Avis du vol Japan Airlines Matsuyama Tokyo en classe Economique

Compagnie Japan Airlines
Vol JL432
Classe Economique
Siege 12A
Temps de vol 01:30
Décollage 28 Jui 20, 09:35
Arrivée à 28 Jui 20, 11:05
JL   #6 sur 72 Compagnies Un minimum de 10 flights-reports sur les deux dernières années est nécessaire pour apparaitre dans le classement. 152 avis
Par SILVER 208
Publié le 31 juillet 2021

Hello aviation lovers!

And welcome to another excerpt of last summer’s mileage run. The series has been published in chronological order in French (click here if you are keen to read them).
In English, only selected flights will appear, and at an arbitrary pace.
Thus far, two segments are already available.  

Today’s story brings us back to the very first leg of this estival odyssey. A flight to Tokyo from Matsuyama, on our way to Naha (Okinawa). 


Our day starts early in the morning, with a train ride to JR Matsuyama station. From here, there are several options to reach the airport. 

photo dsc05665

Unless you are a group of four travelling very light and in a serious rush, you may avoid taxis, since public transportation abounds, is fast, reliable, cheaper and friendlier.
Limousine Buses are a common feature in many Japanese airports, providing shuttle services to major locations downtown. In Matsuyama, bus timetables are coordinated with flight schedules.
Regular line buses also connect the station with the airport, using a little bit more time and requesting a little less money.
But pandemic related disruptions meant that Limousine Bus services were altered. And bus number 53 made its appearance barely seconds after I reached the bus stop. Be it city bus this time!  

photo dsc05669photo dsc05667

In less than 15 minutes, and after a smooth ride, we reached the terminal building. As it is customary in Japanese public buses, the fee depends on how far you have ridden and payment is done when alighting. The city of Matsuyama refusing to modernize its system, cash is the way to go here (no cards accepted, except a rare IC local one). 

photo dsc05671

the airport

Scents of travel linger in the air……

photo dsc05674

Ehime is renown for its citrus fruits. Orange and amber tones permeate public spaces all around the prefecture. And the airport is not an exception. Obviously, the local mascot, christened Mikkyan, takes the shape of a mandarine.

photo mikkyan3

‘Welcome to the kingdom of mandarins and oranges!’, where fresh juice comes out from taps and runs ceaselessly.

photo dsc05676

MYJ is a medium-size airport well connected to major domestic cities (Tokyo, Osaka & Nagoya). Prior to the pandemic it was among the 15 most transited airports in Japan and had 3 international connections: South Korea (ICN), Taiwan (TPE) & China (PVG). Evidently, since March 2020 the context has evolved.

The north sector of the terminal was dedicated to overseas connections. 

photo dsc07545photo dsc07548

But the lack of air traffic means there is no need for escalators or stairs right now. We are told so, apologizing for the inconveniences, in a typical Japanese style. (Someone decided there was no need to transmit this information in a distinct language, despite this being internationally related… ) 

photo dsc07549

Let’s move to the domestic section

photo dsc07541

Floor plan of the ensemble. Lower levels are dedicated to check-in counters and arrivals. Mid-way one can find souvenir shops, restaurants and boarding gates. High up, unobstructed views and a small lounge. The ‘League of Languages’ is clearly dominated by Asian teams: 4-1. 

photo dsc07547

Them, they belong to the Evil Empire 😊

photo dsc07544

As you can see, the terminal is bright and crowds are not part of the airport landscape today.

photo dsc05677

Our flight has been delayed 10 min and the weather in Tokyo is not very welcoming. Today there are more JAL flights cancelled than expected to operate. And connecting with Osaka seems out of the question… (we won’t be going to Paris, despite what one might conclude from what is shown on the screen…) 

photo dsc05680

This brief delay allows us to enjoy the best space in the whole terminal (imho).

photo dsc05688

We are not the only ones here. But it is not an extremely popular place among my fellow passengers or airport visitors.

photo dsc05699

Vassals of Darth Vader are getting ready to fly to Tokyo in an EU made vessel. They will get there 40 min before us. 

photo dsc05684

Their aides are on the brink of taking-off for Osaka.

photo dsc05689

Here comes our ronin to rescue us, freshly landed from Tokyo.

photo dsc05711

Advancing smoothly so that he goes unnoticed.

photo dsc05714

And he remains so, indeed.

photo dsc05718

A short refuelling awaits.

photo dsc05720

Would 35 min be enough to fill the tank and regain strength to pursue the air battle?

photo dsc05721

Let’s check it out.

photo dsc05703

Waiting times for security checks won’t be very long, I presume.

photo dsc05702

OKA -southern fringes of the Japanese archipelago- and CTS -its northern opposite- will sustain visits by the Imperial forces later on the day. We prefer to be faithful to the rebellion and make a transfer in HND to reach our final destination. 

photo dsc05692

getting even closer (+the airport)

It took us no more than 30 seconds to cross the security check.

photo dsc05725

Some might associate Japan to images of forbearance and quietness, but there is a wild side in here, as well. (Isaniwa 伊佐爾波神社and Yu 湯神社 Shrines Autumn Festival @ Dogo Hot Springs, Matsuyama).

photo dsc05733

Gate A (or Gate 2) for us today. Only 14 minutes to the scheduled departure time but stillness abounds in the surroundings. 

photo dsc05741

Unfortunately, I have never had the privilege to trespass the threshold separating mortals and THE CHOSEN ones (aviation-wise).

photo dsc05738

Forces of the Empire provide a complete measuring station in which to check the validity of carry-on luggage. Very appropriately, imperial units are also displayed!

photo dsc05750

Take-off time minus 8 minutes and we begin to see some movement. The ground staff is accommodating and efficient (as is the norm in Japan). 

photo dsc05749

Zashhhh! A happy combination of electronic gates, discipline and low occupancy allowed us to complete boarding in the blink of an eye.  

