Review of Singapore Airlines flight Sydney Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ222
Class Business
Seat 20K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 07:55
Take-off 03 Nov 15, 16:10
Arrival at 03 Nov 15, 21:05
SQ   #7 out of 85 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 670 reviews
By 3843
Published on 12th November 2015
This flight report covers the outbound leg of a recent return trip from Sydney to Singapore

777-312ER 9V-SWJ SQ222 SYD/SIN 20K BUS 34575 SINGAPORE AIRLINES This report

There are 4 daily flights from SYD to SIN operated by a mix of 777-300ER, 777-300, 777-200 A380 and A330. There is a bit of inconsistency in the business class product as nearly each aircraft type offers a different business class product.
I have deliberatly chosen the mid afternoon flight as it is operated by the 777-300ER which offers the latest generation business class product. That product is superior to that of the A380.
The other aircraft offer a more classic 2 x 2 x 2 configuration which are a far cry from the far more superior A380 and 777-300ER 1 x 2 x1 product.
I am not sure if all the 777-300ER have been fitted with the new product, as I have received confilicting information from the SQ staff, including the staff at the lounge who did not know whether the aircraft was fitted with the new seats…

Whenever possible I track the inbound aircraft. Here she is in Western New South Wales. It is 9V-SWJ, featuring the Star Alliance livery (pretty dull and boring to say the least!)

photo SQ222_03Nov15_1

Check in area at SYD Airport. Spacious and never crowded. I have a mobile boarding pass, yet I have to check in at the counter to drop my bag and have my passport controlled.

photo SQ222_03Nov15_2

There are 3 SYD-SIN flight within a few minutes SQ222, BA16 (777-300ER) and QF5 (A330).

photo SQ222_03Nov15_3

Going through immigration is a breeze, as the Automated Border Control Smart Gate have been installed. It is a one machine - two step process 1) Passport check 2) biometric reading
as opposed to the inbound smart gate which are a 2 machines ( a koisk passport reader and a biometric gate) 2 steps process.

photo SQ222_03Nov15_5

Sydney Aiport is going through a major overhaul of the international terminal. It is still very much work in progress. The duty free area has been moved back which gives the passenger a larger area to recompose after the stress of security. Happy passenger will shop more, more so that if airport put the duty free right in their face! Some studies actually demonstrate that.

photo SQ222_03Nov15_4photo SQ222_03Nov15_6photo SQ222_03Nov15_7

Artistic posters to hide the construction depicts cities served from Sydney

photo SQ222_03Nov15_88

Convenient recharging station. Is that Jean-Paul Gaultier ? Bet that guy is French. Mind you, he was!!!!!

photo SQ222_03Nov15_8

Walking towards Pier C

photo SQ222_03Nov15_9

Plane spotting

Qantas vintage truck !

photo SQ222_03Nov15_84

My plane
photo SQ222_03Nov15_79photo SQ222_03Nov15_80photo SQ222_03Nov15_81

Jetstar A320-200 parked at the Domestic Terminal (T2)

VH-OEH just arrived from Johannesburg. Long live the Queen of the sky and I am not looking forward to seeing her disappearing from the
commercial aviation landscape.
photo SQ222_03Nov15_91photo SQ222_03Nov15_93photo SQ222_03Nov15_95

BA 777 with wich we will race to SIN, a few minutes apart!

photo SQ222_03Nov15_92

United 777-200 seen from the Lounge
photo SQ222_03Nov15_96

Pier C occupied by Singapore Airlines

photo SQ222_03Nov15_10

The R&M William Shop

photo SQ222_03Nov15_94

The Singarore Airlines Lounge

A small area of the lounge is made of little pod which are very similar to the business class seat! Clever!

photo SQ222_03Nov15_17

Time to board

photo SQ222_03Nov15_18

The new seat - latest generation - A little smaller than the ones found on the A380 but more functional space. This seat does recline further than the one on the A380 however it does not recline all the way to a flat position. See further down the report for the flat bed position.

Details of the various practical features

Leg space on an angle

photo SQ222_03Nov15_27

The cabin

photo SQ222_03Nov15_102photo SQ222_03Nov15_103photo SQ222_03Nov15_106

Amenities - very basic, but just what I need.

photo SQ222_03Nov15_51

Bathroom - Convenient mixer to regulate warm and cold water

photo SQ222_03Nov15_52

Pretty cool to have two windows

Ready to go - just checking on Flight Radar 24!

photo SQ222_03Nov15_34photo SQ222_03Nov15_78

Taxiing to the active runway - That Air Canada 777-200 looks very much AOG ! Not going anywhere
photo SQ222_03Nov15_105

Take off video:

Panasonic eX3 Inflight Entertainment System : very intuitive interface, similar to what your find with smart phone or tablet. However I find the remote does not work very well (too sensitive or not enough!)

