Review of Emirates flight Barcelona Dubai in Economy

Airline Emirates
Flight EK188
Class Economy
Seat 20K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 06:45
Take-off 16 Mar 16, 22:05
Arrival at 17 Mar 16, 07:50
EK   #4 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 592 reviews
Published on 22nd April 2016
BCN - DXB EK188 Y / BOEING 777-300ER - 16/03/2016: HERE
DXB - BCN EK185 Y / AIRBUS A380-800 - 27/03/2016:

Preface: I went on a cruise with my family during Easter out of Dubai to the UAE and Oman. We wanted to spend two nights before the cruise sailed away from Dubai on Saturday so we decided to fly from Barcelona either on Wednesday or Tuesday. We firstly thought about flying on Qatar Airways via Doha as the price was much cheaper than on Emirates, however, we decided to fly Emirates as it was much more comfortable to fly directly than doing a layover. We wanted to have at least two full days in Dubai before going on the cruise so we decided to fly on Wednesday. By booking the 10 PM flight from Barcelona, we would be able to work and go to school on Wednesday which is the main reason for which we decided to book the red-eye flight that would land in Dubai at 8 AM on Thursday, allowing us two full days in Dubai. Therefore, our routing was completed.

We drove to the airport getting there at 7 PM, three hours before our departure flight time. We left our car at the airport's parking which offered good deals to park vehicles there during Easter. The airport was rather empty.
photo DSC_8606
As we had plenty of time to spare, we decided to get some dirhams (AED) at a local bank, which are the United Arab Emirates' currency.
photo DSC_8607
We then headed upstairs to the check-in area.
photo DSC_8608
Views of Terminal 1.
photo DSC_8609
Our flight, EK188 for Dubai.
photo DSC_8610
We dropped our bags quickly as the line was very short.
photo DSC_8611
Time to go through security.
And we are airside.
photo DSC_8612
The weather in Barcelona was horrendous, a huge thunderstorm was present and it even started hailing before our flight departed.
There were some roof leaks in Terminal 1 at Barcelona as we are not used to such showers.
photo DSC_8613
We walked around the duty-free waiting for our flight to be called for boarding.
photo DSC_8615
International flights depart from gates D and E at T1, which are located on the upper floor of the Terminal so we headed upstairs.
photo DSC_8618
There was also a smaller duty-free in the upper floor.
photo DSC_8619
Views of the whole Terminal from upstairs.
photo DSC_8620
Air Europa Airbus A330-200 for Madrid.
photo DSC_8621
Our plane from a distance. We were going to fly on a 4-year-old Boeing 777-300ER equipped with Emirates' newest interior design (A6-EGT):
photo DSC_8622
Boarding was very well organized.
photo DSC_8627
It was still raining when we boarded the aircraft.
photo DSC_8630
Headphones, a pillow, and a blanket were in our seats when we boarded.
photo DSC_8631photo DSC_8632
The IFE, excellent size, and resolution.
photo DSC_8634
Legroom was fine, better than on Air Canada's 777-300ER.
photo DSC_8635
Views of the cabin (3-4-3).
photo DSC_8637
Our expected flight time was 5 hours and 37 minutes following the IFE.
photo DSC_8647
The flight attendants handed out hot towels.
photo DSC_8638
FC Barcelona was playing at that moment vs Arsenal, it was a very important game and luckily for me, it was possible to see the game live from the IFE. Good job Emirates!
photo DSC_8639
The security video was played in the IFE.
photo DSC_8640
Views from seat 20K. Many Vueling planes resting during the night.
photo DSC_8641
FC Barcelona scored one goal.
photo DSC_8642
One more!
photo DSC_8645
Before taking off, the captain announced that due to the thunderstorm still being present around the area, we would encounter some moderate turbulence while climbing to our cruise altitude. We finally took off at 10:30 PM.
Time for a short tour of the IFE. There was Wi-Fi available througout the flight, the first 10 MB were free and the price for 500 MB was $1. I found it quite cheap and made use of it, it was pretty fast and easy to connect to.
photo DSC_8646photo DSC_8648
Movie selection.
photo DSC_8649photo DSC_8650
It was also possible to watch live TV.
photo DSC_8651
The flight attendants distributed the menu for today's flight. I went for the chicken.
photo DSC_8652photo DSC_8653
The meal was pretty good, the chicken and the rice were well-cooked,and the sauce was tasty.
photo DSC_8661
After enjoying the meal, we entered Egyptian airspace and I started playing some games.
photo DSC_8657photo DSC_8658
I even got to see some Casey Neistat videos!
photo DSC_8659
Lights were dimmed so that passengers could sleep.
photo DSC_8660photo DSC_8662
We were given a sort of bread with marmalade and were offered some drinks which I forgot to take a picture of.
I had some sleep and when I woke up we were flying over Saudi Arabia.
photo DSC_8663
The sun started rising.

