Review of Indonesia AirAsia flight Singapore Bandung-Java Island in Economy

Airline Indonesia AirAsia
Flight QZ 368
Class Economy
Seat 23A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:55
Take-off 09 Apr 15, 17:00
Arrival at 09 Apr 15, 17:55
QZ   #111 out of 128 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 21 reviews
By GOLD 2490
Published on 19th April 2015
Having had a rather hectic 1st quarter of the year at work, I booked a rather last minute short trip over the recent weekend to a nearby city also nicknamed as the 'Paris of Java', Bandung in Indonesia. Being an increasingly popular destination for Singaporeans and Malaysians, I had wanted to see what the hype is regarding this city just a short 1h40m flight away from Singapore.

Our tickets were booked rather late, with the flight up booked on a promotional Indonesia AirAsia fare and return on SilkAir due to the favourable timings. Even with the slightly dearer fare on SilkAir back, it was still very affordable for a short trip.

09 April 2015
Indonesia AirAsia
QZ 368
Singapore (SIN) - Bandung (BDO)
Budget Class

Check-in for our departure flight at Changi's Terminal One and was issued the default supermarket-like receipt.

photo 17142871336_4f9be617d8_b

Changi is not too busy at this time of the afternoon. Spot the 2 European heavyweights (LH A380 and KL B773ER).

photo 17142871996_0947e2efa9_b

Jetstar A320 in Asia's Got Talent livery! Preparing for departure to HKG.

photo 17168789555_bfaa4ec217_b

The inbound flight arrived on-time from Bandung for a quick turnaround. We boarded from Gate D47. Flight was not too full this afternoon.

photo 16546391904_cbaa9f0fcc_b

Our plane, PK-AZA, being prepared for the flight to Bandung.

photo 16981264370_8771ece66d_b

BA OneWorld B744 was parked beside us.

photo 16961390167_0c6d208dc1_b

Soon, boarding was called and it was conducted orderly.

photo 17167161372_2fc13e77e3_b

View from my seat at 23A.

photo 16981262570_fbe701b192_b

As expected, seat pitch was tight, similar to all other LCCs' A320s.

photo 16981263130_7fee04b4ec_b

A range of inflight magazines (both International and Indonesian versions), menu and duty free available in the seat pocket.

photo 17168185641_02256bf92b_b

Boarding soon completed and we were on our way for the 1h35m flight to Bandung. It was a long taxi to Rwy02C, with quite a number departures ahead of us.

CX B773 to HKG

photo 17167160382_0d6b49a5c6_b

3K A320

photo 16981262360_0844692601_b

Malindo B738 to KUL.

photo 16981261750_97c5e3a31c_b

AF B773ER to Jakarta.

photo 17168785275_426bcf9bc2_b

Still a rather long queue of planes behind us.

photo 16982624399_eae1e6258c_b

And we are good to fly! Departing from Rwy02C.

Climbing out from Changi.

photo 16981038238_2f47749402_b

photo 16982624089_a9700b103d_b

photo 16546386584_27118d1f88_b

After takeoff announcements.

With the low load, we had 3 seats for the 2 of us to stretch out on. Service began with the distribution of Indonesian custom forms followed by handing out of pre-booked meals and onboard sales. We had pre-ordered a meal each for the flight, at a very affordable SGD$5 for a meal with cuplet of water.

The famous AirAsia Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak.

photo 16982622069_a1b34450af_b

Surprisingly. QZ's version of the Nasi Lemak was actually tastier, of bigger portion and nicer in presentation than the one offered by its Malaysian sister, AK!

photo 17168184291_8055dea16b_b

The order meal I pre-booked was the Nasi Kuning Manado, only available on QZ flights.

photo 17142867486_1cabd7b621_b

The contents looked exactly as the picture and it was very tasty as well! Thumbs up for QZ!

photo 16548621993_013dfdb6dd_b

Cruising at 34,000ft.

photo 16981256570_715f4db718_b

Rows of empty seats towards the rear of the plane.

photo 17142862966_a9a4df0ed0_b

Crew in the rear galley after service. Service wise, this set of crew just did the necessary required, and a couple were not as friendly and cheerful as the usual AirAsia crew I encountered. They also seemed to be more experienced.

photo 16546383274_2e6513ed68_b

Sun setting as we entered Java.

photo 16548620363_d2dba95c4c_b

Starting our descent into Bandung shortly after flying past Jakarta. It was rather cloudy during our descend.

photo 16981255850_1d49300f5b_b

Making a turn for finals.

photo 17167153382_292064a5ea_b

Overflying the city of Bandung during approach. The airport is just a couple of kilometres from the city centre.

photo 17142860956_9416697b0a_b

photo 16548618273_964487df9f_b

See the video of the approach and landing into Bandung Husein Sastranegara International Airport's Rwy29. We landed right on schedule. The runway is only 2.2km, ensuring heavy braking after our touchdown!

