Review of Qatar Airways flight London Doha in Economy

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR 2
Class Economy
Seat 47A
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 06:55
Take-off 10 Aug 15, 21:30
Arrival at 11 Aug 15, 06:25
QR   #1 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 554 reviews
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Published on 19th August 2015
Marketing @ Portobello




Afternoon visit to Hitchin Lavender farm, an hour's drive north of London central.



And now for the foodies!

Loved the Classic Breakfast at Liz's Café, across from my hotel.

Tasty quiche from Liz's Café.


Breakfast at The Muffin Man at Kensington.

Their scones with clotted cream and jam is simply divine!


Excellent fish n chips at a non-touristy chain, Kerbisher & Malt.


Going healthy once a while.

And the Battle of the London Roast Ducks!

Four Seasons @ Bayswater



Goldmine @ Bayswater


Verdict? Goldmine wins! Preferred the roast duck at Goldmine as it is slightly more tender, more meaty, tastier sauce and of course slightly cheaper as well!

5 nights in London ended within a blink of an eye and I am on my way back to Singapore via Doha. Departure was from Terminal 4 and after a horribly long wait for tax refund, I checked in at the near empty counters of QR. The whole stretch of Row A was dedicated to QR and I guessed there must be at least 14 counters opened for our A380 flight and the slightly later all-J A319 flight.

photo 20471307460_43d957e2f3_b

Boarding pass.

photo 20472571229_b4fb02e12d_b

Departures for the evening.

photo 20659311495_06dc37851d_b

Security was not too long this evening and soon we were at the departure hall with the usual duty-free shopping.

photo 20036744834_b82dc58c09_b

At the gate holding area, with most passengers being from our QR flight.

photo 20633050016_2612f7a3d1_b

MH A380 being towed into the gate for its flight to KUL.

photo 20472569069_2a4ebb213d_b

Departing from Gate 5.

photo 20472568669_5dc555ed7f_b

10 August 2015
Qatar Airways
QR 2
London Heathrow (LHR) - Doha (DOH)
Economy Class

QR's newest A380 aircraft, which is barely 2 months old, would be operating the flight. Always nice to get a brand new aircraft.

photo 20038362583_02d7726905_b

Boarding commenced almost an hour before scheduled departure time. Boarding was orderly again. Entered the aircraft via door 1 as I was seated right at the front cabin. QR configures its A380 with a dense Economy layout, having the entire lower deck and a small section of upper deck configured with 461 Economy seats. Combined with 8F and 48J, there is a total of 517 seats onboard this whale!

Stairways to Heaven. Unfortunately, I would not be going up this evening.

photo 20471287170_57159c3434_b

Pillow, blanket an amenity kit already placed on each seat.

photo 20471300828_e3736a0fcf_b

At first glance, the seats on the A380 looked similar to the ones on the A350. However, upon sitting on it, it is slightly noticeable that the seat has a slightly smaller frame and width, slight lower height of the seat back, about half to an inch less pitch and also a slightly smaller IFE monitor. Aisle seats also have a small IFE box that takes up a small portion of the legroom. However, it was still perfectly acceptable and comfortable for economy seats.

photo 20036741044_274532588e_b

photo 20665996911_c2f71027e9_b

Boarding in progress. Reddish mood lightings were turned on throughout the boarding process and first meal service.

photo 20471301870_0744f8ed70_b

Unlike the A350 with 3 different camera views, the A380 is only fitted with the tailcam view. Resolution is also not as clear as on the A350.

photo 20471300620_1aba7b6bb1_b

Amenity kit for the overnight flight and headphones.

photo 20472566839_c38ca2f8af_b

Amenity kit is well stocked, with socks, toothbrush set, ear plugs and eyeshades.

photo 20038359333_2954f5bccd_b

August issue of the inflight magazine and safety card. Pics were taken from later inflight.

photo 20633026226_0b80bccb04_b

photo 20471280108_12a53db3af_b

Flight was totally full again, at least in economy. Boarding was completed by 2120hrs for our 2130hrs departure. However due to congestion of airspace, the captain informed that we could expect a 20min delay in pushback. However flight time would only be a short 6h15m. Continued with my unfinished movie from the previous flight in the meantime.

photo 20038357543_30eb2a0031_b

Finally pushed back with the safety video played.

photo 20036736934_853a7c0f6e_b

MH A380 being prepped for departure.

photo 20038357373_cac4afceb8_b

We made a really slow and lengthy taxi to Rwy27R, following an Etihad A380. Passing a Kuwait Airways Govt B744! Guess either Kuwaiti government officials or royal family were in London at the moment.

photo 20471296478_b695cfa1dd_b

Passed by the new Terminal 2, with an SQ A380 pushing back and taxi for departure as well. The SQ A380 eventually departed a slot ahead of us even though it was scheduled for a 25min later departure than our flight.

photo 20036719284_017a272edb_b

Finally after a delay of almost 40min, we took off from Rwy27R, bound for Doha. As expected, the A380 was really quiet, especially when seated ahead of the engines.