We were only 40 minutes away from Dubai International.
photo DSC_8675
Views of the cabin.
photo DSC_8676photo DSC_8677
We started our descent after 5 hours of flight.
photo DSC_8679
The weather in Dubai was not sunny at all, rather cloudy.
photo DSC_8681
We spent around 15 minutes on a holding pattern due to traffic at DXB.
photo DSC_8682photo DSC_8684photo DSC_8685
Views of the desert.
photo DSC_8686photo DSC_8690
photo DSC_8691photo DSC_8694photo DSC_8696
Views of the powerful engine.
photo DSC_8692
Dubai Airport in sight.
photo DSC_8697
Reverse thrust. We touched down at 07:33 AM, 17 minutes before our schedulded arrival time.
photo DSC_8700
What a view! So many Emirates planes!
photo DSC_8704photo DSC_8705
We taxied for 15 minutes until our plane stopped. We were going to disembark the plane by stairs.
Emirates Boeing 777-300ER for Kuala Lumpur.
photo DSC_8709
A380 taking off for Madrid.
photo DSC_8712photo DSC_8714
Goodbye A6-EGT! We disembarked the plane at 8 AM.
photo DSC_8716photo DSC_8717
Dubai Airport is really nice.
photo DSC_8720
Queueing to clear customs.
photo DSC_8721
We got our bags pretty quickly and headed towards Etisalat's store to buy a pre-paid SIM Card.
photo DSC_8722photo DSC_8723photo DSC_8724
We then took a taxi to our hotel, Steigenberger Business Bay Dubai.
photo DSC_8727photo DSC_8728
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Cabin crew9.5

Barcelona - BCN


Dubai - DXB



Emirates provides an excellent long-haul product. Most of their planes are modern, equipped with the latest generation of in-flight entertainment and with decent legroom. Their crew are very friendly and are always keen to help with whatever you need. Meals were pretty good for aviation standards. I would highly recommend Emirates to anybody!

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  • Comment 162483 by
    Chibcha SILVER 507 Comments

    Thanks for sharing!

    What's the deal with the leaks in BCN, it shouldn't happen in such a new building.

    EK's service looks better than EY (FR coming up soon). BTW it seems you didn't sleep at all, did you manage to survive that day?

    DXB looks overwhelming with that size!

    • Comment 346259 by
      oriolgutierrez AUTHOR 20 Comments

      You are right, it shouldn't happen in such a new building but unfortunately, these things happen in Spain. :(

      I actually slept for half an hour. When we got to the hotel, we were given our room immediately so we decided to stay there for three to four hours having some rest which is how I survived that day.

      DXB is an awesome airport, incredibly big yet not too stressful.

      I look forward to reading your EY report.

  • Comment 162502 by
    KL651 TEAM 4527 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.

    EK's catering policy is weird, on that flight you got a nice dinner and a snack but on other flights of the same duration you only get one meal.

    The wifi is really cheap!

    The Y cabin looks very modern with those screens which is not the case of the J cabin.

  • Comment 162806 by
    Rl 777 806 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    The cabin looks great, the 12,1 inch screen looks fantastic. Seat width may be tight in this 10-abreast configuration but the seat pitch looks good.

    The meal looked good!

    EK has an excellent hard-product (in their newer birds), would love to try them out one day!

    Have a good one, see you!

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