Avis du vol British Airways Nice London en classe Economique

Compagnie British Airways
Vol BA357
Classe Economique
Siege XXF
Avion Airbus A320
Temps de vol 01:55
Décollage 08 Sep 15, 21:50
Arrivée à 08 Sep 15, 22:45
BA   #38 sur 68 Compagnies Un minimum de 10 flights-reports sur les deux dernières années est nécessaire pour apparaitre dans le classement. 843 avis
Par GOLD 227
Publié le 20 octobre 2021

a quick stop at menton

Hello all,
here is the last route of a series that took me from London to Tel Aviv via Istanbul and Nice to visit my parents that were on holidays on the way back. 
Could be worse right? Well this was also a funny avgeek experience as there were not less than 3 different companies for 4 legs!!  

Avios Miles earned with this flight: 210
Tier points: 10

photo map

And yes these were the good old times when the fare included a checkin luggage, free seat selection and snack and drinks! Almost a J to nowadays BA standards!!

photo booki

I couldn't find my boarding pass anymore, but I can tell from the picture I sat somewhere on F raws toward the rear of the cabin.

photo map-320-european-66319

at nice - cote d'azur airport

Menton is a really pretty and a lot quieter city than Nice

photo fb_img_1633103420307photo fb_img_1633103427414photo fb_img_1633103433955

Being on holidays in Menton, it was fairly easy to drive to Nice Airport.

photo t1

Once gone through checkin to pick up my boardin pass, I went through security

photo t12

After some time to have a snack, it was time for boarding…

photo porte67

onboard the a320

Aircraft: Airbus A320-232
Registration: G-EUXX
 Engines: 2x IAE 2527
Age: XX Years
Layout: Y180

Door moment…

photo porte

We had the new cabin that is now the previous generation - yet the more comfy one!
One thing I like about BA is the Screens on the cabin that display flight information 

photo boarding-20071

The crew seemed very professionnal and gave me a really nice and warm welcome which deserves to be noted - to their credit.

Once we took off the service started - I was expected the wrap that BA used to give but instead we had some shortbreads… I was told dinner time was passed.

photo foood1photo food2

I fell asleep despite the coke and when I woke up the mood lighting was on and as we were about to land they retracted the screen.

photo moddlighting

The descent started over Kent as usual with the Bigins approach

photo approach

Over West London and houslow

photo approach2

on FInals with two iconic birds: the B747 and Concorde!

photo concorde

at london heathrow airport

And touch down

photo landing

We arrived at T5 hall A.

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British Airways


Nice - NCE


London - LHR



BA: The cabin has been densified- 180 seats the max on an A320... But the plus is the screens in the cabin
The seat were actually OK ish but the pitch is terrible
The crew was really professional, and it is the strengh of BA: you know what to expect and BA delivers it. No surprises and this is what you want for your "home" flight.

LHR: Very clean, very big and bright, a lot of options but too big actually XD
Can't wait for the crossrail..

NCE: You can tell Terminal 1 is the old one...
More interesting features from the outside than inside.

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