Review of Norwegian flight Stockholm Copenhagen in Economy

Airline Norwegian
Flight DY3195
Class Economy
Seat 8F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 28 Oct 15, 08:40
Arrival at 28 Oct 15, 09:50
DY   #8 out of 20 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 93 reviews
Rl 777
By 1987
Published on 15th November 2015
Welcome to a new short series of two flight reports! This short series will cover my short visit to Copenhagen, Denmark in late-October.

This trip to Copenhagen was a completely spontaneous trip that wasn't really planned. It basically turned out like this, on one random day in October I told my dad I hadn't tried Norwegian (DY) yet. He thought I had flown with them but that wasn't the case even though they operate a decently sized hub at Arlanda. I also told my dad I had never been to Denmark even though it's so close to Sweden. We later looked for flights and hotels and booked a short trip to Copenhagen with Norwegian Holidays. There were 6 flights to Copenhagen with Norwegian on this date (28 Oct) and 14 flights with SAS. There was also one flight with Ryanair from Skavsta Airport, that airport is roughly 115 km from our home. Our flight to Copenhagen would be a morning flight, departing at 08:40 AM local time. This would probably be my last trip by plane of the year.

Part 1 - DY3195 ARN-CPH Norwegian Boeing 737-8JP(WL) LN-NGH Delivered Dec 2012 - You are here

Part 2 - DY4154 CPH-ARN Norwegian Boeing 737-8JP(WL) LN-DYG Delivered Dec 2010 - Coming soon

My and my dad left our home at 06:04 AM local time and soon entered the E4 motorway towards Arlanda Airport. It was a rather chilly morning and the sun slowly went up. Only one piece of hand luggage would accompany us on this flight.
photo 20151028_060843_hdr

The road changes to a 2-lane road for each direction when you approach Arlanda, they should make it a 3-lane road (each direction) until Arlanda Airport at least.
photo 20151028_061959_hdr

14 minutes passed on the motorway and we took the exit towards Arlanda Airport. We would park our car at the ALFA parking this time.
photo 20151028_062248_hdr

We arrived at the ALFA parking after a 20-minute quick drive from our home.
photo 20151028_062637_hdr

We found a spot right next to one of the bus stops in a matter of seconds, normally we have to look around for a few minutes.
photo 20151028_062833_hdr

Sunrise at 06:30 AM.
photo 20151028_063005_hdr

One of the free shuttle buses took us to Terminal 5 and we had no bags to drop off, our BPs were issued quickly through these check-in kiosks.
photo 20151028_064527_hdr

The main FIDS in Terminal 5, I never manage to get decent shots of FIDS' at airports for some reason.
photo 20151028_064843_hdr

Qatar Airways check-in desks at T5.
photo 20151028_065031_hdrphoto 20151028_065427_hdr

SAS check-in desks. The airport seemed rather busy at this time, probably because of school holidays.
photo 20151028_064552_hdr

We were requested to go through security upstairs like last time, the lines upstairs are usually shorter. Security was very organised and efficient as usual.
photo 20151028_065838_hdr

Duty-free shopping, almost everything at Arlanda is overpriced and I never buy anything here.
photo 20151028_070422_hdr

Our flight would depart from gate 15A according to this FIDS found after clearing security.
photo 20151028_070439_hdr (2)

View from the windows adjacent to my gate.
photo 20151028_072249_hdr

Time for some boring spotting at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport.

My ride arriving from Copenhagen. LN-NGH delivered in December 2012.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0662photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0667

It arrived at the gate at 08:10 AM and would have a 30-minute turnaround before heading back to Copenhagen.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0671

Flight information:

Airline: Norwegian Air Shuttle

Flight number: DY3195

Route: ARN-CPH

Scheduled time of departure: 08:40

Actual time of departure: 08:46

Scheduled time of arrival: 09:50

Actual time of arrival: 09:37

Scheduled flight time: 1h 10 minutes

Actual flight time: 51 minutes

Aircraft and reg: Boeing 737-800 LN-NGH

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0677

The gate area.
photo 20151028_073816_hdr

Shortly afterwards boarding began at 08:20 AM for one of six Norwegian flights heading to Copenhagen on this day.
photo 20151028_081941_hdr

I made my way into the aircraft and settled down on seat 8F.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0682

Seat pitch was decent for a short flight like this.

Boarding was efficient and the cabin started to fill up rather quickly, the final estimated load factor was at 75%. This particular plane had BSI with these overhead screens.
photo 20151028_082648_hdr

Overhead bins together with blue lighting.

Boarding was completed fairly quickly and the crew made some final checks before pushing back at 08:35 AM.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0693

The safety video was playing on these overhead screens while we made our way to runway 19R. All of the announcements were made in English and Norwegian or Swedish.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0694

The cabin was dimmed for departure.

