Review of Norwegian flight Palma De Mallorca London in Economy

Airline Norwegian
Flight DY 2429
Class Economy
Seat 2F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:25
Take-off 11 Oct 14, 22:00
Arrival at 11 Oct 14, 23:25
DY   #4 out of 22 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 98 reviews
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Published on 11th November 2014
Mallorca is a beautiful island, and my pre-conceptions of the place were totally wrong, as the next few pictures will show.
I am going back next month and will report on that experience. I will not be flying Norwegian!

So… a few images of Mallorca. All these pictures are taken in the first week in October, when in the UK, it was raining daily!

I didn't even realise that the island had a railway and metro system.

photo Palma Station

Alcudia (Old Town)
photo Alcudia

Puerto Pollensa
photo Puerto Pollencaphoto Puerto Pollensa

photo Formentor

Palma Town
photo Palma Town 2photo Palma Town 3photo Palma Town

photo Soller

But holidays must come to an end.

Getting around the island is very easy, and I took the comfortable bus from Alcudia to Palma Town (€6) where I had a beer and tapas.

It tasted better than it looks!
photo 15476429870_d4c5f819d5_b

Then it was a very busy local bus to a very busy airport.
The size of Palma Airport did not dawn on me on arrival, but it's huge - and for good reason, given the sheer popularity of the island.

There were very long queues for most check in desks, I didn't see one self-service check in anywhere.

I had a wait of about 20 minutes to get served by a friendly check-in agent, and my boarding pass printed (emblazoned with Iberia!)

Security was quicker, although it involved those insufferable queue control barriers so you end up walking miles to get to the place you can see right in front of you!

Also, it didn't help that I was nursing a heavy cold. Yes dear reader, I was that insuffrable coughing spluttering passenger, although I managed to keep it to a minimum (read on to see how!).

Palma has two lounges available to Priority Pass cardholders, and given that my flight was not until 10pm, I decided to try them both.

I tried the Sala VIP Formentor lounge first, as it did have better reviews, and it did have a lovely looking entrance.

photo Formentor Lounge 2

It was nicer than I expected, but really quite busy (although you can't really tell from the pictures)

At around 8.30pm (yes, I tend to get to the airport far too early) I headed for the Sala VIP Valldemossa Lounge.

It was quite some distance and in my ill condition I was grateful for the travelators.

photo Palma Airport 2

I actually preferred it - it looks quite stark but I found that it was much quieter, there was a computer to use (my phone was rapidly losing battery charge) and lots of a Mallorcan liqueur called Tunel, which was very warming.

This is Tunel

photo Tunel

Curiously, the Norwegian website, and Gatwick Airport arrivals website, showed that my flight was on time. Palma Airport showed it to be delaued. By quite some margin.

I tweeted DY who confirmed that there was a delay. The flight would leave at around 11pm.

The lounge closed at 10pm so I had a wander around the airport.

This meal deal was too easy too refuse. €10 is really a rip off! (At UK airports, a similar meal deal would be around €4.50, with wider choices. I did have a last Spanish beverage, to try and lift my mood.

photo Final Cava

However the delay was extended again.

I was now feeling miserable - my cold was really annoying, I was tired and I just wanted to get home.

Then the gate was moved which required a long walk again.

Finally, boarding was announced, not by row so I just stayed back and was one of the last to board. And what do you know?
Faced with this:

photo Boarding

After about 5 minutes I was almost ready to board.

photo Boarding 2

I was not in anyway impressed by Norwegian. Dirty seat pockets. I'd rather they removed them than have this.

photo Dirty

Legroom however was acceptable.

photo Legroom

During the flight, the video screens showed a nature film - which is novel for a low-cost airline.
Although some of the images were violent - predators and their prey mixed between truly breath taking scenes.

photo Inflight

The inflight menu fell apart in my hands.

photo Falling Apart

Arrival in Gatwick was at around 1.20am and I had to wait ages for my suitcase. I probably didn't, but I was so moody with my cold, the delay and the journey, I was now looking for things to go wrong.

photo Gatwick Arrivals

I then endured a bizarre taxi journey, where the driver talked non stop about his all-inclusive holiday to Egypt.
I got to my flat at 3am, and he called me back to his car. I actually thought 'If you're going to mug me, you had plenty of opportunity before now!'). He reached into the boot, retrieved a tablet, and flicked through photographs of his holiday. This is me and one of the locals. He was a taxi driver too! and so on.

I was so tired I kept quiet as I was worried I would say something I might regret.
Eventually I got to bed and fell sound asleep!

Norwegian? Never again.

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Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu3.0

Independent Sala VIP Formentor


Palma De Mallorca - PMI


London - LGW



My third flight on Norwegian in four years, so not a regular by any stretch of the imagination, yet my third flight which was severely delayed. The free Wifi promised at the time of booking was not available.



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  • Comment 122605 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6853 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this report. Beautiful pics of Mallorca. Haven't seen too many reports on DY short-haul--just on few on their long-haul 787 stuff. Seems like standard LCC. Shame about the delay--3 long delays on 3 Norwegian flights; you have some luck :-P
  • Comment 122872 by
    Chibcha SILVER 581 Comments
    Travelling sick is an ordeal, but even worse when facing woes such as the overly-chatty cab driver!

    Nice photos of Mallorca, the airport's extra-schengen side looks a bit drab.

    Thanks for sharing!

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