Review of Qatar Airways flight Stockholm Doha in Economy

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR168
Class Economy
Seat 11K
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 06:00
Take-off 27 Jul 15, 16:10
Arrival at 27 Jul 15, 23:10
QR   #8 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 626 reviews
Rl 777
By 5948
Published on 17th August 2015
Welcome to a new series of flight reports! This series will cover my recent family trip to Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia!


I apologize for the cancellation of the previous series covering my trip to Bangladesh. The series was cancelled due to lack of sufficient amount of pictures to make complete reports. I wasn't aware of flight-report at that time which is the reason of the lack of pictures.


My father had always wanted to visit Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore ever since he lived in Bangladesh (approximately 30 years ago). He had many plans for this trip before but it never happened. This year, he told me he would make sure he'd visit these countries after more than 30 years of waiting. The trip would take place during my summer holidays (June-August). The plan was to visit Thailand first, followed by Malaysia and finally Singapore. Soon we started looking at fares and QR was by far the cheapest option. EK was the second cheapest option but the price difference was greater than USD 760. We waited a while for the fares to drop but that never happened, which meant QR would be our airline of choice. The itinerary was as follow, ARN-DOH-BKK and SIN-DOH-ARN. I made sure we booked the A380 flight on the DOH-BKK sector, which was QR836. The return flight from Singapore to Doha would be operated by an A350-900 which I was very excited about! The regional flights between these countries were booked later, and turned out to be DMK-KUL on Air Asia and KUL-SIN on Singapore Airlines.

Some shots are taken with my phone and some are taken with my camera.

This FR might be long!

Part 1 - ARN-DOH (QR168 Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner A7-BCT) You are here
Part 2 - DOH-BKK (QR836 Qatar Airways Airbus A380-861 A7-APB)
Part 3 - DMK-KUL (AK891 Air Asia Airbus A320-216 9M-AFI Semangat Harimau Muda livery)
Part 4 - KUL-SIN (SQ107 Singapore Airlines Airbus A330-343 9V-STG)
Part 5 - SIN-DOH (QR945 Qatar Airways Airbus A350-941 A7-ALD)
Part 6 - DOH-ARN (QR171 Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner A7-BCM)

Loading up the bags in our car at 12:50 local time, we had a total of four bags. Two small-sized handbags and two medium-sized bags.
photo rsz_20150727_124750

Entering the E4 motorway towards Arlanda Airport.
photo rsz_20150727_125331photo rsz_20150727_125635photo rsz_20150727_130004

Closing in on Arlanda.
photo rsz_20150727_130534

Taking the exit to Arlanda.
photo rsz_20150727_130546

The trip from our home to Arlanda Airport takes approximately 20-25 minutes.
photo rsz_20150727_130645

We parked our car at the BETA long-term parking.
photo rsz_20150727_130825

There weren't many spots available at first glance but we managed to find one in a few minutes.
photo rsz_20150727_130946

There are free yellow shuttle buses that take you from the car park to the various Terminals and some other places around Arlanda Airport. Here's one of the bus stations located around the car park.
photo rsz_20150727_131435

On our way to Terminal 5.
photo rsz_20150727_132640photo rsz_20150727_132644

We arrived at Terminal 5 in about 7 minutes.
photo rsz_20150727_132858photo rsz_20150727_133030

Our check-in was made the night before online so we lined up at the bag drop line. The normal check-in line was almost empty at this time.
photo rsz_20150727_133220photo rsz_20150727_133225

The Qatar Airways check-in desks.
photo rsz_20150727_134018photo rsz_20150727_134150

My family made our way to security shortly after we left our bags.
photo rsz_20150727_134435

SAS bag-drop desks, left our bags here when I flew with Lufthansa.
photo rsz_20150727_135424

Security was efficient as usual.
photo rsz_20150727_135754

Duty-free shopping after clearing security.
photo rsz_20150727_140319photo rsz_20150727_140321

Time for some spotting shots from Arlanda Airport! Here's a Thai B77W getting ready for a flight to BKK.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0013

A few more shots of this TG B77W.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0010photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0006photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0012

Your usual SAS B736 at Arlanda.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0008

More SAS action.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0015

Norwegian B738 taxiing.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0020

Articulated bus.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0021

Novair A321 arriving at T5.

