Review of Air Tahiti Nui flight Papeete Tokyo in Economy

Airline Air Tahiti Nui
Flight TN 78
Class Economy
Seat 46E
Aircraft Airbus A340-300
Flight time 11:25
Take-off 27 Jul 14, 07:20
Arrival at 27 Jul 14, 13:45
TN 61 reviews
By 5614
Published on 28th July 2014
Time for a new Flight Report… It's been a long time and I have other trips to report but I will start with the latest one, well I am actually on the second day of my journey to Paris via Narita where I am presently located.

I used all my miles for this trip and will add 3 new airlines, 4 new routes, 1 new country, 2 new cities to my list.

I am going to Paris for my best friends wedding and they will have their honeymoon in Tahiti and will stay over at my place. The day before the departure my partner and I worked hard on finishing the paint job, decorations etc… of the guest bungalow where they will stay while at home.

The next day I was dropped off at the airport of Tahiti Faa'a. On sundays there are 3 flights operating… A lot for Tahiti ! First one is the flight that I will take, TN 78 to Tokyo, than TN 8 to LAX and CDG and finally AF 077 to LAX and CDG.

I join the short queue to check in. A first counter checks everyone, documents, immigration formalities and they weigh cabin bags, mine is 500g over and I tell them that I have my computer in there, they let me go through and tell me to mention that to their colleagues that do a second check before immigration.
[photo P1010166_zpsafe03143

I will get to the front of the short line in no time, there is a tahitian dance group, Manahau, on that flight, I know a few of the dancers and their leader. They are on their way to Taipei for a few representation.
photo P1010167_zps3720277c

And talking about Tahitian dances, we are still in the Heiva season and the airport has pictures of this major event everywhere !
photo P1010168_zps8de9d20e

Immigration is a breeze, security as well.
It is very early and the duty free shops are not opened yet, only the Bar is serving customers, I grab an almond croissant and a fruit juice.
photo P1010169_zps851317af
photo P1010170_zps97022e03
photo P1010172_zpse933abe2

The Boarding lounge is empty but it will get fuller rather quickly
photo P1010171_zps752b0f8b

The 3 gate area is still showing last night's flights and my gate was used for the Honolulu flight.
photo P1010173_zps065de478photo P1010174_zpsa09b0bc7photo P1010175_zps6e58ed36

The sun is rising and only one Airbus is on the ground, the one I will use will land from LAX shortly after.
photo P1010176_zps2fe13a69

It will be joined by the Air France 777 soon after.
photo P1010177_zps2938f035photo P1010178_zps72fbcef1

Boarding is started on time and will go very quickly, the flight is rater empty today !
photo P1010179_zps06c5b48c
photo P1010180_zpse7ef8f9b

We walk past F-GSPD to reach our ride, F-OSEA aka Rangiroa
photo P1010181_zps577c6fad
photo P1010184_zps7aa90067photo P1010182_zps76079d49photo P1010183_zpsefa613f1

The last passengers are boarding and settling down, the flight will be empty... it's confirmed. The seat next to me will stay empty too but I will move seats during the flight.
photo P1010186_zps041ade77
photo P1010187_zps3c894907

We are pushed-back on time and we start the 11h25m journey to Japan
photo P1010188_zps99e0c94a

The Cabin crew start the manual safety demonstration for this Airbus 340-300. Air Tahiti Nui doesn't have a video yet, I hope they will get one soon !
photo P1010189_zps2e56479b

We continue to taxi towards Punaauia for a take off towards Papeete.
photo P1010190_zps387c5f27

Last announcements before we take off.
photo P1010191_zps2bafcb8d

Our aircraft turns around and starts its rolling take off towards Papeete with its tail towards Tokyo !
photo P1010192_zps4c27b0c6photo P1010193_zps59c9f6c5photo P1010194_zpsa9798fb6photo P1010195_zps97c22f2bphoto P1010196_zps60b9f006

A couple of minutes after we took off, the IFE is turned on. It's a far cry from the old IFE but also far from what other airlines are offering.

I start to navigate the system and first stop it the On Board Food and Beverage Menu

First meal is a Brunch
photo P1010198_zpsba3e079a

Between the meal services we can find snacks in the galley.
photo P1010200_zpsb182b0c1

Before we arrive in Tokyo we get Lunch
photo P1010199_zpsda67365f

photo P1010201_zps8f0ad807photo P1010202_zps31d57b37photo P1010203_zpseeaeedfephoto P1010204_zpsfd79df56

I have changed seats and I am now occupying the last row of 3 seats, 46DEF. this spot is strategic as I will get the first choice for all the meals ! YAY !

I go with the Salmon for the brunch, It was DELICIOUS !!! Excellent points to Air Tahiti Nui for the fresh fruits too, some airlines use canned fruit cocktails and I really don't like it... So excellent points for TN ! Drinks are offered at the same time, I'll go for a tea with milk and Coke Zero.
photo P1010206_zpsf23d0fdc
photo P1010207_zpsb69c4e05photo P1010208_zpsc3bdae1d

Being on the last row and served first, by the time the crew comes back to the galley, I had finished to eat and my tray was cleared with an offer for another drink.

