Avis du vol SAS Oslo Tromsø en classe Premium Eco

Compagnie SAS
Vol SK1418
Classe Premium Eco
Siege 02A
Temps de vol 01:50
Décollage 10 Fév 22, 13:25
Arrivée à 10 Fév 22, 15:15
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Publié le 14 juillet 2022

to start with

Together with a fellow french Flight-Report, Chevelan, we had decided to head to Alaska in December to see the northern lights. Unfortunately they weren't out, so we agreed to try our luck again in February this year but closer : to Tromsø

a transit in norway.

As usual in Norway, passengers arrive in the terminal which is, in theory, great.

photo img_2497_resultat

I arrived at the D gate and my connecting gate is A2. I have an hour to make the connection.

photo img_2498_resultat

This way:

photo img_2499_resultat

There are E-Gates to go to the domestic terminal:

photo img_2500_resultat

So one can make an international transit without any customs nor security controls. But if you arrive international and want to transit to a domestic flight, you have to go through those gates. I try to use them with my boarding pass, red biiiiip and "not allowed" on the display.
I checked the screens next to it and:

photo img_2501_resultat

You can transfer from SAS to SAS, or SAS to Widerøe, intra Norwegian or Flyr flight but not from Lufthansa to SAS. What a non sense, even if you only have hand luggage…

No other choice then to go through the arrival hall:

photo img_2502_resultatphoto img_2503_resultat

And of course, no suitcase to pick up. What a waste of time.

photo img_2505_resultatphoto img_2506_resultat

And to make it even harder, if you have a luggage, you will need to re-check it at a regular check in counter on the level above. If you look at how many people wait in line, you'd better have a gold card or a business ticket.
For me I have lucky enough to be able to skip the lines and head to security.

photo img_2507_resultat

And the security is one of the most strict I have ever seen: every electronic device needs to be out of the bag: smartphone, camera, and so on.

photo img_2508_resultat

I was lucky enough, with only carry on and mostly aware of that procedure, to clear everything in around 10 minutes.
Here's my plane to be, a cool Star Alliance livery 737-800:

photo img_2509_resultat


I was even able to quickly pay a visit to the lounge:

photo img_2510_resultatphoto img_2511_resultat

Inside the lounge:

photo img_2512_resultat

And the food offer:

photo img_2513_resultatphoto img_2514_resultatphoto img_2515_resultat

Everything is cold food, nothing hot:

photo img_2516_resultatphoto img_2519_resultat

There is just this soup that makes the exception to the rule :)

photo img_2518_resultat

Alcool free … wine :)

photo img_2520_resultat

my flight

I just stayed at the lounge to have some water, go to the restrooms and went back to the gate:

photo img_2521_resultatphoto img_2522_resultat

Boarding started on time with priorities first:

photo img_2523_resultatphoto img_2524_resultat

The tail of our 738:

photo img_2526_resultat

And a three time aircraft door :)

photo img_2528_resultatphoto img_2529_resultatphoto img_2530_resultat

WiFi is available:

photo img_2531_resultat

It was one of the coldest welcome I experienced. The crew was not concerned, seemed not happy to be there and barely answered to my "Hello".

photo img_2533_resultatphoto img_2534_resultatphoto img_2535_resultat

The cabin is all grey and lacks touch of colours:

photo img_2536_resultat

And the recline is ridiculeous:

photo img_2538_resultat

The pitch, however is great and there are USB plugs available:

photo img_2539_resultatphoto img_2540_resultat

The BOB:

photo img_2542_resultatphoto img_2541_resultat

Safety Card:

photo img_2543_resultatphoto img_2544_resultat

The last luggages are loaded:

photo img_2548_resultat


photo img_2549_resultat

Front view:

photo img_2551_resultat

An A320neo parks next to us, I really like the SAS livery:

photo img_2552_resultat

Those are engine protections:

photo img_2553_resultat

Would you recognize those 3 birds?

photo img_2554_resultat

752 Icelandair:

photo img_2555_resultat

Getting closer to the three tails :)

photo img_2558_resultat

Norse already got 4 Dreamliners delivered but wasn't flying at that time

photo img_2561_resultatphoto img_2562_resultat

And number 4:

photo img_2556_resultat

Still taxiing:

photo img_2563_resultat

We had to give way to this A319 landing:

photo img_2564_resultatphoto img_2565_resultat

Very short final:

photo img_2566_resultat-cov

And our turn:

photo img_2567_resultatphoto img_2568_resultatphoto img_2569_resultat

As we took of towards south we had to make a U turn:

photo img_2570_resultatphoto img_2571_resultat

The airport in distance:

photo img_2573_resultat

What a wonderful place to be!!

photo img_2574_resultatphoto img_2577_resultat

There was an announcement that in coach the service will be BOB and in Premium we could take whatever we wanted. I just took water, cashews and chocolate:

photo img_2578_resultat

The middle seat stayed empty, there is someone on the aisle. Good to know is that SAS doesn't block the middle seat neither in Premium on domestic flights nor in Business on international flight. #shame

The only good thing is that WiFi is free of charge for Gold and Premium passengers. You need to enter your name and PNR.

photo img_2579_resultat

The WiFi was so good that I was even able to make a Whatsapp video call, a first for me in a plane!

Then I went to the lavatories:

photo img_2580_resultatphoto img_2581_resultat

Top of descent:

photo img_2586_resultat

Wow, the views were just amazing, and the water color!!