Amber tones accompany visitors and residents until the very last seconds on Ehime soil. 

photo dsc05752

Pre-boarding popular tryptic (of doors) among reporters of this site. 

photo dsc05753

8 years old (at the time of flying) metal tube, bringing us into the air -crowned by a wifi receiver-.  

photo dsc05755

We can safely advance to the central grounds (once the tarmac has been cleared of all Imperial troops).

photo dsc05756

Overall view of the terminal

photo dsc05758

Despite not being really acquainted with, someone is wishing us a safe journey.

photo dsc05761

the flight

Heading towards the sea   

photo dsc05767

We’re flying…

photo dsc05768

And we’re climbing !

photo dsc05769

A beautiful scene depicting the Matsuyama plain and the Iyo Bay 伊予灘 (with the Shigenobu River mouth on the left side of the picture).

photo dsc05774

We go round and round. And the city of Matsuyama comes to our sight. 

photo dsc05776

To the north of the airport the harbour of Mitsuhama 三津浜, where the Lord of Matsuyama Castle gathered his fleet and commenced his ‘political pilgrimage’ to Edo (nowadays Tokyo). This was a several weeks adventure under normal weather conditions, crossing the Seto Inland Sea and alighting somewhere in Harima province 播磨國 (a former feudal domain, ruled from Himeji Castle). From there, the journey continued on foot, along the Tokaido (or the Nakasendo) roads. Our trip today will be shorter.

photo dsc05777

If there was no engine in this picture, you would be able to spot Mukaibara Station 向井原駅 (luckily enough for us that view is hidden from you 😊). This is where the JR Yosan Line splits between its mountain (Uchiko, 内子) branch and its sea (Nagahama, 長浜) branch.
The latter offers spectacular views of the sea and unforgettable sunsets.  

photo dsc05782

We now fly over the narrow Sare valley 佐礼谷, a typical rural enclave in Shikoku. In a neighbouring valley, Mr Fukuoka Masanobu started his crusade against chemical fertilizers and for an agriculture in communion with nature and spirits. (Shizen Noho 自然農法) 

photo dsc05785

I guess it is going to be difficult to pursue today’s lecture on Japanese history & geography.

photo dsc05814

This will be the sole picture of the cabin interior today. Upfront there is a Class J section (2+3 config). Economy consists of a typical 3+3 combination. The pitch is good. No individual screens but there is (free) wi-fi connection.  

photo dsc05762

The weather hasn’t really improved.

photo dsc05817

Even closer to the ground, the sights continue to be blocked.

photo dsc05821

This may be Haneda. Or it may be not. The fog and the rain do not really make it any easier to decide. 

photo dsc05823

the land

Just landed, but still undecided, whether we made the right calling or not. 

photo dsc05827

At least, we are among our peers. 

photo dsc05836

It is reassuring to see so many of our own.

photo dsc05831

Apparently, we didn’t get it wrong. This is HND!

photo dsc05841

We bid farewell to our aircraft.

photo dsc05843

At HND all passengers -departing & arriving- share the same corridors. Work-station stools, plenty of chairs and charging points, vending machines (filled with refreshments) and even payphones accepting coins (or phone cards that can only be bought with cash in nearby dispensers). All you need to wrap up job or leisure-related mails or calls before or after your flights.
(Ah! Forgot to mention that there is wi-fi too. And it works just fine!)

photo dsc05848

Having landed from Shikoku, our plane has been parked, as usual, in the southern end of the terminal. Long corridors ahead of us until we reach the exit. (We will be visiting friends during our short layover). There are moving walkways for those in a rush. As the image illustrates, I have never seen JAL staff using them (unless they are escorting a passenger with disabilities). 

photo dsc05886

The way out. (On the left side of the picture, you can see the carry-on luggage collecting area, for security-check approved departing passengers). 

photo dsc05888

Escalator, for the lazy ones.  

photo dsc05889

Stairs for those not that lazy. 

photo dsc05891

We can proceed directly to the exit, sidestepping the baggage claim since we are travelling light and there is a corridor leading directly to the arrival hall. The display of information is outstanding in this area.

photo dsc05892

And not only in Japanese. All these comprehensive pieces of information are also provided in Korean, English and Chinese. Very useful for those waiting for arrival passengers.

photo dsc05893

This marks the end of my flight report. Thank you for having read this far.

You may pursue the adventure in the section below, by –virtually- exploring lesser visited areas of Japan. In today’s case, little towns close to the departure city of this report show their charms in a set of beautiful pictures. 

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Japan Airlines


Matsuyama - MYJ


Tokyo - HND



We are dealing here with a domestic flight in Japan. Which consistently amounts to efficiency and frugality.

This was the case also for this flight. We had a delay of 10 minutes at departure, and it was duly announced. In the end, it did not impact our arrival schedule (on time).

Staff was extremely accommodating all over the trip. Our plane was well entertained and offered a good pitch. Inflight service was very limited (although a substantial inflight shopping was available). Airports were clean (they always are), stocked with shops and services (gorgeous observation decks) and well connected with public transport, although lacking a wow factor.

Overall, this was a perfect no-frills flight.

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  • Comment 577320 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 8600 Commentaires

    Thanks for sharing this report. No service at all for this flight ?

    • Comment 577517 by
      SoraNoTabi SILVER AUTEUR 50 Commentaires

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!
      Meal service in JAL domestic is not their strongest point... (unless you fly in First Class)
      And this being a flight during the first months of the pandemic, nothing but a rather uninspiring green-tea tetrapak was offered.
      I was told that, some weeks after this flight, drink services had returned to something closer to 'normalcy'.

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