Review of Singapore Airlines flight Tokyo Los Angeles in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 12
Class Economy
Seat 62K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 10:00
Take-off 06 Sep 15, 19:15
Arrival at 07 Sep 15, 13:15
SQ   #1 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 701 reviews
By 6299
Published on 8th December 2015
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DEP NRT 06 SEP 1915
ARR LAX 06 SEP 1315
Flight Time: 9:00
Aircraft: A380-800

photo 1
Flight route map courtesy of

After my long break in Asia, it was finally time to go back to USA. I had originally booked USA-Asia roundtrip with SQ, with outbound on SFO-HKG flight segment and inbound on NRT-LAX segment. On flights within Asia, I used up a mileage on Korean Air to book those flights (flight reports to follow)!

It was a rainy morning in Tokyo on 06 SEP 2015. I arrived into Terminal 1 of Narita Airport around 1500 local time.

After arriving at Terminal 1 via Airport Limousine, I headed toward the departures section.
photo 932
Interior of Terminal 1.
photo 925
I had some time left so I checked out a restaurant pre-securities side of Terminal 1. I had some soba and katsu-don.
photo 927
At around 1600 the SQ counter desks opened up.
photo 929
ANA ground staff was setting up the SQ counter desks.
photo 935
Each counter desks were set up with pictures and names of each check-in assistants, which I thought was cool.
photo 937
Check-in commenced at around 1615. The tall guy on the left is a magician, and performed some magic on the ground staff members. Overall, the ANA ground staff members were very polite and professional.
photo 939
Toward the departures.
photo 941
I like how the departures section was set up in the airport. After clearing the securities the ticketed passengers have one last chance to see their loved ones before heading down to Immigrations & Customs.
photo 942
A view on tarmac after clearing the securities. My flight tonight would be departing next to that Thai A380 over there.
photo 943
Walking toward escalators that would take me down to Immigrations & Customs.
photo 944
Escalators toward Immigrations & Customs and the glass wall where people usually say their last byes before departing.
photo 945
Immigrations & Customs on airport 2nd floor.
photo 946
There were many passengers bound for North America and Southeast Asia at this time. Mostly ANA flights.
photo 947
I had some time to kill so I walked around the airside Terminal for a bit.
photo 948
Here's my boarding pass for tonight's flight.
photo 951
Walking toward my gate, Gate 45.
photo 953
I stopped by McDonald's along the way.
photo 954
I would've ordered that Mega Mac, but I wasn't too hungry. I'm surprised that's not offered in the US!
photo 955
Departures status for tonight's flights.
photo 956
I grabbed some Tokyo Banana and Green Tea goodies along my walk toward the gate.
photo 957
I sat adjacent to Gate 46, which had passengers lined up for San Jose-bound ANA flight. The Thai A380 flight was all boarded up and ready to push back when I arrived.
photo 958
Gate 45.
photo 960
Vancouver-bound Air Canada B787.
photo 961
SQ 12 had arrived from Singapore at around 1700 local time.

The SQ flight attendants were already at the gate when the aircraft arrived.
photo 967photo 968
At around 1830 the ground staff members were setting up the boarding area.
photo 969
It was dark already outside by the time we started boarding.
photo 971
One last shot of this beauty before boarding.
photo 972photo 973photo 974
The first class section.
photo 977
The front economy class section.
photo 978
The middle economy class section.
photo 979
The rear economy class section.
photo 981
Should've done more research on seatguru… My seat had no window..

I took advantage of the fact that I was one of the first to board this aircraft. This flight would be a full flight.
photo 986
Next to my flight was SQ 11, which had arrived from LAX.
photo 988
By 1915, the aircraft was ready to push back.
photo 990photo 992photo 993
Flight attendants were passing out hot towels during push back.
photo 994
Menus were also passed during taxiing.
photo 995
There were variety of selections for the beverages. Also in the menu were SQ 12 SIN-NRT offerings.
photo 996
For dinner international selection was sautéed cod with basil cream sauce.
photo 997
For Japanese selection was Yakiniku (beef) Domburi with Japanese Soba (cold noodles). Both offerings had Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream and bread rolls.
The delectable selections were offered between services and offered cold sandwiches, assorted nuts, chocolate bars, and fruits.
photo 998
Breakfast choices were also split into international and Japanese choices. The international selection was a cheese omelette. The Japanese selection was grilled salmon with Japanese-style eggroll.
photo 999
The same menu in Japanese (can't read).
photo 1000photo 1001
The take-off was behind schedule at 1830. We spent quite a bit of time taxiing.