Pure magic for me:

photo img_2595_resultatphoto img_2596_resultatphoto img_2597_resultat

Approaching TOS:

photo img_2598_resultatphoto img_2599_resultat

The city center of Tromsø is an island, you don't see it here, but I will put some touristic bonusses where you'll see it.

photo img_2601_resultatphoto img_2602_resultat

There was a bit of snow but little did I know that in the next 36H we would have heavy snowfalls, with around 40cm of fresh snow!

photo img_2603_resultat

Dash 8-100 Widerøe:

photo img_2605_resultatphoto img_2606_resultat

The farewell was even colder as the welcome: nothing. My only interaction with the crew was the food ordering. Sad, really sad.

photo img_2607_resultat

Good bye cuttie:

photo img_2609_resultat

On my way to the exit:

photo img_2610_resultatphoto img_2611_resultatphoto img_2612_resultat

This way:

photo img_2613_resultatphoto img_2614_resultat

And heading to the taxies:

photo img_2615_resultat

I had a nice surprise: the car that I took looked brand new and while seating inside, the driver told me that his company has a tradition: the first customer on a new car gets his ride free of charge. And I am this first customer. The only condition is to take a picture of me in front of the taxi once arrived. I feared something might be wrong, but gave it a try. And it was indeed the case. Once arrived at my lounge, we took a picture and that was it. I wanted to tip him and really had to insist to get him something since he really emphazed that the ride was free of charge :)

tromso lodge and camping

photo img_2656_resultat

I usually, in English, never or seldom add touristic bonusses but here I think it will be worth it.

I decided not to stay in Tromsø downtown but on the other bank of it, Tromsdalen, because 1- downtown accomodation is ways overpriced and Tromsdalen is away from the city and much easier to see the northern light if any.

The Tromsø Lodge and Camping,  is a camping but offers also lodges, "Economy" for 4 people but no running water nor toilets, you have to go to shared bathrooms. "Traditionnal" a red wood cabin, sleeps 6 with bathrooms but too big for us, "Explorer" the brand new cabin that we originally had chosen and the "Superior" for 4 people + the "Deluxe" for 6. All with indoor bathroom and kitchen

photo img_2634_resultat

The Explorer are sold with "some with river view, that is the one above. The cabin is quite compact for 4 people, only 20 square meters. It looks nice when you have the river view. But when not, it looks like a crowded village:

photo img_2635_resultat

I saw this when using google satellite map. And decided the risk to be in the middle of the other cabins vs the river view was to big and upgraded us to a Superior.
They only have 5 Superior and are at the far end of the lodge:

photo img_2650_resultatphoto img_2653_resultat

Outside sitting:

photo img_2617_resultatphoto img_2618_resultat

The entrance has a heated floor that goes up to 60 degrees, ideal to dry wet clothes. But impossible to walk bare feet :)

photo img_2619_resultatphoto img_2620_resultat

The living room:

photo img_2621_resultatphoto img_2622_resultatphoto img_2623_resultat

Big windows:

photo img_2624_resultat


photo img_2625_resultat

And the bathroom. What I liked it that the whole cabin was floor heated but each room had its own adjustable pannel. So we heated up the entrance to dry the clothes, the bathroom and the living room and kept a cool room to sleep.

photo img_2626_resultat

More views of the lodge, with the Explorer cabins, really to close to each other:

photo img_2631_resultat

Those are the "Economy" cabins:

photo img_2630_resultat

The "Traditionnal":

photo img_2633_resultat

A walk through the lodge (which is huge) at dusk:

photo img_2627_resultatphoto img_2628_resultatphoto img_2629_resultat

And this is in the middle of the night, it was snowing that much that with the lights of the lodge, one would think it was almost day:

photo img_2636_resultatphoto img_2640_resultatphoto img_2643_resultat

Later in the night:

photo img_2644_resultat

Close to midnight the sky cleared a bit and it was possible to see a super light aurora borealis, but you won't see it on that picture since it is really, really super light :)

photo img_2645_resultatphoto img_2646_resultat

A walk to Tromsø

The next morning I went for a walk to the nearest supermarket since my friend was arriving in the evening and I wanted to cook something. All restaurants are closing at 5H anyway and are super expensive. Since we had a full kitchen I went for the food supply for our week-end.
The beautiful blue sky let me think that we'll have a beautiful day:

photo img_2652_resultatphoto img_2654_resultatphoto img_2655_resultat

It was such a wonderful walk on the fresh snow:

photo img_2657_resultat

Just amazing:

photo img_2659_resultatphoto img_2662_resultat


photo img_2660_resultatphoto img_2661_resultat

I had to climb a bit to the supermarket :)

photo img_2664_resultat

More climbing:

photo img_2665_resultat

More Norvegian views:

photo img_2668_resultatphoto img_2669_resultatphoto img_2672_resultat

I loved the fact that each person I crossed said "hello". Something we don't do in France :(

photo img_2673_resultatphoto img_2675_resultatphoto img_2677_resultat
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SAS Business Lounge / SAS Scandinavian Lounge


Oslo - OSL


Tromsø - TOS



The cabin was cosy but too much grey kills the grey ^^ The seat recline was a joke. On longer flight this might be a problem.

But the biggest issue was the crew. Far from interested, no customer service, lack of smile.

The free WiFi was a nice touch, about the BOB being able to take what you want is nice but there was absolutely no fresh food.

I hated the transfer in Oslo even if mine was without trouble, but if you have luggage and need to recheck it can be a big hassle.

TOS is a really nice little airport!

More to come on the next flight with more bonus as well :)

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