Review of Lufthansa flight Munich New Delhi in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH762
Class Economy
Seat 33K
Aircraft Airbus A340-600
Flight time 07:25
Take-off 02 Apr 15, 12:05
Arrival at 02 Apr 15, 23:00
LH   #59 out of 92 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1582 reviews
Rl 777
By 7615
Published on 24th April 2015
Welcome to part two of my trip from Stockholm to Delhi during my school spring break! This part will cover the second flight, from Munich (MUC) to Delhi (DEL).

Part 1 - ARN-MUC (LH2421 Lufthansa Airbus A320-211 D-AIQA, transferred to 4U as of now) -
Part 2 - MUC-DEL (LH762 Lufthansa Airbus A340-642 D-AIHP) You are here
Part 3 - DEL-MUC (LH763 Lufthansa Airbus A330-343 D-AIKN) -
Part 4 - MUC-ARN (LH2414 Lufthansa Airbus A320-211 D-AIPE)

My connection time at Munich was 2 hours and 5 minutes, we immediately went to the closest FIDS to see what gate our flight would depart from, it was gate H38 but it later turned out that they would be using both H37 and H38 for my flight. There was no security control during my transfer, only a passport control. My father used the automated passport control and went through, however you had to be over 18 to use it. I'm under 18 years old so I had to use the regular passport control, and there was an extremely long line there! One of the agents at the passport control told me to tell one of the agents at the regular passport control, that my father is waiting for me. I followed his instructions and was through passport control in no-time! I was basically allowed to skip the whole line.

photo rsz_20150402_085113

My father was not interested in the duty free shops or anything like that, he just wanted to rest at the gate so we just went to our assigned gate.
photo rsz_20150402_103954

My ride to Munich, Lufthansa Airbus A340-642 (D-AIHP).
photo rsz_20150402_104204

My father decided to sit at our gate, trying to get his Wi-Fi working. Meanwhile, I walked around and tried to spot a bit. Didn't do a lot of spotting, as I was too excited to fly on the A346!
photo DSC_0330

Air Canada Boeing 777-300ER, this one was headed for Toronto (YYZ), most of the passengers waiting seemed to be of Indian origin.
photo rsz_dsc_0332photo DSC_0334photo DSC_0335

D-AIHP to Delhi, love the A346, so beautiful!

Eventually it was time for boarding, first, business and star gold passengers boarded first, then the rest of the passengers. Flight time was scheduled at 7 hours 25 minutes.
photo rsz_20150402_104743

Boarding was actually slightly delayed, 11:25 was the scheduled boarding time but boarding was announced 20 minutes later.

photo rsz_20150402_121000

Not the best weather at MUC
photo rsz_20150402_121306photo rsz_20150402_121338

Unfortunately this was an A346 with the old IFE, but it was a bit more responsive than expected.
photo rsz_20150402_121458_1

The seat pitch wasn't the best, but decent for me during this flight (I'm 177cm tall)
photo rsz_20150402_121511photo rsz_20150402_121516

The annoying IFE box.
photo rsz_20150402_122047photo rsz_20150402_122101photo rsz_20150402_122248

Boarding was done at 12:15 or 12:20.
photo rsz_20150402_122345

Takeoff from Munich at 12:45, 40 minutes late but the captain told us that we would make up time in the air.

Climbing towards our cruising altitude

They served a small bag of 'cloud hoppers' approximately 30 minutes after takeoff.
photo rsz_20150402_131042

Decided to watch a film with my awesome 'cloud hoppers', I have no idea what the name of the film was and I didn't watch the entire film. Speaking about the IFE, it wasn't so good. The IFE was quite old, but LH is refurbishing their long-haul fleet with new seats and the new RAVE IFE. The content wasn't great, they really need to add more films and albums. They should also add more bollywood films if they want to attract more Indian customers. All of this wasn't a huge issue for me, as I just like to watch the moving map or look out through the window, it might be a problem for others.
photo rsz_20150402_131103_1

