Review of Turkish Airlines flight Johannesburg Cape Town in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK040
Class Economy
Seat 17A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 02:20
Take-off 16 Dec 14, 11:45
Arrival at 16 Dec 14, 14:05
TK   #16 out of 77 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 698 reviews
Yonatan Paz
By 3980
Published on 19th April 2015
Hi and hello back, I hope that you'd a great easter/passover and welcome to my flight report!

This report consists my trip to South Africa for travelling and visit friends. My schedule is as follow:
TK IST-CPT (via Johannesburg) Y A333 -
TK JNB-CPT Y A333 (Same plane, same flight from Istanbul) - YOU ARE HERE!

Me and my family planned to fly to South Africa to meet friedns and celebrate a for one of them. We decided to went nearly christmas, because there is a vacation from school. We used our United Miles and payed 37.5K for each direction. We hadn't so many choices to fly from Tel Aviv to Cape Town on Star Alliance, our choices were Ethiopian Airlines (TLV-ADD B738, ADD-JNB B77L, JNB-CPT SA A319) or Turkish Airlines (TLV-IST TK A332, IST-JNB-CPT TK A333). We decided to book TK flights, as we can stay at the CIP lounge, TK service is better than ET and TK flight is a red-eye flight as not as ET flight.
Turkish will start non-stop Cape Town service from November, I think that flights will be operate on A330-200. It will cut the flight length from 13h10m to 11h.

After Landing in Johannesburg, Before departure to Cape Town:
We landed in Johannesburg 30 minutes after the scheduled time. Cape Town passengers needed to stay in the plane when Johannesburg passengers left the plane. The plane was cleanded and the crew replaced by the crew of yesterday IST-JNB-CPT-JNB flight.
We weren't allowed to leave the plane like on AF flight from Singapore to Jakarta, so we needed to burn more one hour without Air Condition.
More one point to mark, the cabin crew didn't do a counting of the passengers, In fact, A JNB passenger could continue to CPT without paying of JNB-CPT sector.
While we were waiting in the plane, I did some spotting:
British Airways (Comair Limited) Boeing 737-400. My friedns family are the owners of this airline, one of the value airlines in South Africa:
photo IMG_4432
Mango 737-800, Malawian Airlines Boeing 737-800 too and the airline that I've never see befroe - The pretty Air Seychelles Airbus A330-200!!!
photo IMG_4434
South African Airways Airbus A320:
photo IMG_4438-001
A close view of the Air Seychelles A332:
photo IMG_4436
Air Seychelles and South African tails. Don't forger the flysafair tail that locates far:
photo IMG_4441

More suprise to me, new airline that I've never see before, Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER from HKG and departed after us. I excepted to see a 747-400:
photo image (23)
Flight map:
photo IMG_4442
The Giants:
photo image (7)

The load on JNB-CPT sector was 70-75%.

Boring safety demo again:
photo IMG_4408
I didn't took photos of the take off, It was a rainny day.
After Take off, a lot of clouds were appearing durning the climb to FL340:
photo IMG_4453photo IMG_4454
Seat pitch is pretty tight (I'm 1.76 meter = 5F10inches)
In-flight menu, includs IST-JNB flight, also available in Turkish:
photo IMG_4462photo IMG_4463-001
Cabin durning service:
photo IMG_4455-001

The snack for this short flight: I orderd a diet coke and got a sandwich with cheese and vegetables. It was bit wet but tasty. In my opnion, It was enough for 2 hours flight.
photo IMG_4460
Cursing near Kimberley, half of the flight were passed:
photo IMG_4458photo IMG_4461
I decided to watch some movie:
photo IMG_4414-001

photo IMG_4462
Flight map. 6 minutes before landing:
photo IMG_4467-001
What an amazing wild, Just flew from the cold and rainny Johannesburg to the sunny Cape Town (And it was durning the middle of the summer, think about it!) :)
photo IMG_4469
Near the airport, it isn'"/>photo IMG_4472
1 second before touch-down:
photo image (9)
Touch-down!!!! 2nd time in Africa! (First time was in Egypt when I was 4 years old):
photo image (10)

Spotting in Cape Town:
Finally we arrived, after journey of 17 hours and only 4 hours of sleeping, I was happy and blessed that I finally arrived to this beauty and interesting country and the fact that will can sleep okay and take some refreshing shower!
I took some photos durning taxi to the gate, enjoy it!
SA (Airlink) CRJ 200:
photo image (11)
Air Namibia Airbus A319 from Windhoek, Namibia hears a interesting country for me, I would like to visit there.
photo image (14)photo IMG_4474

Mango Boeing 737-800:
photo image (15)photo IMG_4476
Fly safair (New airline in South Africa) Boeing 737-400:
photo IMG_4475
The giant and the impressive South African Airways, ZS-SNC, A340-600, the only A346 that painted in Star Aliiance livery and still in service:
photo image (13)
Virgin Airbus A340-300, British Airways Boeing 747-400, Air France Boeing 777-200ER and South African Airbus A340-600:
photo image (12)
Edelweiss A330-200:
photo IMG_4480-003
Business Class:
photo image (8)
After leaving the plane that I'"/>photo IMG_4477photo IMG_4479-001
Bye bye TK A333 from the luggage claim area:
photo image (16)
CPT model Airport, Like it, they need to add TK and ET planes!!!
photo image (17)
International Departes:
photo IMG_4481-001
View of the Terminal:
photo IMG_4482-003

Thank You for reading!

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Turkish Airlines

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Johannesburg - JNB


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TK is a great airline with a cheap prices. TK is better than airlines that I've flown like UA,LX,LH,OS,AR,AC,TG,LY and more. Great meals, great IFE and cabin crew but seat pitch can be tight. My flight from Tel Aviv to Istanbul arrived latley and the plane to Cape Town wait so Turkish has a lot of delays (This is not my first time that I fly with Turkish)!!!
But I'll continue to fly with Turkish Airlines.
Destantions that I flew with Turkish:
Johannesburg (2 times)
Cape Town (2 times)
New Delhi

Information on the route Johannesburg (JNB) Cape Town (CPT)


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  • Comment 134524 by
    NGO85 GOLD 1871 Comments

    Finally, made it back through old reports, thank you for sharing this TK fifth-freedom route!

    I think CX only sends the B744s on regional Asian routes nowadays, they are almost completely phased out with their expanding fleet of B773s and the soon to arrive A350s.

    The catering on this flight is definitely not up to TK standards, just a sandwich? No menu either? Maybe they figure they can get away with this poor service since it's a fifth freedom far from their hub.

    Nice spotting at CPT.

    the cabin crew didn't do a counting of the passengers
    - They might have counted passengers exiting the plane and subtracted to get the head count, not that this makes the situation any more comfortable from a security standpoint since an accurate head count physically on the plane should be made.

  • Comment 134666 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6040 Comments

    TK definitely offers a solid product overall. I had no idea they flew CPT-JNB. I would say that's great for competition, but then again both TK and SA are star alliance, so they're probably not really competing with each other on pricing. Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 160156 by
    MrMax 144 Comments

    Thanks for the great FR!

    I actually have reported FlySafair. It's a great airline! Sorry to ruin the novelty of your rare spotting :) !

    I would expect better catering from TK (Even SA used to give compliamentry meal on CPT-JNB, good ol' days

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