Review of Korean Air flight Busan Seoul in Economy

Airline Korean Air
Flight KE 1402
Class Economy
Seat 35A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 16 Oct 11, 07:00
Arrival at 16 Oct 11, 08:05
KE 125 reviews
By 4101
Published on 18th October 2011
After 2 days in Busan that were quite nice, it is time to go to Seoul to catch my flight to Hanoi and on to Bangkok.

The night was short, very short and I had to wake up at 4:30am to catch my taxi for Busan Gimhae Airport.

Whe I arrive at the airport, there are a few passengers waiting for the check-in counters to open. There is no staff yet as the counters will open at 5:40am, in 15 minutes.
photo P1040193

photo P1040194

The majority of the flights are bound for Gimpo and a few flights to Jeju or Incheon.
photo P1040195

A light sculpture hanging from the ceiling of the terminal.
photo P1040197

You can't go through security yet, it will open at 6am, and they will open at 6am SHARP !
photo P1040198

As we are the first to go through security it goes ultra fast and I go to gate 11 where our Korean Air flight will depart from.
photo P1040199

As usual I go to the windows at the gate to take a sneak peek at the plane to see which plane I'll be travelling on and today it is… OMG !!! The Korean Air Boeing 737-800 in the SkyTEAM livery !
photo P1040200

Not a lot of people at the gate, the personnel will arrive 10 minutes before boarding to get everything in order before they start to welcome people on board.
photo P1040201

photo P1040202

The sun is peeking and rising over our 737-800 HL7560
photo P1040203

photo P1040204

Boarding is fast, first they will take the the passengers using wheelchairs, then Prestige passengers with the Elite Plus and Elite passengers.

I take my seat and here is the legroom.
With the reading material…
photo P1040205

Without the reading material…
photo P1040206

In the distance, 2 Vietnam Airlines Airbus 321-100, maybe my HAN-BKK will be on one of these…
photo P1040207

The winglet of our SkyTEAM 737-800
photo P1040208

The cabin of our flight KE 1402 is nearly full to Souel Incheon this morning, I believe most passengers are on a connecting flight to Korean Air's extensive network.
photo P1040209

photo P1040210

The screens have changed, China Airlines are now on the SkyTEAM screens.
photo P1040211

An Air Busan 737-400. They owned a majority of 737-500, a few 737-400 and some A321.
photo P1040212

During taxiing, the crew make an announcement indicating that it is forbbiden to take pictures of the airport as it is also a military base. No pictures of the take off.
You will notice that there are no pictures of the safety demonstrations. It is the same as the 380 apart from the exits.

After a short taxi, we get aligned at the runway's treshhold and our 737 start it's take off roll.
photo P1040213

photo P1040214

The screens have been lowered so that we can enjoy the airshow.
photo P1040215

photo P1040218

The cabin is very quiet due to the early departure from Busan !
photo P1040219
It is a beautiful day over South Korea !
photo P1040220

Shortly after the cabin attendants start the drinks service.
photo P1040221

photo P1040222

photo P1040223

photo P1040224

photo P1040225

There is one extra choice, Orange juice, and Tomato juice, Coke, Thea, coffee, water, green tea and ice tea.

As usual I will ask for a… coke !
photo P1040226

The flight is short and soon after the service is over, the crew will walk through the cabin to collect glasses, cups and napkins and we will start the descent to Incheon.
photo P1040228

We are getting there, the airplane is on short final !
photo P1040229

photo P1040230

photo P1040231

photo P1040232

photo P1040233

A Boeing 747-400 cargo arriving in Incheon
photo P1040234

To welcome us in Incheon, the other SkyTEAM aircraft flying for Korean Air, a 777-200ER.
photo P1040236

photo P1040237

Korean Air bubble-gum blue everywhere !
photo P1040238

photo P1040239

photo P1040240

The Prestige Class cabin on our Boeing 737.
photo P1040241

Good Bye SkyTEAM by Korean Air !
photo P1040243

We get off the plane via the stairs and walk to the bus that will take us to the domestic terminal as our plane is parked at an international gate.
photo P1040244
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Once again an excellent flight on Korean Air !

After this flight I embarked on my next journey to Bangkok via Hanoi on Vietnam Airlines.



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