Pushback was done at 08:38 AM, two minutes prior to our scheduled time of departure.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0701 (1)photo 20151028_083832_hdr

SAS B738 looking good in the morning sun.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0703

Finnair A321 taxiing out for the second morning departure (AY644) to Helsinki.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0705photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0706

Traffic ahead of us.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0707photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0709photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0710

Holding short of runway 19R.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0711photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0713

On runway 19R waiting for take-off clearance.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0715

Blasting out of runway 19R at 08:46 AM.

Schenker logistics AB warehouse visible moments after departure.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0717photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0719photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0720

The town of Märsta.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0721photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0722

Swedish landscape.

The tray table which I wouldn't use on this flight.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0729photo 20151028_085112_hdr

The safety card of this B738.
photo 20151028_085508_hdrphoto 20151028_085514_hdr

The Norwegian in-flight magazine.
photo 20151028_085526_hdr

The overpriced menu, I would never buy anything from this menu even though these prices are normal for Scandinavia.
photo 20151028_085552_hdr

My dad was asleep at this point, or he actually fell asleep once we took off. I was just enjoying the wingview from my seat and at the same time the flight attendants were walking down the aisle asking passengers if they wanted to buy anything. A good amount of passengers ordered coffee. The FAs on this flight were decent, they offered a few smiles here and there and did their job in an efficient manner but nothing more than that.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0732

They played some cartoons on these overhead screens, I remember watching this cartoon before but I don't remember its name.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0733photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0734photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0735

List of their tail fin heroes.
photo 20151028_090430_hdr

Norwegian offered free Wi-Fi on this flight (no limit), this is much better than any kind of PTV system IMO. I managed to track my flight, check instagram etc…..
photo Screenshot_2015-10-28-09-07-05

Tracking my own flight through FR24…

Closing in on Denmark.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0741

The Danish city of Helsingør (Helsingör in Swedish). This city is very close to the Swedish city/town of Helsingborg.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0742photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0745

Soon after passing Helsingør we initiated our descent into Copenhagen. The captain told us the weather would be pretty good today, mostly sunny.

Landing on runway 04L at Copenhagen Airport Kastrup.

Slowing down.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0756photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0758

We had a quick taxi to our gate and I barely managed to get any decent shots.

Arrived at our gate.
photo 20151028_094314_hdr

Walking through the jetway to the terminal.

We later went to Burger King to have some 'breakfast'.
photo 20151028_101253_hdr

Taking the Copenhagen Metro to our hotel.
photo 20151028_104959_hdrphoto 20151028_105335_hdr

I guess that's it for this FR, thank you for taking your time to read this FR :).
photo 20151028_105830_hdr

Tourism bonus from Copenhagen:

Spotting bonus from Copenhagen Airport Kastrup, I managed to do some spotting at CPH the day before we left.

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0004

KLM B738.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0009

Norwegian B788.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0022photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0032

Icelandair B753 arriving from KEF.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0058photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0065

TK A321.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0079

SAS A333.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0089

Finnair A320.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0111

SAS A343.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0129

Easyjet A320.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0169 (1)

Another SAS A343.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0150

Singapore Airlines B772.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0174 (1)photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0176 (1)

SAS A320.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0186

Another Norwegian B788.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0204 (1)

Norwegian B738.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0865 (1)photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0897 (1)

SAS CRJ-900.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0909 (1)

LH B733 arriving from Frankfurt.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0993

Emirates B77W arriving from Dubai, this daily service will be replaced by a 2-class A380 from December this year.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0943

I really hope to fly on one of these from Stockholm-Arlanda one day, hopefully next year.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0953photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0956photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0968

See you on the next one :).

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Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Stockholm - ARN


Copenhagen - CPH



In the end Norwegian got me from point A to point B safely and on-time. The flight was very standard but smooth at the same time. FAs were decent.

Cabin comfort - Clean cabin with BSI and overhead screens, decent seat pitch with decent seat comfort.

BOB - Decent selection but overpriced IMO (not unusual in Scandinavia though).

Entertainment - The played some cartoons on the overhead screens which was quite nice and reminded me of my younger days, they also had free Wi-Fi onboard which was a big plus (took a while to get it to work though). Wi-Fi and the wing view was everything for me. I could also track my flight on FR24.

On-time performance - Departed 6 minutes late but landed 13 minutes early, perfect on-time performance.



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  • Comment 150908 by
    martin1405 41 Comments
    Thank you for your great FR!

    WiFi on board sounds really nice. How was the internet like? Unfortunately, I couldn't track your flight and it's nice that you could do that on your flight though.

    Sad that DY sells overpriced products. The prices on my XQ and 4U were better I think.

    Nice spotting pics of CPH!

    I think you had a decent experience with DY! I'm looking forward for the second part! :)

    • Comment 328880 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 806 Comments
      Thank you for your comment bro :).

