Review of Singapore Airlines flight Sydney Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ232
Class Business
Seat 20K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 08:05
Take-off 15 Jun 15, 11:55
Arrival at 15 Jun 15, 18:00
SQ   #3 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 632 reviews
By 7812
Published on 22nd June 2015
This flight report covers a very classic Sydney to Singapore trip that I usually undertake a couple of times each year for work. My carrier of choice is Singapore Airlines, for many reasons:

- Quality, consistency of service
- Privacy of the J class cabin and comfort of the seat
- High quality of the catering (Book the cook for instance)
- Very broad choice of IFE including the best selection of French movies in the industry
- Frequent Flyer program
- Convenient schedule and high frequency (4 daily flights)
- A very young fleet

I did hesitate before taking the time to take photos and write this report because it is a classic service, and Singapore Airlines flight reports have been reported many times. However it is such an enjoyable experience, I think it is worth sharing it. SQ232 SYD-SIN is a dream flight. It is operated by a SQ A380. It is a day flight and you can fully enjoy the Singapore Airlines inflight legendary experience and hospitality during approximately 8 hours flight time of sheer pleasure and bliss.

A380-841 9V-SKG SQ232 15 -Jun -15 SYD/SIN 20K BUS This Fight Report
A380-841 9V-SKD SQ221 17 -Jun -15 SIN/SYD 24K BUS No report (night flight spent sleeping) - however I am using some photos from that sector in the report.

Following these two sectors, I have now flown on the first 11 Singapore Airlines A380 (from 9V-SKA to 9V-SKK) against a total of 19 A380s in its fleet. In total I have now flown 21 sectors on the Singapore Airlines A380 (SYD/SIN or SIN/SYD exclusively) fleet


As usual it is very smooth and there is never any queue or crowd at the SQ counters. I had done my check-in online 2 days before because the check-in is open 48 hours before the flight. I am not checking any luggage but I still need to check-in again at the counter to get a card board boarding card and have my passport checked. Soon with the automated border control eGate I should be able to go straight to Immigration, thus by-passing the check-in counter.

There is further photos of the terminal as it is under renovation. Please check my other reports for photos.

After a very fruitful plane spotting, I make my way to the Singapore Airlines Kris Lounge. Very pleasant experience. The food is nice, and the ambience very warm. They have replicated the pod shape of the inflight seat, which I find very clever. There is a very nice view on the tarmac.

See I am an official plane spotter! This is in fact the sticker I got for accessing the terrace at the newly built Rydges Hotel, which is facing the terminal and offers a great view over the airport.
photo 9

It is a quick walk to the gate, we board on time. Again it is a very smooth experience.
photo 11

A first long aerobridge segregate premium passengers from economy and takes the passenger closer to the aircraft
photo 12photo 16photo 17

Then a second aerobridge takes the business class passengers (and some economy) to the upper deck of the aircraft.

Unfortunately although we board and close all doors on time, ATC is not cooperative and we take off 45 min after scheduled departure time. This is not peak time and there isn't much traffic about…go figure!
photo Flightradar

Video of the take off.

This is the cabin and the seat. Very comfortable and private. Other passengers are completely invisible. The best seats are A and K (window with an aisle…) as the cabin is in a 1 x 2 x 1 configuration.

The seat can be transformed in a fully flat horizontal bed, which is very comfortable (no pic, sorry). However you need to get up and push the back of the seat forward. The crew is usually very helpful to do that for the passenger.

Some useful feature of the seat: the Do not disturb sign. Very convenient for the return SIN-SYD when one wants to sleep as long as possible, and be woken just before landing (the short flight time on the return leg (6 hours at times) does not allow for a very long sleep).

photo C28photo c24

Locker just under the window, just as the upper deck of the 747. Very convenient to rest your feet on it when stretching!
photo c5

Light and socket for headphone, available on both sides of the seat
photo c6

There is no amenity bag as such, as this is a day flight. The crew simply distribute an eye shade and socks. But it is all you need really. The passenger can find tooth brush and shaving kit in the toilet. No sure why airlines still pack amenity bags with cosmetic that you simply never need and use!
photo C26

C'est l'heure de l'appero! time for pre-lunch drinks. I am a little surprise to see the crew pouring the Taittinger bubbles in a standard water glass……
photo Catering_8058

Santé / Cheers!
photo Catering_1549

Menus and Wine list:

Lunch is served. I have 'booked the cook and order Salmon, which happens to be delicious! The entrée (prawns) is the same as all the other passengers. The mango sorbet is to die for (had second!).

