Review of easyJet flight London Copenhagen in Economy

Airline easyJet
Flight U2 3091
Class Economy
Seat 3F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 24 May 14, 07:00
Arrival at 24 May 14, 09:40
U2   #9 out of 16 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 745 reviews
By 2950
Published on 16th September 2014
A bit late with this report.

I had assumed that I had left it too late to book a bargain break to Copenhagen, to join my friends who were already booked.

Not entirely – Skyscanner found a £160 rtn flight – out with easyJet from Stansted and back with oooh! Scandinavian to Heathrow – an airline I have not had the pleasure of flying with.

It turned out that the easyJet fare was £120! This was one of their “Flexi” fares, a fare category that seems to be, well super.

As well as free changes, one checked in case and seat selection, it also includes fast track security and speedy boarding. And for £120 that seems like a good deal. I didn’t realize how much I would need the fast track security as it happens…

The flight was at 7am from Stansted, an airport I have not used since 2012.

I cannot bear the Stansted “Express” – it has always been filthy, isn’t an express, and is criminally expensive. They have new trains now but are charging £25 for a one way ticket – which is more expensive that both Gatwick and Heathrow Expresses. This is a wheeze dreamt up by Abellio, who merged the “Super Off Peak Single” and “Peak Single” into one Peak fare. There’s a way round it but it does mean sacrificing some flexibility – buy a ticket from Liverpool Street to Hertford or Bishops Stortford, then Hertford or Bishops Stortford to Stansted. You’ll save around a fiver. But your train must stop at the intermediate station for the wheeze to work.

Working where I do, I am well aware of the concept of “willingness to pay” – and I am entirely unwilling to pay for the Stansted Express.

I discovered a new non-stop service operated by easyBus from Baker Street to the airport. I probably won’t be using that again.

I left work and waited for the bus to Baker Street on a very sunny evening. I can’t do 4am starts to get to Stansted these days so booked an overnight hotel at the airport.

photo 14429482112_f93f668bc0_b

There’s a pub right next to it, however I resisted temptation.

The minibus was very tiny with stained seats.

photo 14407683296_b69a9c8677_b

I actually tweeted at the time complaining about companies that offer cheap services but then make you feel cheap for using them. Ryanair are learning, quickly, that this approach has a shelf life!

It also felt very cramped. What do you think?

photo 14450982573_1bd7727770_b

Before you feel too sympathetic to my predicament, remember that I paid the princely sum of £3.49 for the ticket.

There was a lovely feeling of leaving London behind and I always enjoy heading north on the A1 – through Marylebone, St. John’s Wood… Swiss Cottage… and so on.

photo 14244156809_a8f6574115_b

It was a lovely evening when we arrived at Stansted.

photo 14244154769_486abb22e9_b

I popped along to the station to take a look. As you do. (As I do.)

photo 14244159249_300f517d32

I then wandered around the airport, like I didn’t have a care in the world. I really should have been sleeping.

photo 14430813315_990dbd78fe_b

Note the one check-in desk for the twice daily Loganair/FlyBe service to Dundee!

I also noted that the easyJet area had a much nicer feel than Ryanair. Ryanair's was functional and impersonal.

photo 14963695431_9c665fc879_b

easyJet's orange colour scheme is garish, but look at the text… just a little touch of humanity.

photo 14963700741_97dc612be1_b

Tired of early starts from London I also decided to book an overnight at the Radisson Blu, Stansted. I found a bargain rate (!) with a company called Amoma Hotels (no, me either) via Trivago, which was about £30 cheaper than anyone else. My hotel voucher was issued by Miki Travel, a large wholesale tour operator. So Trivago get a cut, Amoma get a cut and Miki Travel get a cut. You kind of wonder how all these middlemen will last. But I digress.

I very much enjoyed staying at this hotel.

Check in was swift (I arrived about 30 seconds before a large group so was seen quickly) and friendly. I declined a wake up call – I had my phone for that. The lobby area was impressive, with an massive wine tower manned by an acrobat!

After all this excitement came the dullest corridor I have ever seen, and I've stayed in a Travelodge!

photo 15065139661_7dfbd11a8c_b

The room was really lovely, actually. But what a strange place for a plug socket.

photo 14881575388_7950f9537e_bphoto 14407695666_64ea9a1f11_b

I had requested a room overlooking the runway, and they did their best!

photo 15065137291_1222dd0b28_b

I had set my alarm for 5am, to get to the airport for 6am. That would give me time to get up and ready.

I hadn’t set my alarm at all. And I stirred awake, aware that the alarm hadn’t gone off, but with the feeling that I had woken before it.

To my horror – it was 5.45am! My flight was leaving in 75 minutes – along with a swathe of Ryanair departures which would clog up security!

It was also a horrendous day. Only a aviation fan would love a view like this.

photo 15045175046_cc9f648130_b

At Stansted, the entrance to airport security is at the opposite end of the building to the hotel.

I walked as quickly as I could to security. The queue was massive.

And then I spied the “Fastrack” security lane and thanked my lucky stars that I was on a FLEXI fare!


Security was sloooow. Every person in front of me needed ‘seen to’.

My carry on bag was examined in detail as I hadn’t put my toothpaste in a clear plastic bag. Gah!

Notice flight departs from that stupid pier where you need to get that stupid train. And that the gate closes at stupid 06:30hrs! No time for the lounge!

Everything works – no wait for the train, and when I get to the gate they are just boarding the Speedy Boarding folks.

The flight is fully booked, but as one of the first passengers on my luggage is safely stowed away.

photo 14881491339_d3c9d6b0a2_bphoto 15067820472_c5d36851c9_bphoto 15067827362_bf36095167_b

Legroom is fine.

photo 15045179686_012885dabb_b

Soon we are soaring above the dull grey skies of Stansted.

photo 14881586348_d4c0d3c011_bphoto 14881636877_49d3d25bd9_bphoto 14881490209_74daeab44b_b

Service is friendly and relaxed, and I decide against a bottle of champagne. What is wrong with me?

Arrival is on time, in a part of Copenhagen Airport that is quite some distance from anywhere!

There's a few easyJet planes about.

photo 14884089558_b3074f8fd6_b

There are some efforts to make the low-cost part of the airport 'nicer'.

photo 14244359810_5fe64cfcbe_b

A few minutes later and I am on the shuttle bus to the Bella Sky Cromwell Hotel, a short metro ride to the city centre.

And a room with a view…

photo 15217214431_7bb41cf6b1_b

The weather in Copenhagen is amazing…

photo 15133211041_68f3725cc5_bphoto 14884579827_d70f194c10_b

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Cabin crew9.5
Buy-on-board menu9.5

London - STN


Copenhagen - CPH



A last minute weekend break to Copenhagen. How I booked it and where I stayed. More about the hotels than the flight, which was happily, uneventful. Apart from me almost missing it!



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    Alcam 2076 Comments
    Whow, that was close!....thanks fir the report, regular EZY flight.
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    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this interesting report on this LCC.

    It's great that you got a good price at the Radisson Blu. I have seen Amoma offer some of the lowest prices for certain hotels but I have read some troubling issues about credit card charges and confirmations, so I am somewhat hesitant to use them.

    Nice bonus of CPH.

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