Review of Tiger Airways flight Ipoh Singapore in Economy

Airline Tiger Airways
Flight TR 2483
Class Economy
Seat 25F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 24 Jan 16, 17:15
Arrival at 24 Jan 16, 18:30
TR 39 reviews
By GOLD 1168
Published on 30th January 2016
The next morning, we went to the very popular Thean Chun coffeeshop for breakfast. It was real crowded. We ordered from all the stalls within the coffeeshop.

photo 24565240841_a3a6c20e81_b

Two styles of chee cheong fun.

photo 24647431705_912d6619a9_b

Satay up next.

photo 24647431145_39f500cb9b_b

Curry noodles

photo 24647430505_5ce48f58ac_b

Kai see (shredded chicken) hor fun. This is the most popular, with a wait required of more than half hour for this bowl of simple dish.

photo 24621239356_45ee467c85_b

Ipoh white coffee and caramel custard to end. What a heavy breakfast!!

photo 24565241791_fae20b308e_b

Want to get a concubine?

photo 24020627143_02d0a15ef7_b

One of the wall murals in Old Town.

photo 24647427625_3c7c83f1ef_b

Due to the rather warm and sunny weather, we chose to stayed within Ipoh Parade mall after checking out of the hotel. For a late lunch, we had some Penang fare at the Penang Road Teochew Chendol chain. Though not the original stall, the dishes still tasted rather authentic.

photo 24019295094_ded3489a13_b

photo 24351890240_f4c42cffaf_b

photo 24351889830_65072af453_b

We left the hotel at nearly 4pm for the airport to catch the 5.20pm flight back. Airport was again a less than 10min cab ride away. It was the 'peak' hour with a Firefly and a Tiger flight departing for Singapore within an hour.

photo 24019294444_0c8f102ed3_b

photo 24351888140_0f63f4441c_b

photo 24647424095_ca49b69e9b_b

Receipt-style boarding pass.

photo 24539060952_4e2b341a55_b

After immigration and security, we were housed in this small and packed waiting lounge, which filled up nearly to capacity with the passengers of both Firefly and Tigerair SIN-bound flights.

photo 24020622133_a8fa5384dc_b

Firefly being prepared for departure to Singapore.

photo 24621232286_7692b8db9a_b

Our plane arriving early from Singapore.

photo 24539059452_e106c227fc_b

Firefly taxiing for departure.

photo 24647421385_819d55d82a_b

24 January 2016
TR 2483
Ipoh (IPH) - Singapore (SIN)
Budget Class
Flight Time: 1h15m

With the early arrival of aircraft, boarding was called ahead of schedule as well. Priority Board-me-first, though announced, was not enforced as the waiting lounge was pathetically small and passengers were crowding to board. So much for priority boarding.

Again, a walk across the tarmac to board the aircraft.

photo 24020620553_49595c7553_b

photo 24621230486_53b986409b_b

Note the difference in colours on the engines and the tailfin. The fuselage and engines were repainted with the new corporate identity but not the tailfin.

photo 24621229766_d8f854c9b7_b

Boarding in progress. The original cloth-cladded seats on this older aircraft was refitted with leather covers. Flight ended up rather full and overhead bins were filled up as most passengers did not have check-in luggage.

photo 24621229246_8593cb4e54_b

Out the window.

photo 24020618413_48e96a92c1_b

Legroom, was expected, budget-style tight.

photo 24539055342_ec69709a1c_b

Tiger mags.

photo 24647418355_54c6b327e7_b

Boarding completed and doors closed way ahead of the STD. Short taxi to Rwy22 for departure.

photo 24539055172_3822186340_b

Taxi and takeoff from Rwy22, 7min ahead of schedule.

photo 24279689189_15c5b96497_b

photo 24020616273_4d353d4d2a_b

BOB was offered. Did not get anything but a few purchases were observed.

photo 24351880290_0efcf40cac_b


photo 24279688249_9c1f0aa643_b

All too soon, we were descending. However due to congestion, we were put in a holding pattern for almost 20min!

photo 24351879660_a341fbf50a_b

photo 24565226731_86561c5639_b

Approaching Changi's Rwy02L.

photo 24020614503_a6f8b74c5a_b

photo 24279686759_fd95b73059_b

Landing on Rwy02L, 12min ahead of schedule.

Taxi to Gate F31 at Terminal 2.

photo 24279833589_ccfca59fc9_b

photo 24647414025_31eb8f477d_b

photo 24621223946_e721b0b192_b

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Tiger Airways

Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu6.0

Ipoh - IPH


Singapore - SIN



A standard and punctual LCC experience on Tigerair.

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