Review of Malaysia Airlines flight Kuala Lumpur Tokyo in Economy

Airline Malaysia Airlines
Flight MH 88
Class Economy
Seat 39K
Aircraft Boeing 777-200
Flight time 06:50
Take-off 30 Apr 15, 23:30
Arrival at 01 May 15, 07:20
MH   #30 out of 112 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 145 reviews
By 6044
Published on 12th May 2015
The transit stop was only scheduled for a short 1h15m, which meant it was off the aircraft, a quick browse at the shops and boarding would be starting. Our flight to Narita would be departing from the Main Terminal Building as well, thus there was no need to take the train to the satellite terminal.

The famous aircraft model display at KLIA.

photo 17299198128_08e57ea7cd_b

Our aircraft being catered. The aircraft scheduled for the flight was initially the A330, but was changed to a B772 slightly less than a month ago.

photo 17299127248_5732f7968e_b

Departing from H4 for the red-eye to Narita.

photo 17300693939_d315a2c59b_b

9M-MRC. a B777-200, will be operating the flight this evening. With the 2 MH incidents involving B772s, there is no denying that a short wave of solemnness overcame me just before boarding the aircraft.

photo 17460912396_6429f4d019_b

30 April 2015
Malaysia Airlines
MH 88
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) - Tokyo Narita (NRT)
Economy Class

Boarding was called shortly after we cleared through security at the gate and again it was very orderly. Guess this is the norm for Japan-bound flights as Japanese, whom I guess made up at least half the passengers, are well-known for their orderliness.

Welcomed at the door and directed to the correct aisle. Economy class on MH's B772s are fitted in a not-so-usual 2-5-2 configuration. On each seat is placed a pillow, blanket and headset.

photo 17484877262_29ca27155a_b

We took the 2-seaters at the second last row on the left. The seats are of the first-generation type with personal 6 IFE screens. Think SQ's non-retrofitted B772s. Even though the seats do not have the latest gadgets, they are very comfortable and legroom is awesome, boasting a 34 pitch!

photo 16866691073_11045b4d54_b

We had brand new May edition of the inflight magazine.

photo 17487004135_d9a50ac748_b

A row of B738s beside us.

photo 17299364120_e7914b8a79_b

Boarding again is completed very efficiently for a 100% full flight. 6 cabin crew will be serving us in Economy tonight, with 2 stewardess and a steward at our rear economy cabin. Flight time was estimated to be around 6h30m.

photo 16864442104_a24a4ee172_b

Pushed back slightly behind schedule and safety video played. The video quality on these tiny screens was really quite bad…

photo 17299186238_c321525650_b

Had a short taxi to Rwy32R and we departed in the darkness to Narita!

Climbing over Putrajaya.

photo 16864378514_b3ff36be78_b

Seat belt signs turned off and service announcement was made. All announcements were made in 3 languages, Malay, English and Japanese.

I switched to the interactive mode of the IFE system and surprisingly the screen quality improved dramatically. However, no touch-screen here and navigation is through the classic handsets.

photo 17486997145_a3902fe874_b

Audio-video on demand is available and selections are more than sufficient for this mid-haul flight. Initially chose to watch the movie Horrible Bosses 2 but haing being very pampered by today's seatback screen sizes of 8 and bigger, it was not shiok (a Singlish term to mean satisfying) to watch the movie on a teeny weeny 6 screen.

photo 17486709711_9a1220a07a_b

Refreshment service commenced shortly after seatbelt signs were switched off.

photo 17299178298_e243190199_b

No choices for refreshment. We were offered a huge tuna croissant, a pack of peanuts and choices of drinks. I went for an apple juice and a tea. The tuna croissant was not bad and sufficiently filled me up.

photo 17460970976_7e719eda87_b

After finishing the snack, I decided to switch the IFE to flight map mode and call it a night.

photo 17300671259_634f8386fc_b

photo 17486989255_1cb1121aff_b

Amenities in the lavatory.

photo 16864426934_7096557d13_b

Clearing the trash.

