Review of Astra Airlines flight Tel Aviv Berlin in Economy

Airline Astra Airlines
Flight A2 876
Class Economy
Seat 2A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:45
Take-off 20 Sep 15, 16:00
Arrival at 20 Sep 15, 18:45
A2 3 reviews
Yonatan Paz
By 2119
Published on 12th November 2015
Note: Copyrights are saving to Yonatan Paz
Hello dear readers and flyers, and welcome to the beginning to my trip from Tel Aviv, Israel to Berlin, Germany with Astra Airlines.

So who are you Astra Airlines?
Astra Airlines is a greek ailrline that was founded in 2008 and based in Thessaloniki - Macedonia Airport, Greece. The airline operates, as November 2015 1* Airbus A320, 2*Avro RJ85, 1* ATR 72 and 2* ATR 42. They airline operates some flights in Greece with their ATR'S planes and International flights with their bigger planes, the A320 and the RJ85'S Planes. In the toursim seasons the airlines operate flight from TLV (Tel Aviv; Ben Gurion International Airport; Israel) to Rhodes, Herkalion, Berlin and Lujubliana by A320 with 180 economy class seats, and to Thessaloniki with their RJ85's with 115 economy class seats.

The day of the flight:

As the excepted flight time was on 12:35PM, I arrived to the airport at 10:00AM. Durning the Check-in that was too much long and bother we got a message about a delay to 3PM!!! We got angry because our first day will be gone and we will stuck at the airport. As the Airport was a bit busy I finished the checks at 11:00AM and I got another message that the flight will delay to 6PM! Jesus christ!!! WTH I will do here for more 7 hours? I will arrive to my hotel at 11:00PM! So i did some spotting as It was a busy day!

Air Sinai (EX-EgyptAir) Embarer 170 before flight to Cairo, Egypt.
photo 20150920_114707
Easy jet Airbus A320 landed from Basel, Switzerland:
photo 20150920_114709
Airzena (Georgian Airlines) Boeing 737-500 landed from Tbilisi, Georgia (Not in the USA, Georgia near Turkey!!!)
photo 20150920_115744
United Airlines Boeing 777-200ER leave the gate for departure to Newark, USA. I've ordered a ticket to my vacation in NYC with Lufthansa!
photo 20150920_122616
Travel Service Boeing 737-800 (Operated by Israir) before flight to Verona, Italy. One Easyjet Airbus A320 before flight to Berlin, Germany (Jesus!!!) and the other just landed from London - Luton, GB. Transavia Boeing 737-800 before flight to Paris - Orly, France:
photo 20150920_122623
Arkia Boeing 757-300 before flight to Rhodes, Greece:
photo 20150920_122706
Israir Airbus A320 before flight to Herkalion. Greece:
photo 20150920_122843
One more view of Air Sinai Embarer 170:
photo 20150920_122909
The most interesting plane that you will see in Tel Aviv: Air Canada Boeing 787-8 before flight to Toronto, Canada. I remember my flight with AC on their old 763ER!
photo 20150920_123330
Germanwings Airbus A320 before flight to Berlin, Germany. Jesus 2nd time!
photo 20150920_123415
Aegean Airlines Airbus A319 Before flight to Kalamata, Greece:
photo 20150920_125942
BlueBird Airways Boeing 737-400 just landed from Herkalion, Greece:
photo 20150920_130217
Transavia Airlines Boeing 737-800 just landed from Lyon, France:
photo 20150920_130824
Aegean Airlines Airbus A320 just arrived from Rhodes, Greece plus UIA Boeing 737-900ER before flight to Kiev, Ukraine:
photo 20150920_142356photo 20150920_142408

At 2:30 PM we got a message that the flight will depart a 3.20PM and the planes is on the way from Rhodes to Tel Aviv!!! Boarding will be by bus instead by jetbridge as we lose our gate and slot.

Our plane arrived:
photo 20150920_143222
Finally, we bored to the plane at 4PM!
photo 20150920_151013
One of the best liveries that I've ever saw!!!
photo 20150920_152046photo 20150920_152050photo 20150920_152149

photo 20150920_152422
All Terminal 3 in one photo!
photo 20150920_154530
Easyjet A320(WL) just landed from Paris-CDG and American Airlines Airbus A330-200 landed from Philadelphia, USA:
photo 20150920_154647
Seat pitch was very tight as my 1.75m:
photo 20150920_154700
My seat recline bottom was broken:
photo 20150920_154705
Lufthansa Airbus A321 from Munich, Germany:
photo 20150920_154937
photo 20150920_155120
Take Off:
photo 20150920_160000
The cabin crew offered a drink and a snack 20 min after departure. That was all the service for this 4h flight:
photo 20150920_161957
Safety Card:
photo 20150920_162004
Over Kos Island:
photo 20150920_170508
photo 20150920_170522photo 20150920_170526photo 20150920_174107
Clouds over south Europe:
photo 20150920_170843
The Danbue near Budapest, Hungary:
photo 20150920_173738
photo 20150920_182917photo 20150920_183005photo 20150920_183542
A long taxi to the old and small terminal:
photo 20150920_184215
BB horrible flight!
photo 20150920_185408photo 20150920_185444
Our flight route:

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Astra Airlines

Cabin crew5.5

Tel Aviv - TLV


Berlin - SXF





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  • Comment 150412 by
    marathon GOLD 10065 Comments
    I hope that the flight was cheap, because the only nice thing about this flight is the aircraft's livery :(
    Thanks for sharing !
  • Comment 150415 by
    Esteban GOLD 19504 Comments
    Thanks for sharing. As Marathon said, only the livery is nice, all the rest is between bad and awful.

    Just FYI: you can't put 115 seats in an ARJ 85 max capacity is 100 seats. Astra does not operates ARJ 85 but BAe 146-300, the old and streched model who can accomodate 115 pax
  • Comment 150424 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 9851 Comments
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
    It's the first time and hear and read about Astra Airlines. The livery is nice but the cabin looks old and is worn out. Th snack for a 4 hours flight is ridiculous. They could at least offer by on board product for those who want something else.
  • Comment 150497 by
    Luigispaghetti 119 Comments
    Late flight
    Little information
    Old plane and cabin
    No service for a 4 hrs flight
    I even do not find the livery especially nice...

    Thanks for sharing this flight, Astra is now on my personal blacklist.

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