TAP Portugal A320 arriving from Lisbon.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0040photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0045

SAS B738 taxiing to its gate at T5.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0052photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0055

SAS B738 (Star Alliance livery).
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0062

Airbaltic Q400 arriving from Riga.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0073

Lufthansa A321 completing flight LH2416 from Munich.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0078photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0080photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0083

Finnair A319 coming in from Helsinki.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0086

Icelandair B752 taxiing out for a departure to KEF.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0095

Thai Airways B77W pushback for BKK.

Taxiing out as TG961 heavy to Bangkok.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0134photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0135

Well, I guess that's it for the spotting! We walked towards our gate shortly after my spotting session. There is a passport control before entering the area with the gates.
photo rsz_20150727_141811photo rsz_20150727_144012

Let's have a light snack before going to the gate!
photo rsz_20150727_144324

Walking towards our gate.
photo rsz_20150727_144738

The assigned gate for this flight was gate F66. Boarding was scheduled to begin one hour prior to departure.
photo rsz_20150727_145034photo rsz_20150727_145202

Here's my ride to Doha! A Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner. Registered as A7-BCT, this frame was delivered in January earlier this year. This would be my third time flying on a 787.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0137photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0140

Boarding was scheduled to begin one hour before the STD (Scheduled time of departure).
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0146

A Norwegian 787-8 taxiing out for departure.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0152

Another Norwegian 787-8 taxiing to its gate.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0157photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0154

Boarding began 20 minutes late for business class passengers as well as Oneworld Emerald & Sapphire members. Economy passengers got to board at approximately 15:35.
photo rsz_20150727_153854photo rsz_20150727_153903

The IFE onboard this 787.
photo rsz_20150727_154149

The cabin was starting to fill up, economy load was estimated at 75% while business class was almost full (only about 2 empty seats).
photo rsz_20150727_154157

The seat pitch was decent, worked for me on this 6 hour flight.
photo rsz_20150727_154217

The handset.
photo rsz_20150727_154226

Wing view from seat 11K.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0164

Language selection.
photo rsz_20150727_154802

The GEnx engine.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0165photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0168photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0170

Here's a better shot of the IFE. This particular PTV offered a good amount of movies, tv-programs etc. The screen wasn't the best in terms of responsiveness but it worked if you paid attention. There was also a USB port which meant you could charge your mobile phone. There was also a power outlet behind every seat.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0172

The adjustable headrest.
photo rsz_20150727_155541

Refreshing towels were distributed after boarding was completed.
photo rsz_20150727_155747

Pushback was made at 16:09, 1 minute prior to our scheduled time of departure.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0177

TUIfly Nordic 767-300ER.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0179

Taxiing towards runway 26.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0180

SAS hangar.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0181photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0182

An old DC-8.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0183

Old MD-80 in Swedavia livery. Swedavia is the airport operator.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0184

There's a normal spotting location at Arlanda, usually for 26 arrivals and 08 departures. I spot there quite frequently.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0185

Takeoff from runway 26.

Climbing out of runway 26 with destination set as Doha.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0187photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0188photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0189

My good friend from Germany managed to track my flight! We departed at 16:32 as you can see on the screenshot. Thank you for tracking my flight (he'll probably read my FR).
photo IMG-20150727-WA0035

The headphones, already located in the seat pocket when we boarded the plane.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0190

I usually don't watch any movies or anything on planes. I like to listen to music and look out the window. One interesting thing I noticed is that they had a few more albums last year when I flew with them to DAC via DOH. However, they had a lot of fixed playlists with 'the best' songs of a particular year which wasn't available on last year's flight.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0192photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0194

Another legroom shot, I was around 5'10/178cm tall during this flight.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0200

The IFE box and my camera bag.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0201photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0202

I really like the 787 wingtip.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0203

Overhead bins.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0206

Charging my phone in the air.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0208

Screenshots from my friend, he was tracking the flight as I mentioned earlier.
photo IMG-20150727-WA0019photo IMG-20150727-WA0020photo IMG-20150727-WA0021

The first drink service began 30 minutes after departure, I went with water and OJ.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0209

Wi-Fi was available on this flight.
photo Screenshot_2015-07-27-17-15-19photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0211photo rsz_20150727_170817

You could control the PTV, play games, watch the map and a few more things on this controller.
photo rsz_20150727_170839

The Oryx in-flight magazine.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0212

QR is currently the world's best airline according to Skytrax.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0213

The windows on the 787 are dimmable as many of you probably already know. There are 5 different tones which can be set with a button below the window.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0214photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0215

Here's the button.