The first drink service began a few minutes after the small snack, OJ and water for me. There were two flight attendants serving our aisle, one of them was fairly friendly with a few smiles here and there, but the other one was very friendly and attentive! All of them were helpful though.
photo rsz_20150402_132513

Hot towels were also distributed.
photo rsz_20150402_133049

The meal service began about 1 hour and 45 minutes after departure, no menus were distributed. We had the choice of chicken or Indian vegetarian, I'm a huge fan of chicken so you can guess what option I went with.
photo rsz_20150402_135351

The meal consisted of a main course with chicken and rice, a bread bun, easter chocolate, a salad and a dessert. The meal was accompanied by a glass of orange juice as always. The chicken was quite juicy and tasty. The rest of the main course wasn't so bad as well. The salad was tasteless but the dessert was decent. The bread bun was a bit cold. Overall, I was satisfied with the meal. My father went with the same option as me and he really liked it.
photo rsz_20150402_135835

They handed out these forms when we were flying over Turkey.
photo rsz_20150402_145627_1photo rsz_20150402_150338

Not a lot happened after the meal service, it started to become dark when we flew over Azerbaijan.
photo rsz_20150402_165529photo rsz_20150402_170637

Went to the lavatory approximately 2 hours before landing, the lavatories onboard this A346 are located downstairs.
photo rsz_20150402_170922photo rsz_20150402_170926photo rsz_20150402_170929

They served a small snack before landing at Delhi, sorry, forgot to take a pic of it. It was a pizza snack. The weather wasn't great at Delhi, the pilot had to wait for a while before lining up with the runway. This resulted in a 20 minute delay.
photo rsz_20150402_175641

Landing at Delhi, sorry for the bad quality.

photo rsz_20150402_232414_nightphoto rsz_20150402_232559_nightphoto rsz_20150402_232620_night

First impressions of DEL were good, the airport was quite clean and modern!

The immigration wasn't as inefficient as I thought it would be, one funny thing happened here. The agent at the desk didn't even look at us when we gave him our passports. He talked with one of his colleagues next to him all the time and laughed. This resulted in a mistake, he stamped my passport with my father's signature and my father's passport with my signature, I guess that was a sign we were in India! Btw, he never actually looked at our passports.
photo rsz_20150402_234038

We only had one piece of luggage as I mentioned in part 1.
photo rsz_20150403_000004photo rsz_20150403_000019

One of the hotel staff came to pick us up by car and that's it for this flight.
photo rsz_20150403_001726photo rsz_20150403_001649

BONUS from India, I didn't just visit Delhi, also went to Jaipur, Ajmer and Agra.

India Gate
photo rsz_dsc_0418photo rsz_dsc_0422

India Gate at night.
photo rsz_20150410_210144

The Lotus Temple.
photo DSC_0659

Qutub Minar
photo rsz_dsc_0693photo DSC_0689photo DSC_0691

Random photos from Delhi

Photos from Jaipur:

Photos from Agra:

Taj Mahal
photo DSC_0497

Note: Can't comment on access and parking at MUC, just left a 7,5.

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Cabin crew9.0

Munich - MUC


New Delhi - DEL



I think I'm quite satisfied with this flight with Lufthansa. It's my first long-haul flight with LH and I'm not disappointed. The cabin seemed to be a bit tired but they are refurbishing their long-haul fleet with new seats and a new IFE. The food was great, really liked it but the presentation wasn't that great. The 20 minute delay at Delhi wasn't a severe delay in my opinion, it didn't really affect us much. The seat pitch might be slightly or very tight for a lot of people, especially for a very long flight like MUC-HKG, I think it was enough for this flight. The service was excellent, probably the best service I have received on a long-haul flight. The flight attendants were very friendly, helpful, attentive and proffesional. Overall, I'm satisfied with Lufthansa's service. I think I would fly long-haul with them again, if they have competitive prices.

