Review of Vueling Airlines flight Barcelona Brussels in Economy

Airline Vueling Airlines
Flight VY8988
Class Economy
Seat 08F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 08 Oct 15, 06:55
Arrival at 08 Oct 15, 09:00
VY   #7 out of 14 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 170 reviews
Published on 16th October 2015
BCN - BRU VY8988 Y / AIRBUS A320-200 - 08/10/2015: HERE
AMS - BCN HV5133 Y / BOEING 737-800 - 10/10/2015: Yet to come

Preface: I wanted to visit a couple of universities in the Netherlands where I am considering continue my further studies. Maastricht was one of the places we had to go so we had three options to get there, fly to Düsseldorf, Brussels or Eindhoven. Vueling seemed a good choice too and fares to Brussels were quite good. Additionally, by booking this flight we would be able to have nearly a full day in Maastricht which was a plus taking into consideration we had an appointment the following day and we were not actually expecting to have a full day in Maastricht. Therefore, we booked this flight to Brussels as one way. On Saturday 10th, an Open Day was held in Rotterdam so for our return flight we would have to fly either from Rotterdam itself or Amsterdam. The only available flight from Rotterdam to Barcelona was an early departure so we ruled out this option. Thus, our only option was to fly out of Amsterdam which left us with three possible airlines: KLM, Vueling or Transavia. There was a good-priced Transavia flight that departed AMS at 19:00, this timetable would work for us so we'd be able to spend the morning in Rotterdam so we decided to go for it. Our routing was then completed.

Our flight departed Barcelona at 06:55. Having checked-in online previously, we drove to the airport at around 05:00 arriving there at approximately 05:30. The airport was empty as there weren't many flights departing at that time. Our flight was supposed to be leaving on time.
photo IMG_7242

We cleared security controls in 5 minutes, the line was very short and we were soon wandering around the Duty Free. Take a look at how empty the airport was!
photo IMG_7241

We didn't have a lot of time before boarding for our flight so we decided to walk to the gate which was B40 today. Here is a picture of our airplane EC-HQJ (an ex-Iberia and Clickair 15-year-old Airbus A320-200). A huge queue had already been formed when we got there but there was nobody from Vueling in the gate which was rather weird taking into consideration boarding should have had already started. I then decided to check our flight's status online and was found out we were expected to have a two hour delay. Not a good start.
photo IMG_7243

A Vueling crew member announced we were delayed because of lack of personnel and French air traffic controllers strike so we decided to go for a walk around the airport. It was surprising that the screens in the airport were not showing the delay. After half an hour, we were told we were going to start boarding in about half an hour which would result in a one hour delay instead of the two-hour delay previously announced. Time to board the plane!
photo IMG_7244photo IMG_7245

We were offered some Spanish local newspapers.
photo IMG_7246

My seat today was 08F, here is a picture of the view from my window.
photo IMG_7247

The pitch was really tight, one of the most uncomfortable I have ever experienced. I suppose all of Vueling's planes have the same pitch but to me, it looked like this plane's pitch was worse than the Vueling plane I flew about a month ago from Paris to Barcelona.
photo IMG_7250

Pushing back at 08:10. Another Vueling Airbus A320.
photo IMG_7248

Views of Terminal 1 during our taxi to the runway.
photo IMG_7249

Taxiing towards runway 25L.
photo IMG_7251photo IMG_7252

Iberia Airbus A321 for Madrid.
photo IMG_7253photo IMG_7254

Takeoff runway 25L at 08:20.
photo IMG_7255

V1, rotate. Positive climb, gear up.
photo IMG_7258

Views of the Catalan coast climbing shortly after takeoff.

Views of Montserrat mountain.

We soon reached our cruising altitude which was 36000 feet during this flight.
photo IMG_7263photo IMG_7270

Here you can see the interior of the plane, typical configuration on a LCC A320.
photo IMG_7266

Vueling's magazine Ling
photo IMG_7269

We had a very smooth flight with clear skies and no turbulence at all. After about 1h 15 minutes of flight, we started our descent.
photo IMG_7272photo IMG_7273

It seems like we were going to have a cloudy day in Brussels.
photo IMG_7274photo IMG_7275

Flaps full, landing gear down. Cleared to land.
photo IMG_7276photo IMG_7277photo IMG_7278

Touched down at 10:00 AM. Spoilers deployed, reverse thrust.
photo IMG_7279photo IMG_7280

Taxiing to the gate. I experienced one of the longest taxis ever, not because the gate was too far, it was because we stopped for 5-10 minutes before continuing to our gate. I would have liked to know why.
photo IMG_7281

We landed in the right place, Brussels Airport :D. Brussels Airlines Avro RJ100.
photo IMG_7282photo IMG_7283

Many Brussels Airlines Airbuses A330 were there. Probably for their African destinations or New York/Washington.
photo IMG_7284photo IMG_7285photo IMG_7286

We parked right next to the gate from where my flight to NY in August departed from. What a coincidence!
photo IMG_7287photo IMG_7288

Some pictures of a Brussels Airlines A320 with the Red Devils livery and the airport.
photo IMG_7289photo IMG_7292photo IMG_7293

To get to Maastricht, we had to change trains twice. First we changed train in Leuven.
photo IMG_7296photo IMG_7299

Once in Leuven, we got on a train to Liège. Pictures of Liège's modern train station.
photo IMG_7303photo IMG_7305photo IMG_7306

Finally, in Liège we got on the last train to Maastricht.

We arrived in Maastricht at 12:15, Maastricht's train station was very beautiful and old.
photo IMG_7332photo IMG_7334photo IMG_7333

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Vueling Airlines

Cabin crew5.5
Buy-on-board menu6.0

Barcelona - BCN


Brussels - BRU



Vueling is known in Spain for its endless delays. Their pitch is very tight and the seats aren't too comfortable at all. They are successful because of their cheap fares but if you're expecting something more, you should avoid flying with them. Our flight was delayed as practically always with Vueling, don't know who's fault was because we were told it was because of French ATC strike but also because of lack of personnel. I would recommend Vueling only if it is your only choice and the fare is reasonable, if not, go for another option. For a short flight like this one Vueling is bearable, but I would not like to find myself on such a tight Vueling plane for 4+ hours in their new routes to Istanbul or Accra.

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