Review of American Airlines flight Chicago Washington in Economy

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA2323
Class Economy
Seat 19E
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 02 Jul 15, 19:15
Arrival at 02 Jul 15, 22:00
AA   #68 out of 92 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 569 reviews
By 1816
Published on 11th October 2015
Hi and welcome to this fourth installment of my flight reports!

The routing for this trip was as follows:
1. CX806 HKG-ORD B777-300ER []
2. AA4319 ORD-MSP Embraer E-175 []
3. AA3067 MSN-ORD Embraer E-145 []
4. AA2323 ORD-DCA B737-800 [You are here!]
5. AA2239 DCA-ORD B737-800 []
6. CX807 ORD- HKG B777-300ER []


This is the second part of my flight from Madison to Washington DC since I needed to stopover at ORD. For the first part you can find on the above link.
Initially my friend joined me to take the same flight to DC. Unfortunately he had an unscheduled tutorial on that night. He had to change for next day flight.

Flight Report

Still having one and a half hours for the next flight, I walked around and made some plane spotting.

photo DSCF2082-copyphoto DSCF2083-copy

Several American 737-8s with old and new livery

photo DSCF2089-copyphoto DSCF2085-copy

A legacy AA MD-80

photo DSCF2088-copy

All the flags were changed to American for July Fourth!

photo DSCF2086-copy

Then I headed to my boarding gate. The flight was not there yet. I sat aside to the gate and started killing my company emails (and killed my time).

At around 6pm it was announced that the flight was delayed to 7:30pm (delayed 50 minutes)! I totally did not expect it and this made my first delayed flight in my life!

photo IMG-20150702-WA0006 copy

At that moment I could do nothing but wait. So I continued killing emails and also sent an email to my hostel regarding my late arrival. I told my friend about this and he simply “greeted” me to experience the real life of air travel in the USA!

The plane finally arrived about 5 minutes after the delay announcement made. Once all the passengers disembarked the airport staff and FAs got on the plane for preparation.

After killing hundreds of emails (!) I felt a little bit hungry and decided to buy something to eat. When I was buying food, my mobile vibrated and notified that the departure time moved back to 7:15pm and boarding started! The departure time changed again and boarding was so sudden! I quickly paid my meal and ran back to my gate for boarding.

photo Screenshot_2015-07-02-18-49-40 copy

Proceeded to my plane.

photo IMG_20150702_184913photo IMG_20150702_185054photo IMG_20150702_185130

Walking to my seat. The plane was reprinted in new livery with an old cabin setting.

photo IMG_20150702_185210 copy

A young lady already sat on my right side (the window seat). My seat view of the cabin.

photo IMG_20150702_185416 copy

Aw Jeez my seat back pocket was too dirty with full of food packaging garbage??!!! (Sorry I forgot to take picture) Did the staff not have time to clean it?!!!! OK I did it myself!!!

The safety instruction card. It was already wear and tear.

photo IMG_20150702_190428photo IMG_20150702_190406

Later an old lady assisted by a FA came and sat on my left side (the road side)

Very soon the plane pushed back and the FAs were checking whether passengers had fastened their belt.

photo IMG_20150702_190042

The pilot also made an announcement regarding the flight. He firstly apologized for the delayed flight due to late arrival from Boston. But he would try his best to make up for lost time due to good weather tonight.

And we took off.

photo IMG_20150702_193400

10 minutes after took off beverage services started. I ordered orange juice and started my self created “dinner”. In the meantime the young lady kept reading and the old lady kept playing Candy Crush Saga on her iPad.

photo IMG_20150702_200708

Once the beverage services finished the FAs turned off the light for resting.

photo IMG_20150702_204407

For the whole flight the young lady and I remained on our seats since we did not want to disturbed the old lady.

Soon we landed with heavy swinging. Although it was late compared with the original time, it was 10 minutes earlier than the expected arrival time. During disembarking the young girl and I helped the old lady to take out her baggage from the overhead bin and we then proceed to the terminal.

We finally arrived DC! Airside in DCA airport

photo IMG_20150702_220017 copy

Main hall of DCA airport Concourse B/C.

photo IMG_20150702_220539

Then I headed to the Metro station. A very nice Metro staff guided me how to buy the Metro ticket.

photo IMG_20150702_221707

And I took the DC Metro to the Union Station which was close to my hostel (located in H street).

photo IMG_20150702_221936 copy

This is the second part of my flight report to Washington DC.

Below are the tourist bonus of travelling in the DC. Enjoy!

Panoramic view of Tidal Basin, Washington Memorial and Jefferson Memorial from the FDR Memorial

photo PANO_20150705_155609 copy

On July Fourth morning my friend and I visited the Library of Congress

photo DSCF2218-copy

Then we headed to independence day parade on Constitution Avenue!

photo DSCF2252 copy

We also watched the July Fourth Fireworks at the Marine Corps War Memorial. We arrived there at 7:30pm but it was already full of people. I found the best seat for watching fireworks :P

photo IMG_20150704_202525 copy

Unfortunately it was cloudy that night. A lot of people were disappointed LOL

photo DSCF2400 copy

British Soldiers on July Forth???

photo DSCF2185 copy

My hostel also had a surprising event on July Forth: Fire Drill x 2 times!!!

photo IMG_20150705_002030-copy

DuPont Circle

photo DSCF2193 copy

Delicious ice-cream in DuPont Circle!

photo IMG_20150703_225938-copy

Gallaudet University, the first school for the advanced education of the deaf and hard of hearing in the world

photo DSCF2107 copy

Thank you for reading this report!
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American Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Chicago - ORD


Washington - DCA



The flight delayed with confused information provided in the ORD airport. Seat comfort was OK but seatback pocket was dirty. Fortunately the FAs were friendly and helpful. Ground transportation in DCA airport is good as you can take the Metro to Downtown easily.

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