Review of Emirates flight Dubai Barcelona in Economy

Airline Emirates
Flight EK185
Class Economy
Seat 54K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 07:10
Take-off 27 Mar 16, 08:15
Arrival at 27 Mar 16, 13:25
EK   #2 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 615 reviews
Published on 22nd April 2016
BCN - DXB EK188 Y / BOEING 777-300ER - 16/03/2016:
DXB - BCN EK185 Y / AIRBUS A380-800 - 27/03/2016: HERE

Preface: I went on a cruise with my family during Easter out of Dubai to the UAE and Oman. We wanted to spend two nights before the cruise sailed away from Dubai on Saturday so we decided to fly from Barcelona either on Wednesday or Tuesday. We firstly thought about flying on Qatar Airways via Doha as the price was much cheaper than on Emirates, however, we decided to fly Emirates as it was much more comfortable to fly directly than doing a layover. We wanted to have at least two full days in Dubai before going on the cruise so we decided to fly on Wednesday. By booking the 10 PM flight from Barcelona, we would be able to work and go to school on Wednesday which is the main reason for which we decided to book the red-eye flight that would land in Dubai at 8 AM on Thursday, allowing us two full days in Dubai. Therefore, our routing was completed.

We were staying at a hotel in the Internet City area in Dubai so we took a taxi at 5 AM in the morning for a 8 AM flight. Taxis in Dubai are really cheap by the way.
The ride to the airport was shorter than we expected meaning that we got there at around 5:20 AM.
photo DSC_1054
The terminal looked very modern and stylish.
photo DSC_1055
Views of Terminal 3.
photo DSC_1056
We headed to the family check-in area because the line was a bit shorter than the regular line.
photo DSC_1060photo DSC_1061
Before going through security and customs, my family went to the toilet. I waited for them seated in front of the departures screen.
photo DSC_1058
Time to go through security. The line was quite long but there were many agents so we didn't wait for too long.
photo DSC_1064
The building is extremely modern and allows a lot of natural light.
photo DSC_1065photo DSC_1067photo DSC_1070
We had a lot of time to spare so we had a look at the duty-free and some other shops.
photo DSC_1068
As we were very tired, we decided to go to our gate and have a seat there in order to have some rest.
Walking towards the area where gates C are located.
photo DSC_1072photo DSC_1074
There was an interesting billboard of the evolution of aviation in Dubai.
photo DSC_1075photo DSC_1076photo DSC_1078
It was quite a long walk.
photo DSC_1080photo DSC_1081
We spent some time there having some rest until boarding was called.
photo DSC_1083photo DSC_1084
Here's our plane for today's flight. It was a 2.5 years-old Airbus A380-800 painted with Arsenal FC livery.
photo DSC_1086photo DSC_1087
Views of the Arsenal FC livery from the finger.
photo DSC_1088photo DSC_1089
My seat for the following 7 hours.
photo DSC_1091
Same IFE as on my BCN-DXB flight, great resolution and many hours of entertainment.
photo DSC_1092
The window of the Airbus A380 is rather weird and is on the smaller side.
photo DSC_1093
View from my seat 54K.
photo DSC_1094
Legroom and pitch looked even better than on my inbound 777 flight.
photo DSC_1095
The planes' cameras were a very entertaining feature, especially for aviation enthusiasts like us.
photo DSC_1096photo DSC_1097
FA distributed hot towels.
photo DSC_1101
They gave my younger sister a Lonely Planet bag which was a nice treat.
photo DSC_1102
They also handed out the menu.
photo DSC_1103photo DSC_1105
Push-back started at 8:40 AM. Not off to a good start.
photo DSC_1108photo DSC_1110
Qantas Airbus A380 bound for Sydney rotating.
photo DSC_1111
FlyDubai Boeing 737-800 for Tehran.
photo DSC_1112
Cathay Pacific Airbus A330-300 for Hong Kong.
photo DSC_1114
Taxiing towards the runway.
photo DSC_1115photo DSC_1118photo DSC_1122
We were already half an hour late but still, we had to wait to get permission to take off as there was a lot of traffic.
photo DSC_1123photo DSC_1124photo DSC_1126
We finally took off at 9:02 AM with about 45 minutes of delay.
photo DSC_1128photo DSC_1130
Last views of Dubai International before rotation.
photo DSC_1131photo DSC_1132
V1, rotate.
photo DSC_1133
Positive rate, gear up.
photo DSC_1134
Climbing to FL380.
photo DSC_1137photo DSC_1138photo DSC_1139
The IFE's map was excellent, very detailed and with a lot of information.
photo DSC_1143photo DSC_1145
FA served breakfast. The meal was fine but it was the fruit what was especially good.
photo DSC_1146
Views of the cabin.
photo DSC_1148
We went through some turbulence while flying over Iran.
photo DSC_1149
The cockpit mode was entertaining.
photo DSC_1150photo DSC_1151
Safety instructions.
photo DSC_1154
photo DSC_1155photo DSC_1156
Time for an IFE tour. The selection was great and you can even make calls while flying on the A380.

I especially enjoyed National Geographic's Ultimate Airport Dubai series.
photo DSC_1161
We were served our main meal 3 hours and 30 minutes into the flight. I opted for the chicken. It was very tasty and it went well with the rice and tomato sauce.
photo DSC_1163
Metal cutlery is always nice.
photo DSC_1164
Again watching another episode of National Geographic's Ultimate Airport Dubai series.
photo DSC_1165
I played a football game too.
photo DSC_1167photo DSC_1168
Flying over Italy.
photo DSC_1178photo DSC_1166photo DSC_1170
Emirates' magazine.
photo DSC_1172
I went for a walk around the cabin.

We started our descent after 6 hours and 30 minutes of flight.
photo DSC_1182photo DSC_1184photo DSC_1187
It was cloudy and rainy in Barcelona.
photo DSC_1190photo DSC_1192
Views of the famous Montserrat mountain. photo DSC_1194photo DSC_1196
5 minutes for landing.
photo DSC_1199photo DSC_1200photo DSC_1201
Castelldefels' beach in final approach.
photo DSC_1203photo DSC_1206
50, 40, 30, 20, 10, retard, retard.
photo DSC_1207photo DSC_1208
Reverse thrust, spoilers deployed.
photo DSC_1209
Landed in Barcelona at 2:05 PM, 40 minutes of delay.
photo DSC_1212
Last views of the cabin.
photo DSC_1213
Waiting to pick up our checked bags.
photo DSC_1214

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Cabin crew9.0

Dubai - DXB


Barcelona - BCN



Emirates is a great airline that delivers an excellent economy class experience at an affordable price. The Airbus A380 is extremely spacious not only for passengers but also for the crew to be able to do their work more comfortably. The legroom and pitch are excellent for economy class on A380s as well as the IFE, which is latest generation and contains loads of entertainment catering all kinds of passengers. The meals are above standard and FA are extremely friendly and seem to enjoy their jobs mostly.
I wouldn't hesitate to fly Emirates again!

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    Wait, you were served both breakfast AND lunch on this relatively short flight?! That's amazing!! Emirates's partner Qantas could learn a thing or two from this. Their meal service is downright shameful in comparison.

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