Review of Air Caledonie flight Ile Des Pins Airport Nouméa in Economy

Airline Air Caledonie
Flight TY414
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft ATR 72-500
Flight time 00:30
Take-off 20 Dec 15, 15:50
Arrival at 20 Dec 15, 16:20
TY 15 reviews
By 1494
Published on 5th February 2016
Hello everybody
first of all I hope I'll have the goodwill of the jury as this is my first report; since I discovered this website I've admired lots of FR but so far felt too lazy to write one myself; I must say I am slightly disabled and I must give my whole attention to each stage before and during my flights, particularly when there are lots of other passengers around.
Moreover I started flying at a time when most of the excellent reporters who report here were not born yet; so I am not as young as they are and therefore not as skilfull to use this website.Indeed my first flights were on Comet IV, VC10,Caravelle, B707, Bac 1-11, Trident 1/2/3, not to speak of the Viscount and Britannia; so as you can guess I am not that young!
Last but not least, I do care for comfort, but not for alcohol or fine food as I believe they can't serve really fine cuisine at 36 000 feet; so thanks for reading my FR keeping in mind that my main expectations are:
security and safety
reliability of the airline and their schedule
seat comfort
customer relations

so let us start now with a very SMALL FR on a very SMALL flight, part of a GREAT Itinerary, which I have just carried out with my wife:

CDG/NRT on AF, december 14th 2015, business class: no report because it was so bad there is nothing to tell about; except we could redeem some miles and get two free tickets
NRT/NOU on Aircalin, december 15th, business class: no report, but very nice flight, comfortable seat, nice meals, nice crew and good service; free tickets included in the above mentioned AF booking;
Nouméa Magenta/Ile des Pins on Air Calédonie december 19th: no report but onward journey of the return reported here;
Ile des Pins/Nouméa Magenta on Air Calédonie december 20th, coach class, this report
NOU/AKL on Aircalin december 21st, business class: report under construction
Christchurch/Wellington, Air New Zealand january 12th, 2016, coach class, no report
Wellington/AKL january 17th, Air New Zealand, coach class, no report
AKL/Melbourne january 21st, Air New Zealand, business class, report under construction
Melbourne/SYD january 26th, Qantas, coach class, no report
SYD/Canton january 31st, China Southern, business class, free ticket FBlue , report under construction
CAN/CDG february 1st China Southern, business class, free ticket FBlue, no report.

photo DSC_0893

No you have not reached the bonus yet; just the bougainvillea shrub on the parking in front of the terminal

photo IMG_0975

Yes there is a terminal…

photo IMG_0976photo IMG_0978photo DSC_0890 (2)

seen from the inside; wide open on either side, I wonder what happens when there is a hurricane

photo DSC_0891 (2)

but now, there are more people on the shops side…

photo DSC_0897

than on the check in side

photo DSC_0889 (2)

but they come soon; our check in was quick and easy; on the onward flight as well as on this return flight we had one cabin bag each as we stayed just 24 hours; but maximum weight allowed in cabin is 3 kg per piece, and ours were around 5,4 kg; anyway on both flights staff told us it was ok and we could keep our bags on board with us. We did appreciate that.

photo DSC_0898 (2)

they check boarding pass before you enter the boarding area but not when you get out onto the tarmac

photo DSC_0835 (2)

boarding pass is very basic

photo DSC_0899

the check in hall is wide open, but the boarding room is an enclosed space, with a good view airside

so let us make pictures

nothing special about boarding

photo DSC_0902 (2)

no seat selection

photo IMG_0970

cabin colours are light grey

photo D3EA0AAD-4C7D-4DF9-ADF1-4BD38B54A117

very clear once in flight

photo 628FC4C9-BC2B-437B-BBA0-EDA7F3B4943B

pitch is ok for my size

photo 0806A475-A37C-47AB-AE7D-EF2FA2C21630

some reading; say hello to our japanese fellow passengers.

photo 02993553-939E-42A2-B905-3E1E58AB6BDC
do you want more reading?

photo IMG_0969

sorry weather is too bad to take more pictures

photo DSC_0903

and we quickly land at Noumea Magenta

photo DSC_0905 (2)

terminal is as busy as it was the day before.