You may have noticed that the arrival time is set to 20:07, which is wrong as our scheduled time of arrival is 23:10. I think they might have forgot to change the time zone to UTC +3, as it was set to GMT (+0) on this flight.
photo rsz_20150727_171725

My sister didn't want her pineapple juice and offered to hand it to me so I had three drinks at my disposal.

I wanted to watch this Top Gear episode but decided to listen to music instead.
photo rsz_20150727_173452

It's pretty handy to watch the moving map on this controller while doing something else on the PTV.
photo rsz_20150727_174401photo rsz_20150727_174706photo rsz_20150727_174754

Really nice to have Stockholm on the list!
photo rsz_20150727_175259

And here comes the meal! The dinner service began 90 minutes after takeoff.
photo rsz_20150727_180339

There were two options for this dinner service, chicken or beef. I went with the chicken option. The meal consisted of chicken picadillo with pasta and beans in bbq sauce, a dessert, a salad and a bread bun. They had metal cutlery with this meal which is really nice! The main was great! The chicken pieces were really tasty and juicy, the pasta was also very testy. The beans were also very juicy with a lot of taste. Everything was perfectly cooked. Catering out of ARN is usually very good and this was no exception. It was probably one of the best airline meals I've ever had! The dessert was decent, a bit too sweet for my taste. The salad was very sour. Overall, a really well-rounded meal. I wish the portion of the main was larger, it was so good!
photo rsz_20150727_180706

Butter, cream cheese and a piece of Daim chocolate.
photo rsz_20150727_181249

The sour salad (had the same one last year on QR170 ARN-DOH).
photo rsz_20150727_181534

The dessert.
photo rsz_20150727_181825

Provided by my friend in Germany.

Sun is starting to go down.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0238photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0235photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0231

Haven't talked about the crew yet, which is a very important part of the flight experience. The flight attendants on this flight were friendly and did their job in an efficient way. A great crew overall.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0239photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0242

Some coffee after the meal.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0245

Made sure to visit the lavatory, here are some shots of it.

It started to get dark three hours after departure.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0257photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0260photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0263

Almost forgot to take a picture of the blanket, which was already located on our seats when we boarded.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0272photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0276

Shopping Extravaganza and Oryx in-flight magazine.
photo rsz_20150727_195905

The Qatar Airways fleet.
photo rsz_20150727_200212photo rsz_20150727_201201

It got completely dark 3,5h after takeoff. I could only see the wing whenever the anti-collision beacon lights were flashing.

Qatar Airways destination map.

The crew came with a snack basket 1 hour and 30 minutes prior to arrival. I just grabbed a bag of chips/crisps.
photo rsz_20150727_204252

This was followed by a drink service, I chose water.
photo rsz_20150727_205147photo rsz_20150727_210830

Information of our arrival into Doha.
photo rsz_20150727_221109photo rsz_20150727_221115

Soon we started our descent into Doha-Hamad International Airport and landed on runway 34R.

Picture by my friend.
photo IMG-20150727-WA0033

Vacating runway 34R.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0300

Picture by my friend.
photo IMG-20150727-WA0034photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0304photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0307

Qatar Qargo A330-200F.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0309

The flight deck of the 787! I was allowed to enter the cockpit upon request. I'm a very shy person and never ask things like this so it felt very special to me!
photo rsz_20150727_223091

Disembarking by stairs.
photo rsz_20150727_223097photo rsz_20150727_223101

We were taken by buses to the terminal.
photo rsz_20150727_223107photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0315photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0316

Emirates A330-200.

photo rsz_20150727_223622

Security was very efficient.
photo rsz_20150727_223719photo rsz_20150727_223947

My next flight would be QR836 to Bangkok onboard an A380, I guess that's it for this FR :).
photo rsz_20150727_224720

Hope you enjoyed this FR!


