Review of Southwest Airlines flight Las Vegas San Francisco in Economy

Airline Southwest Airlines
Flight WN 2240
Class Economy
Seat 24D
Aircraft Boeing 737-700
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 12 Jan 15, 19:30
Arrival at 12 Jan 15, 21:00
WN   #7 out of 20 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 54 reviews
By 2679
Published on 15th January 2015
Hi and welcome to the return portion of this short trip to LAS. My schedule is as follow:

WN LAS-SFO in Y - you are here

I made it to the airport at 18:50 for a 19:30 dept. which I was afraid to miss but thankfully there was no line at the counter so I printed my boarding card at the check-in kiosk and proceeded to the security line that luckily had 3 people ahead of me.

Once at the gate area, I took notice of the slightly confusing boarding procedure that WN uses. When you check in online, you are assigned a Boarding Group and Position number that is printed on your boarding pass. The earlier you check in at 24 hrs before your flight, the higher your priority to board. When your group is called to board, you line up either against the wall or on the the line for the group that is boarding and an agent takes your boarding pass and scan it. You then walk inside the plane and grab any seat that you fancy.

My boarding pass.

photo DSC05757 (1024x543)

Gate area.

photo DSC05746 (1024x581)photo DSC05747 (1024x474)

Boarding by groups.

photo DSC05748 (1024x688)

A FA was stationed at the front greeting passengers and I wanted to sit all the way in the back to get the full view of the cabin. There was a male FA in the back just standing and not making a lot of contact. I said hi and he replied back in a robotic tone with barely a glance. As the plane got fuller, there were passengers that were unable to find space in the overhead bins so the FA advised them to leave the bags with him and he will try to find a place for them. I saw him and another FA carry about 3-4 bags to the front and store them. I thought that was nice since not too many FA's go through that trouble and just tells the passengers to bring them to the front to have them checked.


photo DSC05749 (1024x683)photo DSC05750 (1024x683)photo DSC05751 (1024x634)

We left a few minutes late and FA's did a safety demonstration. After take off, they went through the aisles writing the beverage orders on what looked like an electronic pad. There was no cart and FA's delivered the beverages from a tray a few rows at a time. After the beverage service the FA's distributed peanuts and pretzels from a basket. The two ladies sitting on my row felt sleep and were not asked what they wanted to drink. When one of them woke up and saw my drink and snacks, she called the FA as he was distributing the snacks and he replied to her that he will be back. I'm surprised that he did not serve them the snacks right away since he was holding the basket right there.


photo DSC05754 (1024x717)

There was only 1 WC in the back to my surprise, just like the layout of the Embraer 190 with a large galley.

photo DSC05753 (1024x683)

I hardly saw any smiles from any of the FA's and they just did their job efficiently. So much for how Southwest likes to advertise how different they are from the legacy carriers by focusing on the human aspect, at least from this one time experience. Of course, it is hard to judge based on one sample and one should attempt to fly several more trips in order to get a more objective perspective, but this passenger is not in a hurry to go out of his way to try WN again.

A few sights of my trip to LAS.

The Bellagio buffet was worth every penny of it.

Chinese lunch at Ping Pang Pong at the Gold Coast hotel.

photo DSC05700 (1024x628)photo DSC05706 (1024x683)

Succulent and crispy roast duck.

photo DSC05701 (1024x683)

Enoki mushrooms with tofu and preserved vegetables in a spicy sauce.

photo DSC05702 (1024x683)

A simple but satisfying stir fried noodles with bean sprouts and green onions.

photo DSC05703 (1024x683)
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Southwest Airlines

Cabin crew6.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Las Vegas - LAS


San Francisco - SFO



I hardly saw any smiles from any of the FA's and they just did their job efficiently. So much for how Southwest likes to advertise how different they are from the legacy carriers by focusing on the human aspect, at least from this one time experience. Of course, it is hard to judge based on one sample and one should attempt to fly several more trips in order to get a more objective perspective, but this passenger is not in a hurry to go out of his way to try WN again.

The Buy on Board consisted of liquors for USD 5 each.

Flight took off a few minutes late but arrived on time.

Information on the route Las Vegas (LAS) San Francisco (SFO)

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Virgin America avec 7.9/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 3 heures et 47 minutes.

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  • Comment 127015 by
    Esteban GOLD 19504 Comments
    Hey Adan, thanks for this beautiful report.
    I am amazed that WN can perform a full beverage and snack run between LAS and LAX whereas DL claims that there is not enough time to do it and does no service at all in coach.
    What was the prize of the Bellagio buffet if I can ask? As Las Vegas more or less my second home is, that may be something I should consider ^^
    • Comment 308691 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments
      Thanks for the visit Esteban and I am glad that you liked this FR.

