Review of Israir flight Tel Aviv Heraklion in Economy

Airline Israir
Flight 6H5021
Class Economy
Seat 53K
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:55
Take-off 15 Aug 14, 13:50
Arrival at 15 Aug 14, 15:45
6H 9 reviews
Yonatan Paz
By 3649
Published on 12th December 2014
Hello and welcome to my flight report!!!
I'm welcome you for my trip to Crete, Greece!

Here's my flights for this trip:

4th flight with Israir
3rd time in Greece
7th time on Boeing 737-800

Before the trip:
I was traveling in Holland for 2 weeks in August with my classmate. At the last day of the of trip, while I was flying on Sun D'or flight back to the east (link for the flight report:, my dad sent my boarding passes to Herkalion, one for me and one for my girlfriend!!! but I didn't saw the e-mail until I landed in Tel Aviv at 7:30PM, on 14/8/14, and the flight to Herkalion will be departed on 15/8/14 at 1:50PM!!! I had less than 24 hours for staying at home and arrange my suitcase again!

Remeber the last plane on the photo:
I took this photo when I landed from Amsterdam, a day before.
photo IMG_4241 (2)
I arrived to home at 9:45PM, so I had only 12 hours before driving again to Ben Gurion Airport. I was very tired at the moment.

The day of the flight:
I woke up at 9:30AM for leaving home at 11:00AM (25 min of driving by taxi, 100NIS).
Before entering to Terminal 3, taste from europe: Aegean Airlines Airbus A320, Air Serbia Airbus A319 and Turkish Airlines Airbus A319:
photo IMG_4249

We went to terminal becasue the weather was horrible outside and we wanted to complete the check in early as possible, but… It hadn't happend. We'd been waiting up to 25 min for some stupid security questions like had you arrange your suitcase alone, do you have some gifts to bring for someone etc…). This is the 1st step of the securtiy check in the Israeli Airlines and in Ben Gurion Airport.
After that we'd been waiting over 1 hour and 20 minutes for opening the check in counters!!!!! A lot of passengers including me and my girlfriend were waiting…. The check in counter opended only at 1:35pm, while the time of departure was at 1:50pm! As a result, the flight carrier changed from El Al (LY) to Israir (6H) because El Al doesn't allowed to fly on saturdays, and Israir can.
We got seats J,K in row 53, not far from the rear of the plane :(
Passport control was very fast and took 5 min.

Air Canada Boeing 787-8, only 9 days after launching the plane, before heading out to Toronto-Pearson:
photo IMG_4252
Arkia Boeing 757-300, 4X-BAU, flew on this bird to Amsterdam:
photo IMG_4255
Blue Bird Airways (Greek charter airline) MD-83 (I flew on this one last year from TLV to KGS):
photo IMG_4267
Blue Bird Airways Boeing 737-400 , SX-TZE, Also before flight to Herkalion, Greece:
photo IMG_4254
Scandinavian Airlines Boeing 737-800 after landing from Stockholm-Arlanda (Oh I hate this black points!):
photo IMG_4257
Transaero Boeing 737-800 before flight to Moscow-Domodevo:
photo IMG_4270
UIA Boeing 737-900 to Kiev, Air France Airbus A320 to Paris and Arkia 757-300:
photo IMG_4263
We were eating hamburgers near this mad dog, Bulgarian Air Charter MD-82, after flight from Burgas:
photo IMG_4262
Do you rember the location of the far plane on this photo?
photo IMG_4241 (2)
So now, my plane for this flight today, UP by El Al on Israir flight, Boeing 737-800, 4X-EKM at the same gate from yesterday, yeah!
photo IMG_4265
The time was 2:30PM and the boaring didn't start.
At 2:45PM the boarding started but few minutes later the boarding closed for 15 min and the counters read messages on their phones, Ohhh, this is so rude!!!
At 3:10PM, 1h20m after the scheldue time, finally we boarded!!!!
Seat pitch is OK for this short flight (flight time was 1h30m)
photo IMG_4272
Cabin after closing doors, the plane still on the ground:
Load was 100% (180/180).
photo IMG_4273
El Al's regular and boring safety video, The plane is 737-800, but the safety video were of Boeing 767-300ER!!!
photo IMG_4275
Pushback from gate C3:
photo IMG_4277 (1)
Another UP plane:
photo IMG_4279
Taxi for runway 08, usually the departs operate from runway 26, from the east to the west (Tel Aviv) and runway 08 is from west to the east (Jerusalem). We changed the depart runway because Hamas had been doing rockets attacks on Israel, durning the Protective Edge (Tzuk Eitan).
photo IMG_4282
Bye bye Israel!
photo IMG_4288
Leaving Israeli coast, flying over Netanya:
photo IMG_4290
Beautiful view!
photo IMG_4292
Cabin on cruising:
photo IMG_4295
The service for this short flight: Crackers and bottle of water. I think that it is enough for 1.5 hours flight.
photo IMG_4299
South Cyprus, Limassol:
photo IMG_4296


Durning the flight, I was invited to visit in the cockpit!!!
Photos of the cockpit:
photo IMG_4302photo IMG_4304photo IMG_4300

I recommend you to change your screen photo in your smartphone to this photo!
Everybody UP,UP yeah yeah (UP safety video).
photo IMG_4318
Over Karaphatos Island:
photo IMG_4319
A short visit in the lavatory, 1 of 3 onboard:
photo IMG_4233 (1)photo IMG_4232 (1)
Finally over Crete, the vacation are going to start!!!
photo IMG_4326
On the ground:
photo IMG_4332
Neos Boeing 737-800 from Milan-Malepansa:
photo IMG_4335
The plane that I saw in TLV: Blue Bird Airways, Boeing 737-400, SX-TZE:
photo IMG_4334
Leaving the plane, the vacation started!!!!
photo IMG_4336 (1)
The plane after left:
photo 10710963_883568894986839_3893412832433761250_n

Thanks for reading,

please left a comment and have a great weekend,

Yonatan Paz
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