Can't comment on access and parking at DOH, just left a 7,5.

See more


Qatar Airways

Cabin crew8.5

Stockholm - ARN


Doha - DOH



Overall, this was a great flight with Qatar Airways! The summary is down below.

Cabin comfort - Legroom was enough for me on this flight, the seat width might be an issue for many people. The seats are quite close to each other. I was seated next to my mom so it wasn't a huge issue for me. A decent but slightly cramped cabin overall.

Crew - A great crew that did their job efficiently with many smiles.

Meal and catering - Amazing food with a lot of taste and perfectly cooked.

Entertainment - Modern PTVs behind every seat with USB ports. They offered a good amount of movies, programs etc. The responsiveness of the screen could be better though.

On-time performance - Departed 22 minutes late and landed 2 minutes late. We lost even more time as we were taken by buses to the terminal. We had plenty of time for our next flight so this wasn't an issue for me, it might have been an issue for some other passengers.

Information on the route Stockholm (ARN) Doha (DOH)

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Qatar Airways avec 8.3/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 5 heures et 57 minutes.

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  • Comment 144122 by
    martin1405 36 Comments
    Great flight report!

    Your report was detailed, so it felt like I'm 'in' the plane and I really liked it. Can't wait to read your other flight reports! :)
  • Comment 144125 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6859 Comments
    Thanks for another beautiful and detailed report! Nice shot of the FI bird; it's my favorite livery. QR seems to consistently get high marks in Economy. Based on what I've seen in this report and others, if I had a choice between a 787 and A350 on QR, I would chose the A350 for the better seat width, otherwise it's a very similar product. Tack!
    • Comment 323099 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 802 Comments
      Thank you for your nice comment :). Really appreciate it!

      Thanks! It's indeed a nice livery.

      After flying on both I can clearly say the A350 is much more comfortable with a nicer hard product, not only seat width but seat pitch is also much better on their A350! The 787 is pretty okay but the A350 is a more comfortable ride :).
  • Comment 144440 by
    NGO85 SILVER 2002 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this report with us!

    Great spotting at ARN, planes always look great on sunny days. Novair is a new one for me!

    Cabin looks good visually. Seat pitch looks acceptable, but the entertainment box is a letdown! The IFE looks really good.

    The portion size of the QR meals do look to be on the smaller size, but it sounds like the taste was good! I've noticed this in other reports, but the tray that the main comes in does not look very large. The snack basket before arrival is also a bit lacking, I would expect an actual snack (sandwich) on a flight of this length, but I guess they can get away with it given the time that flight departs/lands.

    You are lucky about the cockpit picture, last time I asked on EY, I was denied photography. They didn't want any photo evidence that they allowed someone in the cockpit for legal reasons.

    Sounds like an overall good experience with QR, looking forward to the rest of the series!
    • Comment 323444 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 802 Comments
      Thank you for your nice comment!

      Thank you! Glad you learned something new from my FR :).

      The cabin was pretty clean and fresh as it was a fairly new bird, even though it was slightly cramped. I found the seat pitch on this 787 to be similar to many A330s I've flown on, which means it was okay. The IFE box was indeed a disappointment, especially that it's found on a plane like this.

      The portion was my only real complaint of this meal, the meal would've got a 10 if the portion of the main was larger. I had also expected a snack like a sandwich as the pre-arrival snack but was disappointed to know we would only get chips/crisps or a few chocolate bars, at least it was better than last year where we received nothing as a pre-arrival snack.

      Tbh I never expected them to say yes when I asked them about the picture. However, both the pilots said it was completely fine to my surprise.

      Can't wait to share the other flights with you guys!

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    This is a good trip report . I am a collector of boardingpass . If you have the boarding pass online in pdf and appreciate you want to send me by mail a copy of this route because I will not be able to get because whenever my departure airport is madrid.
    Regards. thank you and apologize for any inconvenience
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