We are continuing our journey to Tokyo
photo P1010211_zps35d6f52fphoto P1010212_zps79a14f85photo P1010213_zpsd6a3b882

I will watch a first movie, Captain America than a second one, Sherlock Holmes, will have a nap between the 2 movies, a couple snacks...
photo P1010214_zpsa34e40e2

While I am watching my movies, the japanese passenger in front of me will experience trouble with his video system. The screen will be upside down ! Shame he never asked a crew member to help him solve the problem.
photo P1010215_zpsdb5b97f5photo P1010216_zpsb62fa1c9

It is all dark inside, most people are sleeping as we all had to wake-up rather early...
photo P1010217_zpsb3bc311b

OK ! We are half way there !
photo P1010218_zpse57d5dbd
photo P1010219_zps091e7bb2photo P1010222_zps5306a1dc

2 hours 45 minutes before we arrive in Tokyo the lights are back on and the crew starts the service of the last meal on board this flight. I choose the Chicken Jibu-ni served with steamed rice, shiitake mushroom, carrot and zucchini daishi.
photo P1010224_zpsbb5b63f4
photo P1010226_zps71fcae3a
photo P1010225_zps06e584e4

The contents of the seat pocket with the different magazines and catalogue
photo P1010227_zpsc27908a8

Getting closer now !
photo P1010237_zps5d6acabephoto P1010247_zps5bfd8a16

Lights are back on and the crew is starting to prepare the cabin for landing
photo P1010248_zpsa1b0c4e7

I move back to my window seat for landing. We do a couple of turns before we land in NRT. Beautiful day !
photo P1010250_zps69e6218ephoto P1010254_zps357ebc88photo P1010255_zpse93bb3fephoto P1010256_zps31a8a6f7photo P1010257_zps1b56fecfphoto P1010258_zpscec84c9cphoto P1010259_zpsbed91b7c

Close up of our winglet
photo P1010261_zpsa91fb3a6

Landing soon
photo P1010262_zps8a42e788photo P1010263_zps28ca69dfphoto P1010264_zps01ff6f77

Hello Delta !
photo P1010265_zpsc39e2201photo P1010266_zps5b35a08a

And we are parked ! Our little neighbour an EastStar*Jet Boeing 737
photo P1010267_zps7bbd3260

Doors are disarmed and everybody gets up to leave, you can see the dancers as they are all wearing the same fabric for their shirts and dresses
photo P1010268_zps15edfb38

We have a long walk to immigration but not many non-japanese passengers on this flight, most are in transit to China, Taiwan, Thailand...
I follow these 2 JAL cabin crew
photo P1010269_zps4c10e991

Immigration is a breeze and I am in Japan in no time ! I get downstairs to pick up my bags and catch the bus to the ANA Crowne Plaza
photo P1010270_zps6159add0
photo P1010271_zps51feaf6cphoto P1010273_zpsc4596323photo P1010276_zps8a085aa2photo P1010277_zpsb8d4abfa
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Air Tahiti Nui

Cabin crew9.0

Papeete - PPT


Tokyo - NRT



Excellent flight with an amazing crew on board TN 78 to Japan. Next flight AZ 785 !



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  • Comment 113876 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5757 Comments

    Very good report on a new route for the site! TN's new cabins seem really nice and the catering looks tasty. Good idea to move to an empty row in the middle to stretch out and get first pick of meals. Looking forward to the next installments in the series!

  • Comment 113879 by
    manureva744 AUTHOR 251 Comments

    Thanks ! I thought the route had been reported before... Maybe in French !

    Cabins look great but the seat is not so confortable because of the headrest which pushes your head forward. Also, I am 187cm or 6'1/6'2 and even if I pushed the headrest up it would stop on my shoulders... I think the flight could have had a worst mark for comfort if I didn't have a full row.

    • Comment 298139 by
      KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5757 Comments

      Nope, it's the first FR on the route in either language. The problem with newer cabins is that they're often uncomfortable, seats aren't as well padded as they used to be. Too bad for the headrest, seems like most airlines don't think of taller pax when installing seats. Lucky for me I'm average height at 178cm / 5'10 so I don't usually have problems with most Y seats.

  • Comment 113881 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thank you for this nice report.

    Nothing beats an empty flight with plenty of open seats to stretch out. You were very lucky.

    The catering looks great for Y. Meals are well presented and looked appetizing. Snacks are also generous.

  • Comment 113883 by
    Chibcha SILVER 472 Comments

    I liked the wood details on the terminal, and it must be awesome to walk past those beasts en route to boarding.
    Catering looked great, but WTF with the safety video lame!

    Thanks for the read!

  • Comment 113888 by
    eminere™ 274 Comments

    I enjoyed reading your trip report, thank you!

    It always amazes me the mammoth size of the B777 engines particularly when you compare them to the hairdryer engines of the A340.

  • Comment 113894 by
    anthonytahiti 1570 Comments

    I'm happy that you are back on FR after months without any report.
    You offered us some great routings, I'm sure this this one will be another one with great flights.
    TN flights between PPT and NRT are often not full... We can say almost empty like this one.
    I found that this new economy seat is not confortable in the upright position but acceptable with little recline
    Great colors in this new TN cabins, I like it.
    I'm looking forward to fly with TN on this route for a RTW trip, but it's a pity that TN's one way tickets are so expansive, and I do not have enough miles for 3 award tickets for me and my familly.
    I've seen your plane flying just after take off from my home, I didn't think you were inside.
    Waiting for next flights and reports

  • Comment 113911 by
    lagentsecret 12446 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR and welcome back

    Fortunately the flight was very empty and you had a full row

    See you soon for the next leg

  • Comment 113930 by
    manureva744 AUTHOR 251 Comments

    Thanks everyone ! I'm now in Rome FCO, waiting for my flight to CDG !

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