Avis du vol Air France Tel Aviv Nice en classe Economique

Compagnie Air France
Vol AF1795
Classe Economique
Siege 7F
Avion Airbus A320
Temps de vol 04:15
Décollage 05 Sep 15, 20:20
Arrivée à 05 Sep 15, 23:35
AF   #27 sur 68 Compagnies Un minimum de 10 flights-reports sur les deux dernières années est nécessaire pour apparaitre dans le classement. 4926 avis
Par GOLD 564
Publié le 19 octobre 2021

back from the holy/promised land!

Hello all,
Welcome to this shortarchive  series of flight that took me from my hometown to Tel Aviv and back, with a stop at Nice to spend some time with my parents that were in Menton.
Could be worse right?  Well this was also a funny avgeek experience as there were not less than 3 different companies for 4 legs!! 

photo dsc_1438photo fb_img_1633103283309photo fb_img_1633103278896


photo map

This was before the revenue-based calculation but in today's term this would be
Flying blue Miles earned with this flight: 415
Status earned: 5 XP 

Air France usually operates seasonal routes to North Africa, Greece, and middle east from regional bases during the summer, and this flight was one of them. 

photo bp

Time for the cabin map moment! A highrt density 178 seats A320. 

photo telechargement

at tel aviv - ben gourion airport

A last glance at the beach before jumping to a cab for the airport…

photo fb_img_1633103325511

Israel doesn't do stamp but on an attached slip.

photo 20211110_170349

We went through check-in even though we had no luggages to check in, but just in case, we had a bad experience with security on the way out.

photo 20211001_081446-77048photo img-20150830-wa0000

About 1h30 min before the departure time, we went through security.

I must say my travel buddy was from pakistani origin, hence not white. Surely you can imagine what happened next.
When you arrive at security, you have the standard lanes in which you can just show your boarding pass and passports, and a dedicated lane on the left hand side.

A lady asked us to go on a different lane and at first I though that was a nice touch to go to a dedicated lane…
And when I looked around me, everyone was either from a muslim background or oriental background. I litteraly was the only "white" person in there.

Queueing to reach a first check was very long - about 30 min. During this time we had our passport checked 3 times.
You then reach a typical metal detector check point.
Then the second check was an Airport Body Scanner. 
Then you had your passport and boarding pass checked again.
Then despite the first two detectors and scanner, a guy came to have an throughout search, touching every inch of my skin - i am not joking when i say every inch.
Then your suitcase go through the usual security checks. Once you take out your liquids and tablet into a tray and leave your suitcase in the conveyor belt, another person checks you again with a portable metal detector.

The bigger problem for me was once I was checked AGAIN, the guy at the conveyor belt was opening every suitcases, widely putting clothes here and there and once searched left the suitcases with everyones mess on the table. 

This is where I lost it, I had a massive heated discussion with him and - like Karen - asked to speak to his boss.
Basically the guy said he asked me to open it to which I said it was impossible as I was still being checked and also the fact that my suitcase was all over the place.

Basically they kept lying and they said hurry if you don't want to miss your flight.

I am not sure if this is my worst experience in an airport - this one or a bomb scare at St Petersburg - but this was the first time I felt completely neglected, treated without the basic dignity and of course extremly frustrated that some old toad can get away with it.

I did complain to the airport in the 9th of September.

photo security-2

After 17 emails of me chasing them, I finally received a cheque on the 21st of december, for missing items, but no apologies to this day.

photo security-1

I didn't take this many pictures, I was truely infuriated at this point.

photo tlv

Here is the boarding hall

photo duty

And our plane arriving next to Delta B767

photo a320-arriving

onboard the a320

photo a320

Aircraft: Airbus A320-214
Registration: F-HEPB
Engines: 2x CFM56
Age: XX Years
Layout: Y178

The plane wasn't so full which was a good news - I could have slept a bit across the seats.

photo cabin-74886

We were given a pillow and a blanket, a rare thing to seen on AF A320!!

photo couetephoto coussin

After the usual safety demonstrations, we started taxiing.

photo elal

Of course a lot of El Al planes here

photo elal2photo bengourion

and take off above Jaffa and Tel Aviv

photo telazviviv

Service started straight away after - we had the full meal that you can find onboard long haul flights.

photo diner

Unfortunately there was no alcool available on this flight.
The crew turned off the lights for everyone to have a well deserved nap. 

photo cabin-night

A quick glance at the magazine

photo 20211018_163206

That offers a comprehensive dossier of the destination of the month

photo 20211018_163222

and my favorite pages: the fleet! You can really tell the change that happened in just a few years time…
110 long haul aircrafts against 85 today
122 medium haul fleet against 110 today 
99 regional aircrafts against 52 today… 
but 16 Transavia against 60 today.. So Air France got greener by the colour of the tail! 

photo 20211018_163330

at nice cote d'azur airport

photo img-20150906-wa0007-44724

I was sleeping for the rest of the flight - I just took this picture when we arrived at the gate.

photo niccee
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Air France


Tel Aviv - TLV


Nice - NCE



TLV: What else can I say?

AF: The cabin was Ok, I was mostly impressed by the meal offered.

NCE: The airport is so close to the city and the beach of St Laurent du Var, perfect for a quick tour on the sand! T2 is bright, clean and has a descent amount of services.

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  • Comment 583770 by
    Aigle_voyageur 707 Commentaires

    Thanks Chris for this exotic (or kind of) review. :)

    TLV security measures are always so strict, I admit it but what you experimented is clearly unacceptable. Perhaps it would have been better if you and your friend have passed security controls separately, one after the other.

    We were given a pillow and a blanket, a rare thing to seen on AF A320!!

    No wonder when you consider the time departure, which is kinda "red-eye" flight. Besides, the flight duration time with this aircraft rarely exceeds 3 hours.

    Have safe flights. ;)

    • Comment 583812 by
      ChrisB GOLD AUTEUR 1205 Commentaires

      Thanks Brian for your comments!
      well I was about to go through the normal line, but when asked if we are together I said yes and ended up in this line - where clearly there was a racist agenda going on there. It was the first time I experienced it and it is not nice.
      Yes the 3hours long flights usually have this level of service, and apart from Tel Aviv and Yerevan, not sure where else this could be seen on A320.
      Have safe flights too and thanks again!
      See you soon!

  • Comment 583794 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5654 Commentaires

    Hey Chris, cool route! I guess this was back in the day when AF were still doing Intl flying from Provincial bases, which has mostly all gone away in the past few years. Nice to see they were running one of the more comfortable "Europe" cabins on that flight. I'd flown from Intl flights in/our of TLS which were on Métropole fleet so crappy Recaro ironing boards and no USB outlets at the time.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 583815 by
      ChrisB GOLD AUTEUR 1205 Commentaires

      Hey Kevin,
      thanks for stopping by!
      Yes Air France always resume these little routes in the summer to Athens, TLV ..., at least that was the case before covid...
      Ah yes I was lucky I guess to have the same treatment as if I was flying from CDG in terms of cabin!
      I have read somewhere that AF might consider A321neo operations from regional bases, just like LYS used to be a strong base for Hop, offering flights to european direct destinations like Goteborg, Prague, Rome... I don't know if that will ever happen with the CDG base being such of a paramount importance...
      Thanks for your comments!

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