Approaching SIN..there is always a lot of tropical clouds…
photo C25

Before the descent to Singapore we are served with a light meal. My choice is the Nasi Lemak. Just delicious too!
photo Catering_1577

For the return flight to Sydney I booked the cook again and order the sushi. That was nice too!
photo Catering_1622photo Catering_1624

The Western Australian Coast near Derby. The most amazing part of Australia
photo C27

KrisWorld IFE. The interface is pleasant and intuitive but I find it hard to navigate at times as the remote is not very responsibe
photo IFE7photo IFE6

There is a wide range of great movies to chose from, and I find Singapore Airlines has the best French movie selection of all airlines.

photo Catering_1614photo Catering_1615photo Catering_8151

The Airshow / Moving Map is classic. funny enough there is no icon representing the plane.

Bathroom. Like the lights around the mirror, just like in the theatre artist lodge
photo c22

Plane spotting in Sydney:
Queen of the skies Qantas (ex Asiana) 747-48E VH-OEB getting ready for the long Jo'Burg flight. See the captain thumb up….! pretty coo. I have sent the picture to Qantas, they said they would forward it to the skipper!
photo IMG_7918
Isn't she beautiful
photo PlanespottingSyd_7983

Air Canada 777 preparing for the long Pacific Ocean crossing to Vancouver. Can you spot Qantas 737 retro roo ?
photo PlanespottingSyd_8001

A SQ 777-300 landing from SIN. Best looking airplane in the sky these days
photo PlanespottingSyd_7979

China Eastern A330 in Sky Team livery landing
photo PlanespottingSyd_7873

LAN 787 preparing to fly to AKL on her way to SCL
photo PlanespottingSyd_7941 (1)

Etihad 777 in a very hazy Sydney morning….looks like we are in the Middle East
photo planespottingSYD_8043

My plane, being towed to the gate
photo PlanespottingSyd_7897

Scot 787 and that SQ 777-300 you just saw landing
photo c20photo c21

One of the Sydney plane spotter preferred spot. Good to be on the other side of the lenses for a change!
photo planespottingSYD_8048

Our A380 at the gate in SIN. It is always overcast in SIN….:-)
photo Changi_8071photo Changi_8072

Reflection on my plane…
photo Changi_8070

Terminal 3. One of the most specious terminal in the world…there is a great sense of space and quietness
photo Changi_8074photo Changi_8075

Imigration hall. Always empty….it takes 2 min to clear customs.
photo Changi_8076

Baggage claim area. Never applies to me as I rarely check luggage in when traveling to SIN
photo Changi_8077

Plane spotting at Changi, before my return flight. Very difficult place to take good pictures. Had never heard of Regent before…
photo PlanespottingSIN_8154photo PlanespottingSIN_8160

Bonus. I stayed at the Jen Orchard Gateway Hotel. A very funky boutique hotel. Highly recommended for your next stay in SIN, right on Orchard Road.
Top bar and pool, with view over Marina Bay Sands
photo BOnus2

Very handy shelf to place your mobile phone when you need to go….
photo Bonus3

Cordless Phone! Heaven! how many times have you fought with the cord of the phone handset ??? And a very simple and classic alarm clock for which you do not need to be a rocket scientist to set up!!!!! And the alarm (usually set up by the previous customer) does not go off in the middle of the nights!!!!
photo Bonus1
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Cabin crew9.0

Singapore Airlines Silverkris Lounge - Business


Sydney - SYD


Singapore - SIN



I did hesitate before deciding to take photos and write this report because it is a classic service and Singapore Airlines flight have been covered many times by reports. However it is such an enjoyable experience, I thought it is worth sharing it.

SQ232 SYD-SIN is a dream flight. It is operated by a SQ A380. It is a day flight and you can fully enjoy the Singapore Airlines inflight legendary experience and hospitality during approximately 8 hours flight time of sheer pleasure and bliss.
The crew is attentive and provide an impeccable service, however the SQ girls tend to act a bit like robots...There is now a large number of male crew as well.

I will take Singapore Airlines Business Class over British Airways First class any day (BA also serves SYD/SIN)! Trust me I have experienced both and would not hesitate!

SYD Airport is under renovation, but all things considered, and by world standard, it is not a bad airport. With my express card I managed to avoid the large crowd and go through immigration and security relatively quickly.

ATC were not cooperative and blew our ontime departure by 45 min !!!!!. We landed with only 20 min delay in SIN though.

SIN Airport is one of the best (if not the best) airport in the world and passenger most of the time enjoye their best experience ever. Processes are smooth too and it is not unusual to get to your downtown hotel 45 min after touchdown!

Very much looking forward to sampling the new business class product, already available on the 777-300 including one of the 4 daily Sydney/Singapore flights.

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