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  • Comment 134648 by
    KL651 TEAM 4536 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.
    I got pretty much the same meal tray on my recent LH flight and I was actually disapointed but I guess tastes vary ^^

    Too bad you did not get a refurbished A346.

    What did the snack served prior arrival consist in?
    • Comment 314480 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 806 Comments
      The presentation wasn't really great to be honest but it wasn't so important (for me). Anyways, the main course was tasty nonetheless!

      Really hoped for a refurbished A346, but unfortunately that didn't happen.

      Forgot to mention it but it was a pizza snack.
  • Comment 134654 by
    whitelight44 346 Comments
    Excellent FR. Loved the pictures and the great bonus pictures from India. Thanks for sharing :)
  • Comment 134688 by
    Rl 777 AUTHOR 806 Comments
    Thank you! I appreciate your nice comment :).

    I think there are over 600 thousand Indians in Toronto! That's a pretty large Indian population.

    The same thing happened with me with Qatar Airways (ARN-DOH). We were served a small bag of pretzels approximately 30 minutes after takeoff and then a lunch service 1 hour later. That flight departed at 11:20.

    That was actually one of the worst salads I have ever tasted. Thought the rice would be very dry but it was decent in the end. Probably leftovers from Easter, it was a nice addition to the meal.

    I wonder how old that IFE actually is! Yeah you are right, seen larger IFE boxes on some A330s before.

    Thank you :)
  • Comment 134701 by
    Benoit75008 7246 Comments
    Thank you for your report,

    MUC is nice airport and i guess you had nice LH flight.
    IFE is quite old but enough for 7 hours flight and then you enjoyed this incredible India!

    I guess it was more comfortable in A330 to reach back MUC

    Enjoy your week-end
    • Comment 314530 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 806 Comments
      It was pretty efficient to connect at MUC, the LH flight was better than expected.
      I have flown with other airlines and planes with much more modern IFE, more seat pitch and all that kind of stuff.
      However, the service by the flight attendants was the best I have ever received on a flight.
      That service made up for the old IFE, decent to bad presentation of the meal and the slightly bad seat pitch.

      Thank you for your nice comment :).
  • Comment 134735 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this next segment of your trip with a nice bonus.

    Looks like you had a good flight on LH. I really like MUC airport and prefer it over FRA. It's too bad that you didn't take a pic of the snack before arrival but your main meal looks fine. The hot towel before the meal is always a nice touch.

    See you on the return and hope you enjoyed India.
    • Comment 314531 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 806 Comments
      Yes, it was indeed a nice flight. Have heard a lot of mixed and negative reviews about connecting at FRA, I have connected at FRA twice but I don't remember much. Was 7 years old at the time.

      I have no idea why, but I always forget to take pictures of the snacks served on my flights.

      Thank you for your comment, it was a nice experience in India :)
  • Comment 135179 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6425 Comments
    Another very good report! It's great that you got the opportunity to take the A346 as this aircraft it slowly disappearing from airlines' fleets. Do you know if LH will be updating the A346 cabins? I don't know how much longer they will be in the fleet. The seat pitch does seem a bit tight and the IFE box must be annoying, luckily it's not that big. The meal looks ok which is about as much as you can expect from LH :-P
    The airshow is kind of old school, but I guess that's normal on an older generation IFE. The Delhi airport looks really nice. I will be heading there for a wedding next year. Looking forward to it. Beautiful bonus pics. Thanks for sharing this nice report!
  • Comment 136236 by
    Rl 777 AUTHOR 806 Comments
    Sorry for the late response, haven't checked my mail or this FR for a while.

    It surely was a nice experience as the 346 is one of my most favorite planes. I think they are updating their A346s based at MUC, but not the ones at FRA. I have seen one report in Y on an LH 346 (EWR-MUC) with the updated cabin with the new IFE. However, it was on another website and I can't seem to find it anymore. I have seen larger IFE boxes, on some A333s.

    I hope you enjoy your stay at Delhi :), thank you for your nice comments :).

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