Lights over London.

photo 20471274578_fdb5b42bb9_b

Seatbelt signs switched off and dinner was being prepared. As this was a late departure, a beverage run was not conducted so as to speed up the meal service. As usual, the menu was cycled twice on screen. This time, they got the menu correct (which was the wrong menu shown on the DOH-LHR sector).

photo 20472561909_77b334de63_b

photo 20038355013_a528c18408_b

photo 20633041226_4bbf4c57e6_b

In the mean time, I started on another movie The Cobbler, which I felt was a rather boring show…

photo 20471294498_69a22581cb_b

Dinner service in progress. Crew as usual were polite, professional and efficient.

photo 20038354413_41aa6669e6_b

Meal tray. I had a mango juice to go along.

photo 20036732714_96cb7fe326_b

photo 20471291670_a954d804b1_b

Starter of sun blushed tomato, red onions, spinach and orzo pasta salad, and Chocolate and cherry delice for dessert. Both the starter and dessert were delicious!

photo 20471292818_992ff2f1ea_b

I has the Braised beef in pizzaiola sauce, sautéed onions, potatoes and broccoli. Very tender and flavourful beef cubes! Wished portion could be larger.

photo 20471291908_7687b497a9_b

Roll with butter, cheese and a Valrhona chocolate.

photo 20665989331_968b5e19ca_b

Nice salt/pepper package and metal cutlery.

photo 20471290360_40ac5171b6_b

photo 20650086752_65651f5c9f_b

The Chicken picadillo and pasta option was very tasty as well!

photo 20665986891_bd92b2e2e8_b

Economy lavatory of the A380. Rather nicely appointed.

photo 20036727454_478e05b16d_b

Midflight, snacks of chips and chocolate bars, and drinks were offered.

photo 20471284710_1f58e2a448_b

A couple more hours to go.

photo 20036726174_851ecfa75c_b

Flying into the sunrise.

photo 20471285178_cd088ba398_b

photo 20659290485_9b3df89bd0_b

Cabin lights were switched on dimly slightly more than an hour before arrival to signal the start of the morning refreshment service.

photo 20036725544_f7e1b08353_b

A warm breakfast snack was offered, which consists of a Scrambled eggs and tomato wrap, and a Cinnamon and custard danish. Both were actually rather tasty! I had a coffee and water to go along.

photo 20633030176_3cd0e8e80c_b

photo 20665981851_6b506e6357_b

photo 20665980921_30366d4d88_b

Sun is fully out. Descend started, blankets collected and cabin prepped for landing.

photo 20665980041_0a44c10884_b

photo 20471279010_b2ec3b2e46_b

photo 20038338663_a53f183494_b

Video of descend.

Shadow of our A380 as we land on Doha Hamad Intl Rwy34L, almost 20min late due to the uncontrollable late departure from Heathrow.

photo 20038338723_f194a69feb_b

Video of the landing into Doha.

Land of QR, with the occasional visitor.

photo 20471276588_5baf5c5045_b

Parked beside another QR A380.

photo 20471277580_6d9cbe2e63_b

After the aircraft was parked, we Singapore-bound pax barely had 15min to make our connection. Seated at the front cabin, we were one of the first to disembark. It was followed by a mad rush out into the terminal (no transfer security this time round, straight into the departure hall after exit) where there were ground staff holding signs with connecting flights and directing passengers to the relevant gates. It was then a mad rush through the Doha terminal from the 'A' gates to our SIN-bound flight at the 'B' gates. Our SIN-bound flight was held for all the passengers connecting from LHR (think there were at least 20 of us) and our baggage made it too!
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Qatar Airways

Cabin crew8.5

London - LHR


Doha - DOH



Another pleasant and comfortable flight on Qatar Airways. Even though Qatar has fitted its A380 with a rather elegant interior design, the excitement of flying the A380 has already worn out on me due to having flown it a number of times prior. Nonetheless, it was still a good flying experience on the Whalejet.

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    The cabin looks great and modern with very interesting PTVs as always.
    I had exactly the same meal on my previous CDG-DOH. Same impression: very tender and excellent taste. The other option seems great as well.
    Wow, impressive that you made it in only 15 min.

    See you soon, Usain Bolt!

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