      The buffet was around USD 30+ with taxes if I remember correctly. Personally I thought it was well worth it due to the quality of the items and the decent selection of seafood.

      Have fun in sin city. ;)
  • Comment 127016 by
    Esteban GOLD 19504 Comments
    Sorry did not see your flight was going to SFO, but anyway, DL has lots of routes they don't serve anything whereas competitors do.
  • Comment 127031 by
    indianocean SILVER 7538 Comments
    Thank you for sharing Adan.

    Haven't you ever considered to fly on VX. I know WN is a LCC but flying on Virgin America might be interesting, don't you think?

    Thank you so much for the precious tip at The Bellagio. USD 30 for the buffet is quite affordable.
    • Comment 308740 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments
      You are most welcome Bernard.

      VX is a good airline and I have flown them before, it's just that I have not posted FR's of those trips. ;) You are right about them being interesting and as a matter of fact I think they are quite stylish and are the boutique of all U.S. airlines.
  • Comment 127107 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 9857 Comments
    Thanks for sharing with us this short flight. The snack and drinks are good on such a short segment. It seems that Southwest is loosing it's soul and that what made the difference , the human factor, is less and less different from other airlines, when not worse. Southwest still advertises good prices but should be careful about focussing on friendly staff or it might run into trouble.
    • Comment 308741 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments
      The people could be a major differentiating factor with WN but sadly I think this airline is losing its niche. It has always attracted a different market but as long as they still provide free checked bags and snacks on board some passengers won't mind flying with them.

  • Comment 127404 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6424 Comments
    I almost didn't read this Report when I saw it was SWA, but then I remembered you told me you were taking WN back from LAS. And it turns out I really like this report, because you are showing WN in the true light of what it has become...SWA is great at PR and preaching that they care and all about the LUV but really they're becoming just like any other airline, minus the perks of First class or lounges for frequent flyers. And now with the tighter configurations in the new Evolve seat cabins with less pitch, they can't even say their seats offer more room than legacies. SWA has become mediocre at best but survives on their PR fluff and bags fly free blah blah. Wait until they start charging for bags...and they will one day...then what will set them apart? Sad...they used to actually be a fun airline with heart, now it's no different than flying AA or DL...ok, it's better than UA, but that's not saying much :-P
    • Comment 308995 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments
      Thanks Kevin and NGO85.

      Kevin is right about WN clinging to their PR fluff but sooner or later that is not going to work anymore. As NGO85 has said, the WN expansion into the international market is in full swing. Personally I don't think that UA has anything to worry about. WN attracts a different clientele and market, and cannot even compare with UA in terms of intl presence. MP+ is still a decent frequent flyer program and its extensive number of partners make it possible to get to anywhere in the world.
    • Comment 309073 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6424 Comments
      I also don't think UA really has anything to worry about for the same reasons, but they sure were worried when they tried to get the city of Houston to block WN's expansion of Hobby for international flying. Like you said, the clientele is different, with lower yielding leisure pax going to WN and higher yielding frequent flyers staying with UA. There may be some frequency changes or upgrauge/downgauge of aircraft on the UA side to compete in shared markets, but overall I don't think the impact will be that major. SWA's playbook used to be fly to secondary markets, offer lots of service, and print money on monopoly routes--now they're just another hub-and-spoke carrier (though they'll never admit they have hubs), flying into busy markets and competing head on with the legacies...and not necessarily winning. WN's international expansion will work, as NK's did, but in the end they'll be going after the mostly low yielding VFR traffic as I said above. The only reason to fly them will be price, because even tired old UA will be offering a better product to Central/South America with PTVs on those pmCO birds. Makes a difference on a 4-5 hour flight to Northern South America.
    • Comment 308973 by
      NGO85 GOLD 1917 Comments
      I agree with Kevin's assessment, WN boasts the largest domestic US fleet and has become a very diluted product recently on the service side. They have aggressively expanded and they have let that LUV service aspect slip in the process (lack of consistency with FAs). There is no way to get that back and they are just clinging to the free bags appeal since their fares are typically not that much lower than the legacy carriers (unless you are in a market with point-to-point flight advantages).

      Their overhaul of Houston-Hobby into an international airport is in full swing and they will soon begin attacking the Central American market so we will see how UA responds.

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