photo 17486986805_70a2be83b6_b

Immediately after refreshment service, cabin lights were turned off and I settled into bed. The seats are really comfortable with thick cushioning and generous recline (see picture below). I just prefer these old-style seats to the current slim-line and hard seats increasingly used by many carriers.

photo 17486981955_3c43a87cab_b

Slept for about 3hrs and woke up as we were nearing Okinawa.

photo 17299341490_bb3beb2e50_b

Sun is gradually rising.

photo 17484844782_0bb60c1ba6_b

About 2.5hrs before arrival, the cabin lights were switched on in preparation for breakfast. It is not everyday one can have a breakfast while watching sunrise.

photo 17486688951_4194f6ca16_b

Breakfast tray was delivered, which consisted of a yoghurt, warm roll with butter, cut fruits and a hot dish (Nasi Lemak or Omelette with sausages). I had an orange juice with the meal. As the seat belt signs were switched on due to slight turbulence, crew were not able to offer hot beverages.

photo 17460946146_ff861716d2_b

Fresh fruits (papaya, pineapple and melon cubes) and strawberry yoghurt.

photo 17486978945_4551dd0bc0_b

My omelette selection, which came with potato wedges, a chicken sausage and a grilled juicy tomato. The omelette also contained spinach wrapped within. Overall, it was a pretty generous and delicious breakfast dish!

photo 17299159498_9d656c3285_b

The other choice was Nasi Lemak with Sambal prawns, half a boiled egg and condiments. Pretty average and AirAsia can do a better Nasi Lemak than this.

photo 17484842492_f8d2d9759e_b

Admiring the sunrise while having breakfast.

photo 17486970165_6abb5c59e0_b

Skimming above a massive cloud layer with some turbulence. Guess the weather must be pretty bad down there.

photo 17300651289_2fe14bc1c1_b

After a while, turbulence subsided and seat belt signs were turned off. As the crew had already cleared the meal trays, they proactively came out with trays of pre-poured hot coffee/tea and offered to passengers. I chose a coffee.

photo 17299154378_d25ae2f45f_b

Service on this flight was rather good, with friendly and efficient crew. Typical of an average SQ economy flight I would say, just in a different coloured kebaya. I think a couple of drink runs were conducted mid-flight as well as I sort of remembering seeing crew walking down the aisle with trays of drinks during my slumber.

A view of the fully packed Economy cabin.

photo 17299148208_eaf06653eb_b

Nothing but clouds out there.

photo 17300649139_c77d35b97f_b

About 40min prior to arrival, the pilot came on and announced the weather in Tokyo as well as the estimated arrival time. Cabin crew were asked to prepare for landing.

Preparations for arrival and headsets were collected.

photo 17299321620_767b8e4766_b

Approaching inland.

photo 16866642213_12c3839c75_b

Descending into Narita.

photo 17484830952_960730dab9_b

Video of the approach, with clear skies and nice rural scenery.

On finals as we approached from the north.

photo 17486963545_fe4c608926_b

Smooth landing into Tokyo Narita International Rwy16L, 20 minutes ahead of schedule.

photo 17299145418_50649180c3_b

photo 17299142208_937b32004c_b

Taxiing to Terminal 2.

photo 16866640103_282895bbfe_b

Passing the newly opened Low-Cost Terminal, Terminal 3. Guess the biggest operator out of the new terminal is Jetstar Japan.

photo 16866637233_e7f324cc49_b

Reached Terminal 2, which is the hub terminal for Oneworld carriers

photo 17484821202_1103bb5332_b

Parked beside a JAL B763.

photo 17299134958_79027284bc_b

Video of the landing and taxi.

