Review of Thai Airways flight Bangkok Singapore in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG 401
Class Economy
Seat 60K
Aircraft Boeing 777-200
Flight time 02:15
Take-off 19 Jul 15, 19:40
Arrival at 19 Jul 15, 22:55
TG   #9 out of 137 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 353 reviews
By GOLD 2836
Published on 25th July 2015
View from my room at the 29th storey.

photo 19936643472_fc1283ed1c_b

More feasting.

photo 19944289345_0bb3a154ae_b

photo 19949411931_a449630601_b

photo 19757586159_16b6b49d36_b

photo 19757581809_2734ffa905_b

photo 19936638802_5361c49046_b

photo 19756238370_bc92e2afd8_b

A bit of Japanese…

photo 19756236688_31e82a67c7_b

photo 19757584149_4e8b5cfed0_b

photo 19321625674_d36c0919f6_b

And ending with sweet desserts from After You café.

photo 19949414101_e749d52e4d_b

photo 19936643882_acb6c1d831_b

Time to fly home after the short weekend getaway. Reached Suvanarbhumi 1.5hrs before departure. TG's check-in desks at the airport were largely empty, even though the flight back would be totally full.

photo 19936636182_824f216e05_b

Having done online check-in, I just dropped my baggage and got my boarding pass within a couple of minutes.

photo 19756235510_af924800b8_b

Departure gate was at C9, which was quite a hike through the massive terminal.

photo 19756235560_d4688ddbf4_b

HS-TJC in the heavy thunderstorm. Boarding was slightly delayed due to the storm which halted ground operations.

photo 19757578869_51b9c05891_b

19 July 2015
Thai Airways International
TG 401
Bangkok (BKK) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class

Soon, boarding started, again in an orderly manner. HS-TJC, which is a retrofitted B777-200, would be flying us back to Singapore this evening, with an overnight stop in Singapore and operating the first flight out the next morning.

Colourful recaro economy seats.

photo 19944280505_be7fd3c750_b

The aircraft was retrofitted with personal IFE screens in economy. Even though the aircraft is almost 19yrs of age, the cabin was still clean and well-maintained. No falling apart seats or cabin fittings to be seen.

photo 19949403561_bed17d5503_b

Still raining outside.

photo 19756213850_c71cf1bd48_b

The usual pillow and headsets were on the seats. Requested for blankets from the friendly crew as the cabin was freezing cold. Also learnt that the crew would be night-stopping in SIN and operating the 2nd flight out from SIN the next day at noon. So TG overnights 2 sets of its crew in SIN every day!

photo 19323273253_735ce6c144_b

Again, seat pitch was very reasonable, but the IFE box takes up half the legroom at the window seats.

photo 19936630822_f88a8004bd_b

Handset of a generation back. Similar to those found on SQ's retrofitted aircraft as well.

photo 19321613834_32eaab2cc2_b

Safety card, Rest of the inflight magazines were similar to the previous flight.

photo 19323271393_3c381f81f9_b

TG's fleet.

photo 19936628622_b4f3bfd247_b

Pushed back slightly behind schedule due to the bad weather delaying the loading of cargo. Flight time of 1h50m. Safety video played.

photo 19323269133_d087750cc3_b

Taxi and takeoff from Rwy19L. Cool that this aircraft is fitted with a nose camera!

Bangkok night lights.

photo 19949380921_2ed5004e08_b

Have a look at the dinner menu on the IFE system.

photo 19949398191_18d501785c_b

photo 19756227060_0ac91239d4_b

photo 19918015386_534204583e_b

Browsing through the movies menu for a film to watch. Similarly, there was no need to use the handsets as the monitors are touch-screen, though not as sensitive as the newer generation monitors.

photo 19936624892_544c7a3e51_b

Settled for an animation comedy Home for this short flight.

photo 19918014286_cf8d9a4f21_b

Meal service soon started and again, service by the crew was friendly and very efficient. I counted at least 8 crew working in economy class!

photo 19756223300_36b6ac9024_b

The fried snapper choice on the menu sounded very appetising, but unfortunately the crew ran out of the choice when they reached my row (I was seated near the rear and service started from the front). No choice but to settle for the chicken in garlic sauce instead, but the crew did apologised.

Meal tray. On this flight, a full-sized tray is used, along with metal cutlery, but no pot of water on the tray.

photo 19321609334_300896766b_b

Main course unveiled. Also had a can of Coke Zero to go with the meal.

photo 19949393841_4bc37e1c51_b

Tuna pasta starter and blueberry mousse dessert.

photo 19756222750_aeb536cfca_b

Chicken with garlic sauce, steamed rice and French beans with garlic. Portion of meat was very generous and taste was acceptable, but would have preferred a spicy thai dish instead. Guess the other choice would have tasted even much better.

photo 19321605554_3b30ae759b_b

Enjoying the dessert.

photo 19949390991_ebda5b2784_b

Having a cup of hot tea to end the meal. Even though there were bouts of turbulence, the seatbelt signs never came on and hot beverages were still offered. The only time when the seatbelt signs were switched on for about 10min was during a period of quite bad turbulence and service was suspended.

photo 19757564869_5bac1ee021_b

Continued with the movie along with my drink.

photo 19756219430_1807666e65_b

Visited the lavatory just when descend started. On the B772, the lavatory is definitely nowhere as nice as on the B773ER.

photo 19757561629_c9833332a7_b

Cabin shot.

photo 19949390951_6067e036b8_b

Seat view.

photo 19321601204_f51ef463b1_b

Approaching Singapore.

photo 19936616982_ca4bf59c68_b

A Singapore Customs arrival video was shown. Don't remember this being shown on arriving SQ flights into SIN.

photo 19936614792_322d71bc11_b

Approaching Singapore Changi Rwy 20R.

photo 19321594574_c9af965272_b

Switched to camera view to have a pilot's view of the landing.

photo 19918002446_cd2c7de1d6_b

Landed a few minutes behind schedule and taxied to the gate.

Disembarking and passing the old business class cabin. Seats seemed much more spacious even though it is of the older generation inclined-flat. Not sure of the comfort though.

photo 19944263185_5782fdcb08_b

Thanks for the ride, HS-TJC!

photo 19756209368_99f1d18fbe_b

Thanks for reading and comments are welcomed!
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Again, a pleasant short flight on TG. TG does have the potential to be a 5-stars carrier. It just need the proper management to help it achieve the status. However, TG shall still remain as my favourite carrier on the SIN-BKK route.

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