      The onboard Wi-Fi was actually pretty good, it was not bad in terms of speed. Don't worry about that, I could still track it myself as you said and take some screenshots via their Wi-Fi :).

      Yeah I think the food items were cheaper on those airlines but things are quite expensive here in Scandinavia so I guess the prices were normal for our standards.

      Thank you!

      Yep you're absolutely right, DY offered a good flight experience for a decent price. Nothing extraordinary but a very punctual flight from point A to point B and I wouldn't hesitate to take them again on these short flights.

      See you!
  • Comment 150961 by
    NGO85 GOLD 1917 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this rare report on DY!

    I was almost in Copenhagen at the same time :) Your weather looks infinitely better than the weather I had the week after when it was raining everyday. Your bonus looks much nicer than mine will :)

    ARN looks a little bit nicer than CPH because it has lighter/brighter colors, not so dreary looking.

    Great spotting at both ARN and CPH, always a treat! The DX ATRs are way too colorful for me. I see you also spotted the SK *A livery CRJ. CPH seems to have more diversity in the carriers that operate there.

    Beautiful shots of Sweden on take-off. Also of Helsingør and Kastrup on arrival.

    DY's product doesn't look that bad. The cabin looks really nice and new. The Recaro seats are standard on almost all carriers nowadays so you can't really complain about that. Seat pitch is okay, but as you said, taking DY to the US might be a little bit more uncomfortable. BOB menus are always overpriced, they have a captive market.

    Great spotting bonus at the end, where did you go to spot at CPH?
    • Comment 328889 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 806 Comments
      Thank you for your nice comment :).

      Wow, really? Damn, you've been flying a lot recently! I wonder what you flew with to Copenhagen, can't wait to read that FR. Sad to hear that, we are all unlucky with weather every now and then unfortunately :(. The weather also got crappy in Stockholm after I came back home.

      Haha I always think ARN is one of the most boring airports I've flown through and very bad looking, maybe because I critisize .

      Thank you :). I was quite surprised when I caught that one, I've only tracked those on FR24 before but never seen on of those in person. Yep, CPH has more traffic and is more diverse of course which isn't surprising as it's the leading airport in Scandinavia. I also think I went to the airport when many of the heavies departed or arrived.

      Thank you :).

      Yeah it's true, those seats are pretty standard now and they're quite decent. I have actually no idea about the pitch in their 788s but they do use these 737s to Dubai, I would never want to be in one of these for 6 hours ARN-DXB! These rides are more than fine on short hops though. Yeah, that's why I usually never purchase anything from any BOB menu.

      Thank you once again :). I looked up some spots on and searched for tips for spotting at CPH. There were quite a few spots but I went to a place called Flyvergrillen, it's basically a small restaurant (good for my dad) with a view on top (good for me). You can get there by bus 35 to Københavns Lufthavn (Copenhagen Airport) and get off at a station called 'Tømmerup Stationsvej'. From there it's just a short walk to 'Flyvergrillen'.

  • Comment 151350 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6424 Comments
    Thanks for this new report! Beautiful planespotting on departure! The lighting conditions were really good in the early morning. I really like the Boeing Sky Interior. Overall Norwegian seems like a good value for these short hops. I find Norwegian to be a much more appealing low-cost carrier than Ryanair or Easyjet. Aside from the B.O.B being a bit expensive, which is not surprising since everything is expensive in Scandinavia, everything else looks good. Great aerial shots too; looks like it was a beautiful day to fly. And thanks for the tourist bonus of København and the spotting bonus!
    • Comment 329445 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 806 Comments
      Thank you for your comment :).

      Thank you! Glad you liked the spotting shots!

      Yep, you're right! Norwegian offered a solid flight-experience on a flight of this length. Great cabin, punctual flight and all that good stuff results in a good experience.

      Thank you! It sure was :).

      See you!
  • Comment 152083 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments
    Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful FR. You are so fortunate to have a dad that can take you to CPH just on the spot and indulge you in your hobby.

    Fantastic plane spotting and aerials. You captured some of these shots masterfully and you were lucky to have a sunny day which helped.

    ARN airport is well designed and I enjoyed it when I passed through it last year. CPH on the other hand seemed more chaotic in my experience and the day that I left for IST there was a huge backup at the Immigration booths. That is so uncharacteristic of Scandinavian airports.

    DY is a low cost carrier and one can more or less know what to expect. They have some great fares from LAX and OAK to Europe and it's good to have it as an option. It would be ideal if they fly out of SFO.

    You saw more of CPH than I did. Thanks for sharing this wonderful bonus full of captivating sights. CPH is very compact and convenient to get around. I also found Danes to be very friendly in general and it's easy to strike a conversation with them.

    Looking forward to more reports next year.

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