Review of Cathay Pacific flight Tokyo Hong Kong in Premium Eco

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX549
Class Premium Eco
Seat 31A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 05:05
Take-off 29 Dec 15, 16:25
Arrival at 29 Dec 15, 20:30
CX 465 reviews
By 3323
Published on 17th January 2016
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Tokyo Haneda to Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific, Premium Economy, 777-300 ER: YOU ARE HERE

29th December 2015
1625-2030 (Scheduled)
1650-2022 (Actual)
Boeing 777-300ER (B-KPH)

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Full Tokyo Haneda CX Lounge Review available through here

After 8 days of travelling (mainly skiing) in Japan, it's time to return to my home port in Hong Kong. My family and I chose to fly Cathay Pacific on their Premium Economy product. Sure, the seat is more comfortable, but other than that, everything is pretty much the same as that offered in Economy Class, which was rather disappointing.

Did not do online check-in but check-in would be quick anyways with Business Class check-in (I am a Marco Polo Silver member). The flight was overbooked in both Business and Premium Economy; and the check-in agent tried to persuade us to downgrade with a payment of around US$130 in Japanese Yen. Given that the PEY ticket is often sold at double the price of Economy, we objected the offer.
photo 24149643800_8398b8eb33_bIMG_0547 by Herman Lam, on Flickr

The Lounge
The Tokyo Haneda CX Lounge was definitely the highlight of the flight. It was spacious and the food offering was excellent. It offers a good view of the tarmac and the terminal; and has different resting areas that provide for different needs (eating, resting, drinking, with company or without, etc.)

Classy entrance
photo 24445277015_62da6620f5_bIMG_0592 by Herman Lam, on Flickr

The main dining area
photo 24363196001_f6a7ddd05c_bIMG_0554 by Herman Lam, on Flickr

The bar area
photo 24337368982_5101ff774d_bIMG_0558 by Herman Lam, on Flickr

My selection (food made from order) - really excellent food
photo 24419440206_9ee0d885ea_bIMG_0567 by Herman Lam, on Flickr

View of the tarmac
photo 24362792091_dfd954919e_bIMG_0576 by Herman Lam, on Flickr

No Champagne, but sparkling wine woul do
photo 24077458529_6144594914_bIMG_0588 by Herman Lam, on Flickr

View from where I sat
photo 23817468044_94910ce74d_bIMG_0581 by Herman Lam, on Flickr

The flight
Boarding at Gate 143 today
photo 23818476653_0f4dfd06d7_bIMG_0596 by Herman Lam, on Flickr

Our bird today, B-KPH, a 77W with the 4-class configuration
photo 23818474883_4308723733_bIMG_0597 by Herman Lam, on Flickr

Legroom of the bulkhead seat (note that the door can slightly limit the width)
photo 24419059176_8dd33e1090_bIMG_0601 by Herman Lam, on Flickr

View for Mount Fuji from the right hand side
photo 24362813191_1d2f589b3a_bIMG_0613 by Herman Lam, on Flickr

Post departure drink service (sparkling water for me) - being in PEY only means you get served first, but the same service ensues
photo 24149653760_d7f57a8700_bIMG_0616 by Herman Lam, on Flickr

The bulkhead's PTV
photo 24445264095_34780fff47_bIMG_0617 by Herman Lam, on Flickr

Dinner was chicken with rice. Very disappointing - too salty. Also, this is the same as the Economy tray, with plastic cutlery etc. Seems to be catered in Hong Kong - the water is a Hong Kong brand. The portion is also quite small.
photo 23817079094_0d1b1d66ef_bIMG_0618 by Herman Lam, on Flickr

Dessert was this teeny tiny biscuit.
photo 23817077434_e5f1b5f36a_bIMG_0619 by Herman Lam, on Flickr

Dinner service concluded just above Taipei
photo 24445259365_e5be0c3ce8_bIMG_0622 by Herman Lam, on Flickr

PEY cabin prior to landing
photo 23818459343_fe303bdc25_bIMG_0626 by Herman Lam, on Flickr

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Cabin crew7.0

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I think Cathay has an excellent hard product - the seat is comfortable and is considerably better than its Economy product; but bulkhead is not the best seats you can get on this flight. While they offer you unlimited legroom and a footrest, the bulkhead seats have a weirdly positioned PTV that requires to look downward and that you probably will also be watching the TV of the one next to you. Also, the A seat can have its width quite narrowed because of the exit.

The short-haul PEY product is really a shame. I need to ask for a blanket and a pillow. Also, the lack of metal cutlery, for example, makes the whole experience un-Premium. I think, for a flight just shy of 5 hours, Economy is more value-for-money.

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