Thanks for reading, so now some holiday pictures as a reward!

photo DSC_0829

Trou Feuillet, at the far end of a narrow valley, a green and wet area right in the middle of very dry land

photo DSC_0854

Church in Vao small and main village on Ile des Pins

photo DSC_0860

A traditional house in the village, where we got a very nice welcome

photo DSC_0851

Kuto Beach, Ile des Pins

photo DSC_0925

Seaside, in Grand Sud on main island

photo DSC_0876

The Beach close to Hotel Meridien

photo 7DFD0A65-275C-475E-828F-FDBCE9EFAF43-copie

Centre culturel Jean-Marie Tjibaou just off Noumea

photo IMG_0956-copie

Centre culturel Jean-Marie Tjibaou
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Air Caledonie

Cabin crew8.0

Ile Des Pins Airport - ILP


Nouméa - GEA



A short but nice flight; crew and ground staff were pleasant; we did appreciate to be allowed to take our overweight bags as cabin bags; a basic flight perfect for a first and basic report.

Information on the route Ile Des Pins Airport (ILP) Nouméa (GEA)


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  • Comment 156825 by
    socalnow 976 Comments
    Welcome LTQLGW and thank you for the beautifully photographed report.

    Your routing looks fantastic, what a trip!

    I can't speak for everyone but I sure would like to see reports even if you feel the service/flight wasn't up to standard.

    Looking forward to future pictures of these beautiful destinations.

    Thank you again and happy flying.
    • Comment 334205 by
      LTQLGW AUTHOR 170 Comments
      thanks for your nice comment
      Yes it was a fantastic trip, I had been thinking about it for over 15 years but we decided we should wait to be retired to do it, in order to enjoy plenty of time to visit as much as we could while being down under; I've been retired for years and as soon as my wife knew when she would retire last year, I booked the tickets; I had to book 10 months ahead because there are very few free Freq Traveler tickets to New Caledonia available in this season ( there were 2 on dec 14 th and then nothing until jan 14th...!) To get the return tickets was easier, so I planned the whole trip content and then booked the free return tickets from Sydney, there was availability everyday when I booked (9 months ahead). And it was great to enjoy the long intercontinental flights in biz class for free, though AF service on Paris to Narita was very low standard. But all other flights were good.
      I'll try to make the following reports in the coming days
  • Comment 156847 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 10221 Comments
    Thanks for this first report and Bienvenue à bord
    I love those small airports , they have something very special and make air travel both familiar and an adventure.
    The livery is very colorful and I like it.
    Don't worry about a jury : this site is just a bunch of avgeeks sharing their pleasure and experiences.
    • Comment 334204 by
      LTQLGW AUTHOR 170 Comments
      thanks for comments; I was just joking about the jury, just a way to introduce my first report; I like these small airports too, when you just walk a few yards from car park to the plane with everything quick and simple.
  • Comment 156877 by
    marathon GOLD 10151 Comments
    I know from experience the amount of time it takes to translate a FR.
    Thanks for the effort of sharing your experience of a lesser known destination with the English speaking community, and welcome among the bilingual contributors !
  • Comment 157151 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6814 Comments
    What a lovely and exotic report! It's very dépaysant--haha, wish there was a word for that in English. I like TY's livery--it's nice to see some color in a world of blah white liveries. Reports on Air Calédonie are rare, and this is the first one in English, so thanks very much for taking the time to post and contribute to our community :-)

    Welcome to flight report!

    KevinDC - Community Manager
    • Comment 334383 by
      LTQLGW AUTHOR 170 Comments
      Hi thanks for comment and welcome message
      btw thk you for information about edit button, I could modify report

      Oh yes Ile des Pins gives you a very complete change of scene; I like the livery too and it matches well with the architecture of the small airport

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