Disembarking, with crew thanking pax and bade farewell at the doors.

photo 17486953675_559e592e08_b

photo 17484813022_5286c50923_b

A rather messy business class cabin haha. But seat pitch is incredible!

photo 16864387074_a329a42aea_b

View of aircraft after disembarked.

photo 17484811782_18a607ab58_b

Narita's Terminal 2 is definitely a major hub for Japan Airlines.

photo 16864381304_b9d18be552_b

photo 17486662301_c5eeaa290f_b

Surprisingly, immigration at Narita's Terminal 2 was totally empty and we passed through within 5 minutes. I would have though that it would be the period of the morning peak arrivals from South-East Asian countries. Apparently, this was not the case, as the arrival board at baggage claim showed only 4 arrival flights around our arrival time. Guess with Haneda's expansion for international flights, many of the premium morning arrivals have been moved to Haneda instead.

photo 17299125898_1c05fe304c_b

Another 5 minutes for baggage collection and we were out of the baggage claim in record time! Bought tickets for the Airport Limousine bus service, which came with a 2-days subway pass, to Shinjuku my hotel will be located.

Stayed at Hotel Gracery Shinjuku, which was newly opened just a week prior to this trip! Spot the Godzilla!

Room size was Tokyo-sized and reasonable but bathroom was really huge with a separate shower/bath area!

photo 17300628099_2535f382b3_b

photo 17486654471_368c659e00_b

View from room.

Godzilla! It was right outside the lobby of the hotel at the 8th storey.

Lunch at a popular katsu restaurant in Takashimaya Shinjuku.

Shinjuku station

Tempura for dinner!

Followed by oh-so-sinful-but-so-delicious cakes from HARBS to end the first day in Tokyo!

Hachiko, we meet again!

Shibuya pedestrian scramble!

Exploring the nooks and crannies of Shibuya.

A delicious warm bowl of Ichiran ramen!

Roadside stall with long queues selling ice-cream in crispy warm bread. Very nice!

Strolling through Yoyogi park. Spring has arrived and the greenery has sprouted.

Quaint shopping lanes in Harujuku.

Teatime at a floral-themed Aoyama Flower Market Café in Harujuku.

Even the takeaways from the local supermarkets are so tasty!

Highlight of the trip was the visit to the Fuji Shibazakura Festival. Booked a day tour as it was the Japan Golden Week holidays and public transportation is expected to be packed. However, the Golden Week rush was worst than expected with lengthy jams on the highways, resulting in our original 2hr drive to Fuji becoming a 4-5hr drive each way! Note to self: No more trips to Japan during the Golden Week.

After an almost 5hr bus ride, the first stop was Azaleas garden at Hotel de Yama, Hakone, overlooking Lake Aishi. The Azaleas were just starting to bloom and thus were not as colourful as expected.

Grabbing a bento set for lunch.

Along the way to Fuji Shiazakura, with the sun almost setting due to the constant jams.

Finally reached the site of Shibazakura, 1hr before closing! Better late than never! A few tour buses also arrived at this time due to the horrible jams along the way.

A field of pink, white and purple.

Mt Fuji decided to make an appearance just before sunset! And the view was spectacular!!

Another tiring 4hrs of jam back to Tokyo where I grabbed a cheap and tasty beef rice bowl and called it a day.

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Malaysia Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Kuala Lumpur - KUL


Tokyo - NRT



I must say that MH offers a reasonably good service at a very competitive fare. Maybe I was lucky to encounter dedicated and friendly cabin crew (especially with stories of declining service standards and low morals of crew) but I did not find any difference in service standards from my previous flights with MH. Catering was good (maybe because Tokyo is a premium route?) and flight was comfortable even with the full cabin. Frills may not be as much as premium carriers, (such as no menus, hot towels or amenity kits in Economy) but they are of minor details. Overall, it was certainly value-for-money to fly with Malaysia Airlines!

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    Really great FR! Thanks for sharing it :).

    The tuna croissant doesn't look bad, the breakfast seems to be good.

    It's great that you got a nice crew as well!

    Thank you for the bonus from Japan!

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    Thank you for this trip report!

    I just flew four segments with MH and I agree with you that they are not bad at all! The FAs were surprisingly very nice, warm, and helpful. The food is not bad too!

    Japan during golden week is like China during Spring Festival, it's people everywhere! Sea of people!! ;);)


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