The coolest feature is the possiblity to watch the moving map and the airshow on the remote while watching a movie on the main screen1
See Vincent Kassel and Francois Cluzet in action !

photo SQ222_03Nov15_58

Video demonstration of the IFE

The movie selection is very comprehensive on Singapore Airlines. Most likely they offer the widest selection of French and Foreign movies.

photo IMG_3840photo IMG_3841

Now dinner. I have order my meal on line (cook to order). My selection is seafood thermidor. This is the second time I order that dish and it is just delicious.
See what's on offer. Very broad selection of beverage including soft drinks, coffee and tea. Apologies for the up side down pictures but I can't seem to rotate them!

The dinner: Entree, Main, Desert and Cheese - No wine as I never drink when I fly.

Sunset over Northern Australia

photo SQ222_03Nov15_54

Although this is a day flight I decide to install the bed to try it. To do so the passenger needs to get up and fold the back seat by pushing it forward.
The position is comfortable although my feet are placed in an angle.
photo SQ222_03Nov15_55

Prior to landing we are served refreshment (fried rice)
photo SQ222_03Nov15_56

Arrival at Changi Airport

photo SQ222_03Nov15_59photo SQ222_03Nov15_60

Customs Hall - Never many people, cleared customs within one minute!

photo SQ222_03Nov15_61photo SQ222_03Nov15_62

Baggage Claim area
photo SQ222_03Nov15_64photo SQ222_03Nov15_65photo SQ222_03Nov15_67

Our flight is code shared by at least 5 other airlines, which means I have to wait for 30 seconds before the SQ22 flight is shown…
photo SQ222_03Nov15_63

Bonus photo: The tray of the premium economy dinner serve on board the A380 return service back to Sydney.

photo SQ222_03Nov15_77

Other bonus photos:

Departure Flight Board: Codeshared flights are giving Airport nightmares….
photo SQ222_03Nov15_76

View from the Jen Orchard Gateway Hotel, right in the heart of Orchard Road

photo SQ222_03Nov15_68photo SQ222_03Nov15_70

Xmas decorations on Orchard Road
photo SQ222_03Nov15_69

View from my friend's place on Bayshore Rd, not far from Changi. The haze was gone that day, yet for a Sydneysider this looks hazy enough…
photo SQ222_03Nov15_72

He has a great sense of hospitality. Saucisson anyone ?
photo SQ222_03Nov15_73

Would you rather go to this restaurant ?
photo SQ222_03Nov15_75

Or perhaps here, at the Raffles ?
photo SQ222_03Nov15_74

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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Singapore Airlines Silverkris Lounge - Business


Sydney - SYD


Singapore - SIN



Another great flight with Singapore Airlines. The staff is consistently attentive, the hard product is great (despite the IFE remote that needs improvement. The new seat is more comfortable that the first generation ones found on the A380. There is plenty of storage, including a large storage area for my camera, where laptop or iPad could easily fit. The cabin still has this sense of space and privacy.
I had a good experience of the premium economy product on the A380 on my way back to SYD. SQ have a great product there, which not only matches that of Qantas, but better it. Sadly I did not have the opportunity to take photo to make a report.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Singapore Airlines avec 8.6/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 8 heures et 23 minutes.

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    NGO85 GOLD 1873 Comments
    Christmas wreaths already up at the check-in counters, Australians are worse than Americans…

    That’s convenient that your plane was leaving from Italian Bite.

    “as I never drink when I fly..”
    - Good idea, that way you never have to use the lavatory either.

    Sarcastic comments out of the way :), thanks for sharing this first peek at the new SQ cabin. It looks like a solid product with plenty of privacy and storage space. I’ve never really liked how you have to sleep at and angle, but I guess that is a sacrifice they have to make. Still setting the bar for J products.

    Did I miss something or is there no salmon on your starter? The tray free service on SQ is always nice to see with well-plated dishes. I guess something other than an entrée would have been nicer to see on arrival since that is at a quasi dinnertime.

    Fantastic spotting at SYD.
    • Comment 328548 by
      flywunala AUTHOR 155 Comments
      Thank you NGO85 for your sharp comments.not drinking is Australian colloqualism for not drinking alchool. I thinkI have been living in Australia way too long lol ! I don't recall salmon in the starter either....
    • Comment 328560 by
      NGO85 GOLD 1873 Comments
      I was just being obnoxious with the literal meaning :) That saying has the exact same connotation in American English.

      I'm glad I was finally able to pick out a mistake in SQ's catering with my eagle eye.

      See you on the next series :)
    • Comment 328623 by
      flywunala AUTHOR 155 Comments
      not obnoxious, just cheeky. Yes next series is a trip to NZ, when I get a chance to get around to do it!

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