The airplane wasn't showing up on the route map, but the route was nevertheless updated throughout the flight duration.
photo 1009photo 1010
Cabin lights brightened for the first meal service.
photo 1011
I always go for Singapore Sling, probably my favorite cocktail in the world.
photo 1012
For dinner, I chose the yakiniku (beef) dish.
photo 1014
The set up is impressive, and there were surely a lot of food to be eaten!
photo 1016
Close up on the Yakiniku. The meat was delicious and seasoned perfectly.
photo 1018
Japanese Salad.
photo 1019
Soba noodle.
photo 1020
Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream was served to compliment the meal service.
photo 1022photo 1026
After 6-hour long sleep, I woke up somewhere above San Francisco, just in time for second meal service.
photo 1027
I went with the Japanese breakfast choice, which contained Salmon and Japanese style eggroll.
photo 1028photo 1029
Close-up on the salmon. It was cooked nicely and the sauce that accompanied it was delicious.
photo 1030
Flying over Ventura.
photo 1031
Cabin Attendants were getting the passengers ready for arrival.
photo 1039
The aircraft took the usually final descent/approach route into LAX (visible on the photo above).

The famous In-N-Out!
photo 1053
Touch down was on time at 1300 local time.
photo 1054
CX flight departing for HKG.
photo 1055photo 1056photo 1058
Since it was a full flight, it took some time for me to disembark.
photo 1059
One last look at this beauty.

Thanks for reading my trip report!

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Cabin crew9.5

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  • Comment 151997 by
    sweetsonata 8 Comments
    Thanks for this FR! An enjoyable read!

    This is truly one of the FRs that makes me feel as though I were flying on the same flight with the author.

    SQ's catering looks excellent, quite what could be expected from such a distinguished airline.

    Do you know what tail number your A388 had?
  • Comment 152017 by
    eminere™ 271 Comments
    The catering looks excellent. Japanese meals ex-Japan never seem to disappoint.
  • Comment 152026 by
    CH AUTHOR 27 Comments
    @ Sweetsonata - Sorry didn't get a chance to catch the tail number.

    Thanks for reading!
  • Comment 152045 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 10321 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this great report on this very long flight !
    Economy can be hard but it seems SQ has done a great job and the catering looks excellent. Toy were lucky ( or very tired) to be able to sleep for 6 hours.
    Too bad for the window ;-(
    Looking forward to future reports !
  • Comment 152055 by
    NGO85 SILVER 2002 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this excellent report with us!

    I’ve considered taking the SQ fifth-freedom before, but SQ doesn’t let you start routings on domestic flights.

    I find NRT to be a pretty boring airport. There really isn’t much in Terminal 1.

    Since your seat didn't have window, how did you get all of the great arrival shots into LAX? How was the noise from the galley/lavatories since you were in the last row before the bulkhead?

    The catering on this flight looks fantastic. Both entrees for dinner and breakfast look really good. The dinner tray is one of the fullest trays in Y that I’ve seen in a long time. The breakfast tray is very good for a short east-bound TPAC (the main looks very good, but the fruit cup looks pathetic).

    Really nice report that is a pleasure to read!
    • Comment 329821 by
      CH AUTHOR 27 Comments
      The catering was indeed awesome. The ex-Japan flights surely don't disappoint!

      I was able to extend my phone out to the window in front of me a little bit to take the pictures. The person in front of me didn't mind when I ask him if it was okay. I had my earplugs on so I didn't hear much noise from the galley/lavatories other than some noise from the plane itself.
  • Comment 152276 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6859 Comments
    Awesome report once again! You're just hitting all the TPAC 5th freedom routes! When it comes to flying in Y, I don't think one can do much better than SQ on an A380. And the meals look great...yum! Ok, now I'm hungry.

    Thanks for sharing!

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