Backtracking down the runway.

photo 17168777885_1f07f4a818_b

No airbridges and we disembarked the traditional way via stairs.

photo 16548617373_31e9446f40_b

Lionair B738 parked beside.

photo 16546380534_0c932ff28e_b

While walking across the tarmac to the arrival hall in the sunset….

photo 17167150762_6509462c69_b

Immigration and customs was fast as we were the only international arrival. Bandung is currently expanding the international part of the terminal as the current area is pathetically tiny!

Soon, we were on our complimentary hotel transfer to the hotel just 15min drive away from the airport. We booked our accommodation at Hotel California Bandung, which offers clean, modern, comfortable rooms at very affordable prices.

photo 16982617369_4a0f520381_b

Shortly after check-in, we strolled to Cihampelas Walk, where a nuber of shopping and dining outlets are located. Being of higher altitude, Bandung actually gets a bit chilly in the evenings, which was very comfortable for us!

photo 16982614809_a6d5396b7e_b

Cihampelas Walk mall.

photo 17168177391_1d214b9909_b

photo 16982615829_c165d0939a_b

Some Sudanese food for dinner.

photo 17167151072_25159fe6b5_b

On the second day, we hired a driver for the day to visit some of the attractions in Bandung.

First stop, Kawah Putih, 2 hours out of Bandung. It is a crater lake which is white due to the very high sulphur content. Definitely worth a visit.

photo 16982612509_7314459096_b

photo 17142856586_2eda355250_b

photo 17168774085_c803a30c97_b

photo 16546376504_cca3b23651_b

photo 16546375884_fbece2ff8f_b

Lots of tea plantations around the area due to the rich volcanic soil.

photo 16982611659_b739f8791d_b

Next stop is a scenic lake. With the exorbitant entrance fee for foreigners, I feel that it is not worth the amount paid to visit the attraction (and we have definitely seen better ones for free…).

photo 17168771305_fc6fc9a8bf_b

photo 16546374674_62ff5a8d74_b

Then it was off to a strawberry farm where we just paid a small nominal amount and pluck fresh and juicy strawberries to take back!!

photo 16981246750_f373d81bbe_b

Really sweet and juicy strawberries!

photo 16982609119_cdca098285_b

Dinner at a local Sudanese dining place.

photo 16961370367_5bbf4509cb_b

photo 17168768665_f77598d6bb_b

On the third day, we visited some of the many factory outlets along Jln Dago.

photo 17168169801_7b87869ca9_b

And lunch at one of the many cafes in Bandung.

Along Jln Braga, another street with a number of cafes to chill out.

photo 17168767565_1de65f0112_b

Visiting the most upscale shopping centre in Bandung, Paris Van Java.

photo 16546370074_de09deca7d_b

photo 16981242250_f88aee8f0f_b

More Indonesian food.

photo 16961367097_143b0fd933_b
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Indonesia AirAsia

Cabin crew6.5

Singapore - SIN


Bandung-Java Island - BDO



No-frills, comfortable flight with QZ, along with good pre-booked meals and on-time arrival. Service, though efficient, could be improved as half of the crew lacked smiles and did not seemed to want to be there. However, for the promotional fare paid, definitely no complaints.

Information on the route Singapore (SIN) Bandung-Java Island (BDO)


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    NGO85 1624 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this report!

    We also get those paper receipt boarding passes in Japan for domestic flights. I always have to go to great lengths to get something tactile for my collection.

    5 SGD for that meal is a really good price for BOB. You can't even buy an alcoholic drink for that price in the US.

    I'm not going to even ask what you meant when you said the crew was experienced ;)

    Nice bonus for a place I haven't heard of before. The food looks good there.

    In the end, you got what you wanted: a safe trip for as cheap as possible, so I can't really criticize QZ too much!

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