Review of Bluebird Airways flight Tel Aviv Kos Island in Economy

Airline Bluebird Airways
Flight BZ772
Class Economy
Seat 15E
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 12 Aug 13, 09:10
Arrival at 12 Aug 13, 10:40
BZ 3 reviews
Yonatan Paz
By 1994
Published on 6th December 2015
So I was travelled for another vacation in Kos Island, Greece (KGS).

These were my flights:
BZ (BlueBird Airways) TLV KGS Y M82
6H (Israir) KGS TLV Y A320

I arrived to TLV Airport at 6:40 AM and I passed the check-in and the security checks very quickly. I excepted to fly on a 734 but when I asked the check-in worker, she told me that the plane is MD83. It should be better than a boring 737-400!
I had an hour until boarding to do some spotting:
photo IMG_3407
British Airways Airbus A321 before flight to London - LHR:
photo IMG_3408
Arkia Embarer E195 landed from Tbilisi, Gerogia:
photo IMG_3415photo IMG_3417
Boarding was little slow but made by bus:
Tarom Airbus A310 before flight to Bucarest, Romania:
photo IMG_3420
Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 before flight to Istanbul - IST:
photo IMG_3421
Ukraine Boeing 737-400 before flight to Odessa, Ukriane:
photo IMG_3423
An old 767-200ER of el al:
photo IMG_3424
We arrived to our plane, MD83, YR-HBH that was leased from Ten Air, a charter and leasing airline from Romania:
737-400 of BZ behind our plane before his flight to Rhodes, Greece:
photo IMG_3425
Safety card, a bit rare!
photo IMG_3426
Look about the nose of this 707!
photo IMG_3427
Durning Taxi and take off it was so hot at the plane, but in the other time it was too cold at the airplane!
After Take off, over Bat Yam's coast:

Over the sea!
photo IMG_3435
Cabin was dirty and too much old and it was ex-spanair as the signs in Spanish
photo IMG_3436photo IMG_3437photo IMG_3441
Can you see the differents?
photo IMG_3445photo IMG_3446
The cabin again:
photo IMG_3444
The rare exit between the engines:
photo IMG_3440
The Romanian cabin crew was really nice and we served by soft drinks. It was great to chat with one of them.
Landing in KGS after 1h 20m of flying:
photo IMG_3449
Austrian Airlines Airbus A319 before departure to Vienna, Austria:
photo IMG_3451
BB an amazing MD83!

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