Review of AeroSur flight Sucre La Paz in Economy

Airline AeroSur
Flight 5L 125
Class Economy
Seat 9F
Aircraft Boeing 727-200
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 18 Apr 07, 10:00
Arrival at 18 Apr 07, 11:15
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By 2782
Published on 18th May 2015
This trip is the support for publishing several photos from a 2007 trip to South America, which I hope are of interest to the FR readers. Unfortuntately I did not have my flight reporter hat at the time thus there is no cabin or catering shots..

My South America tour comprises of 8 sectors. The SYD to SCL flight stops over in AKL

A340-313X CC-CQE QF321 Apr-07 SYD/AKL 26C 429 LAN
A340-313X CC-CQE QF321 Apr-07 AKL/SCL 26C 429 LAN
737-291 CC-CVG LA 344 Apr-07 SCL/CJC 6K 22743 LAN
overland Calama - San Pedro de Atacama - Potosi - Sucre
727-264 CP-2462 5L 125 Apr-07 SRE/LPB 9F 22158 AEROSUR You are here!
overland La Paz - Lake Titicaca - Cuzco
A319-132 CC-CPM LP 020 Apr-07 CUZ/LIM 10K 2864 LAN PERU
767-316ER CC-CWF LA 531 Apr-07 LIM/SCL 27C 34626 LAN
A340-313X CC-CQF QF322 Apr-07 SCL/AKL 26C 442 LAN
A340-313X CC-CQF QF322 Apr-07 AKL/SYD 26C 442 LAN

This flight report focuses on the Sucre - La Paz flight operated by Aerosur, which has sadly ceaed operations in 2012. Some of the readers might recall some funky special livery of Aerosur 747-300 and 747-400, which the airline briefly operated between Santa Cruz De La Sierra and Madrid. Further information regarding Aerosur can be found here
Ironically that flight was not part of the intial itinerary and was caught at the last minute to save time on the itinerary.

Sucre is a magnificent provincial town squeezed between the Bolivian Altiplano and the Tropical plain of East Bolivia. It is actually the administrative capital of Bolivia. Despite its elevation of more than 2000 m above sea level, the climat is mild.
photo bolivia_peru_april07 442

Sucre airport is not far from town, but it is a long and winding road that leads to it. It is nested on a plateau which dominates the city. It seems like a miracle that developers found an area flat enough to build a runway…Well actually the runway looks anything but flat.
Taxis in Sucre come from another age and seem completely anachronic with steering wheel on the left side whether the car seems to be better suited for right handside driving…go figure!
photo bolivia_peru_april07 487

The airport is very small and only basic services are provided. This is the view of the ramp. I can see my suitcases !
photo bolivia_peru_april07 488

Our flight is operated by a 727-200 registrered CP-2462 which used to belong to Mexicana. Funny how tray table and some of the catering element were embedded with the mexicana logo. Boarding was very smooth with a great walk on the tarmac. See the rear boarding stairs…quite a unique feature of the 727-200

As often with small airport there is no taxiway. The runway is used as a taxiway and we turn around to line up. The terminal can be seen on the right handside just under the control tower.
photo bolivia_peru_april07 494

Full trottles and blury picture as we say good bye to Sucre
photo bolivia_peru_april07 495

View of Sucre
photo bolivia_peru_april07 496photo bolivia_peru_april07 497

The mighty Andes and high Bolivian Peaks. It is only a short trip to La Paz, about 45 min.
photo bolivia_peru_april07 500photo bolivia_peru_april07 501photo bolivia_peru_april07 503

La Paz Airport is situated in El Alto, at about 4000 m above sea level, which is challenging for aircraft operation. El Alto is situated on a plain which sits on top of the Canyon where La Paz is nested. It is quite an extraordinary and dramatic layout. View of the Huayina Potosi culminating at 6000m.
photo bolivia_peru_april07 505 (1)photo bolivia_peru_april07 506

Flying over the airport before turning back and landing. View of Mt Illimani
photo bolivia_peru_april07 508photo bolivia_peru_april07 509photo bolivia_peru_april07 510

Just before turning toward the apron, a great view of Mt Illimani (6400 m) which dominates the city of La Paz. And if you look closer there is 2 very old planes that look like DC3…
photo bolivia_peru_april07 511

Downtown La Paz, looking toward the South and the southern end of the Canyon. Amazing city, a must see.
photo bolivia_peru_april07 592


Airshow on the AKL.SCL flight as we near the Chilean Coast
photo bolivia_peru_april07 004

Accidentally special effects picture
photo bolivia_peru_april07 006

Aconcagua, Argentina and The Andes highest peak (6960m) seen enroute from Santiago to Calama.
photo bolivia_peru_april07 009

About to land in Calama. flying over the rugged and bare Atacama Desert. One of the most amazing airport location, which I would compare with Uluru (Ayers Rock)
photo bolivia_peru_april07 011

Calama Airport
photo bolivia_peru_april07 015

LAN 737-200 on the Calama Ramp
photo bolivia_peru_april07 017photo bolivia_peru_april07 018

Volcano Licancabur, near San Pedro De Atacama
photo bolivia_peru_april07 068

Laguna Verde, border Chile and Bolivia, near San Pedro De Atacama
photo bolivia_peru_april07 107

Laguna Colorada, Sud Lipez, Bolivia
photo bolivia_peru_april07 143

Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia
photo bolivia_peru_april07 277

Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia
photo bolivia_peru_april07 770

Machu Picchu, Peru
photo bolivia_peru_april07 946

Cuzco, Peru. Capital of the Inca Empire. Runway can be seen
photo bolivia_peru_april07 1007

Star Peru 737-200 with beautiful tail art work at Cuzco Airport
photo bolivia_peru_april07 1058photo bolivia_peru_april07 1059

TACA Peru A320 at Cuzco Airport
photo bolivia_peru_april07 1062

Runway seen from our LAN A320 bound for Lima. Our initial flight had been so delayed due to fog in Lima that it was cancelled and we were rebooked onto the next flight.
photo bolivia_peru_april07 1060

Flying over Cuzco Airport on our way to Lima
photo bolivia_peru_april07 1065

Somewhere over Peru
photo bolivia_peru_april07 1068

Just about to land in Lima, we are actually very low and close to land, visibily is extremely low to say the least…
photo bolivia_peru_april07 1069

Barranco, Lima and the misty Pacific Ocean
photo bolivia_peru_april07 1090

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Cabin crew8.0

Sucre - SRE


La Paz - LPB



A very exotic trip to say the least. Everything went very well from a flight point of view, except the delay in Cuzco due to fog in Lima. But the delay was handled pretty well and most passengers were re-booked onto the next flight. Aerosur offered very basic service, and I can't really remember what the catering was like. Such a short flight anyway. Other flights were really good, LAN and LAN Peru are very reliable and offer a very decent service.



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