the selection is the same. I finished off the last 20 minutes of the Polar Express (Yay Christmas! Already miss it).

photo img_0556

For the rest of the flight, I had the map in the background, as a natural Avgeek does. 

photo img_0555

Since these cabins are relatively on the older side, I would say the map is holding up well!

photo img_0545

Wifi was free if you are a Krisflyer member, which I am. Although, I did not partake as other affairs were offered.

Drinks/meal service

After my clumsiness when boarding, I ended up informing the cabin crew that I was not going to eat breakfast. However, if you are interested in the menu, I will post it below. I did appreciate the fact there were printed menus, nice ones at that.

photo screen-shot-2024-02-04-at-195157photo screen-shot-2024-02-04-at-195216

I have never been someone to eat breakfast on planes. If you have read my review on Lufthansa First Class, you can tell I eat dinner for breakfast.

That didn't stop me from enjoying multiple mimosas throughout the 85-minute flight! I was served the first one about 15 minutes after takeoff.

photo img_0527

And a 1 and a 2 and a 1,2,3. The freshly squeezed orange juice was a beautiful way to reel in the morning. Piper Heidsick is a solid offering for business class.

photo img_0529

Other than the 3 mimosas that was all I chose to indulge in on this flight. I apologize reviewers but I cannot hack breakfast. Even at home, I have steak…

The lavatories

For a cabin of 48 business-class customers, there are 4 lavatories. With a light load of only 11 people onboard today, I never had to wait. I chose the lavatory by door 2R to review, as this one was closest.

When it comes to toilets, my favorite aircraft is the A380-800. However, my second is the 777-300ER due to the large space. 

photo img_0532

A little vanity mirror. You guessed it, this review is just AI-generated and I spent the whole flight doing my makeup 😅.

photo img_0536

Some more products for those who indulge, but I don't.

photo img_0531

Everything was very tidy. Hand towels were off to the side and folded. Overall, a very pleasant toilet, well at least as pleasant as a toilet can be on a plane!

photo img_0535

overall service

Gosh, where do I even begin? The service on this flight was flawless, from the second I stepped onboard, to when I landed in Jakarta.

I was greeted with warm smiles and a cheerful attitude which helped set the tone for the flight.

The fact that they ripped apart the seat to look for my airpod pre-boarding says a lot about how much they cared. To add onto that, midway through the flight they offered to check again. I said "No worries, it's okay" but they offered to let me sit in 11F while they searched for another 10 minutes! While maintenance spent some time searching in Jakarta, I was informed the next morning that they couldn't find the Airpod. I didn't care that much at all, since it was time I bought the Max's anyway. It was more the thought that stood out to me.

The pace of the mimosa service was spectacular. Everything came out very efficiently.

Upon landing, the woman FA apologized and the lead pursuer wished me a wonderful day.

I can confidently say this is the best service I have ever experienced on a flight, stay tuned because SQ suites beat this…

arrival into cgk

The captain came on the system about 30 minutes before landing announcing our initial descent into Jakarta. He expected a smooth and on-time arrival. Thankfully, in the mornings at this time of year, most flights utilize a northeast-to-southwest landing direction as I dislike doing the loop. The suburbs came into sight. No holding pattern this morning!

Passing by the dreaded 1 gates… which I would be flying out of to Hong Kong in a few weeks.

photo img_0571

And a QR 77W. 

photo img_0576

I was booked on this flight (QR961) originally, but I had to cancel to keep going around the world! 

photo img_0577

I was first off the plane through door 2L and made my way back into Indonesia! 

jakarta arrival

Usually, when I arrive in Jakarta, I hire the Jumpa fast-track service for about 35 USD. However, with the elections coming up, they have suspended it for the time being so I cannot write a review this time 😒

I had 25 USD ready for my Visa On Arrival and proceeded through immigration, which was quite busy at this hour on Christmas Eve day….

The Four Seasons staff was waiting for me with a sign! 

photo img_0581

And I made my way into the city for a long day ahead through GoldenBird. This was exciting as I had the most amazing 7-course dinner that night at Alto.

photo img_0582

Arrival at the Four Seasons in Jakarta! I've stayed at plenty of Four Seasons, Aman Resorts, 5-star safari hotels, private islands, etc but this and the W Amsterdam might be two of my favorite hotels in the world. 

While I post all of the flight reviews here, if you would like to read the review on the Four Seasons you can check it out here.
Or the Yotel if you would like!

I don't have ads or anything, not in this for money, just to share experiences!

I will be embarking on another review trip today to Central America to travel on a SAAB 340b. This means the next report won't be published until Mon/Tue sorry 😢. Next up Christmas Day onboard Singapore 777 First followed by the A380 Suites!!

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Jakarta - CGK



This flight set the tone for what was to be a magical Christmas Eve day. From start to finish, everything was perfect. I understand perfect is subjective, but I couldn't have asked for nicer staff, the mimosas were with fresh orange juice, the seats were bigger than one of my couches at home, and the sunrise views were majestic. The only thing I could fault SQ on would be the non-touchscreen TVs. However, I imagine that these planes will either be reconfigured or scrapped soon, as the latest refreshment happened close to 10 years ago. For a plane that hasn't been reconfigured in 10 years, they do a fantastic job with maintenance. I give credit where credit is due, and Singapore Airlines, you deserve this credit ❤️.

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    You gotta love travel within Asia...great service and so many widebodies flying short routes! It's really AvGeek heaven.

    Well, she kind of shocked me since when I went to remove my air-pod, it fell out and through the seat (no fault of hers at all, all my fault).

    Oh god, Now I'm gonna be paranoid about dropping mine in the seat every time I fly haha. I've dropped my phone in the seat before but luckily was able to fish it out...but not something that small. I just hate carrying around huge noise-cancelling headphones on short-haul flights where they're not provided--takes up so much backpack space that I've stopped.

    Next to the charging ports lay a cubby that I placed my camera inside. A tight squeeze

    Hah, I have the same Canon, and yeah it never fits anywhere. I've stopped hauling it around too for the most part...too big and heavy, especially since iPhones now have pretty much as good of an image quality, except for zoom, which is obvi better with DSLR. They need to come up with super-slim DSLRs!

    Good read and perfect amount of detail as usual. Thanks for sharing!

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