Review of Air New Zealand flight Auckland Melbourne in Business

Airline Air New Zealand
Flight NZ123
Class Business
Seat 1K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 04:10
Take-off 21 Jan 16, 08:30
Arrival at 21 Jan 16, 10:40
NZ 85 reviews
By 3353
Published on 9th February 2016

Warning: yes I know, some pictures have wrong shape and size; my camera was out of order and I had to manage with ipad and iphone.

Reminder: this flight is one leg of the following itinerary:
CDG/NRT on AF, december 14th 2015, business class, no report
NRT/NOU on Aircalin, december 15th, business class, no report
Nouméa Magenta/Ile des Pins on Air Calédonie december 19th: no report but onward journey of the following
Ile des Pins/Nouméa Magenta on Air Calédonie december 20th,
NOU/AKL on Air Calin, december 22nd, business class, (in fench only)
Christchurch/Wellington, Air New Zealand january 12th, 2016, coach class, no report
Wellington/AKL january 17th, Air New Zealand, coach class,
AKL/Melbourne january 21st, Air New Zealand, business class, you are here
Melbourne/SYD january 26th, Qantas, coach class, no report
SYD/Canton january 31st, China Southern, business class, report under construction
CAN/CDG february 1st China Southern, business class, no report.

Once more, we call Uber; driver is indian or pakistani and I can't understand the language he speaks; it seems it's supposed to be english; but he is very efficient and we get to AKL international terminal well on time.

We travel light with one carry on case and a roller bag each.
We check in the case even when allowed two pieces on board, we like to be at ease.

photo IMG_1008

Walking to the Premium check in area; sort of a long and narrow hall with low ceiling;
no photos! lots of self check in machines and two desks with staff, we choose one of them;
quick and pleasant check in with nice person; no other pax, just the two of us.

photo IMG_1230

Not many people on line for coach class check in either.
photo IMG_1229

Let's get upstairs and fill the emigration document
photo IMG_1231-2

No photo at security and emigration controls; it will go as a breeze, priority lane for biz pax.

One more floor up and we get to the lounge; a staff member at desk just outside of the entrance; nice welcome and we enter what seems to be a bright new lounge or at least recently refurbished area.

photo IMG_1238

These small tables will be very convenient with usb port and mains socket
photo IMG_1243

On our way to the lounge I take some pics of the inevitable Jetstar

photo IMG_1236photo IMG_1237

But let's get back to the lounge; we choose some of the black armchairs pictured here above;
some australian grannies sit next to us; they look very newtech geek!
photo IMG_1257

But these large windows are very tempting
photo IMG_1260photo IMG_1235

Now let us care for food and drink: I could not take photos but coffee order is worth telling about; there is a special counter for coffee; an ipad is on the counter and in a few clicks you can order coffee, with or without milk, with 1/3 or 2/3 of milk or water, capuccino etc…then you enter your first name, and a few minutes later you collect your coffee at the other end of the counter, your name is printed on the ticket laid on the saucer; at least this is what I could understand from what I saw; because I am tea addict; tea machine is behind the wall; facing the entrance of restrooms; but tea is diuretic after all…

Next to the tea machine, cold drinks
photo IMG_1255

At the far end of the lounge you can order eggs any way and waffles.
photo IMG_1239

A nice choice of bread
photo IMG_1241

My choice, with a second cuppa and another waffle in waiting
photo IMG_1242

Another view of the lounge; it's not huge but quite roomy, and very busy at this time.
photo IMG_1261 (2)

But I am attracted by the large windows airside; unfortunately they are very dusty; which seems to be a general condition in NZ airports.

photo IMG_1256
CZ just landed from Guangzhou where I'll have a long transfer a few weeks later (report under construction)

In a previous report I said that NZ was the Hobbit land…
photo IMG_1258 (2)

Yes they dared! This 777 just arrived from LAX
photo IMG_1259-2

But my favourite one is that one, same livery as the 777 we'll fly to Melbourne
photo IMG_1252

Let's have another one.
photo IMG_1253

Did anybody said "Encore" ?
photo IMG_1251

Let's have a look at the restroom
photo IMG_1244

Clean and bright
photo IMG_1246

No announcement; we watch the screens

I like the way they invite you to wait in lounge, don't you?

Btw, if you've ever been to APIA, please let us know!
photo IMG_1232

There was no gate information downstairs, but BP says G10
photo IMG_1262 (2)

What an ugly and dreary picture, almost as unpleasant as concourses and corridors
photo IMG_1264

Indeed there seems to be no real boarding room,pax are crammed at the far end of the corridor;
we can't see our plane from any place.
photo IMG_1266

But this korean 747 seems very friendly and will she go through window panes like they do in movies?
photo IMG_1270

Passengers'blurred faces seem right out of The Lord of the Rings.

All aboard
photo IMG_1271

My seat for just over 4 hours; will be comfy but I do not like the angled lay out
especially when I have a fellow traveler.
photo IMG_1275

Menu is lying on the ottoman; I'll see that later
photo IMG_1278

We get a nice welcome from a female FA and from the male purser; a drink? No thanks

I can't say our FA has very fine shoes, but I've seen much worse on Air Canada.
photo IMG_1279

And she will be so pleasant all thru the flight; asking where we come from, she will make a great great effort to try to speak french, thus showing great consideration to us.

While the FA is talking with my wife,I explore my seat features and controls.
photo IMG_1280

No leg rest but the ottoman is pretty close; feet underneath
photo IMG_1281

Shoes off to put my feet on;
photo IMG_1282

Seams and leather are getting old
photo IMG_1283

The huge table will spring out off the panel along my legs;
white button on panel is the bed control;
the seat folds over forwards to become the bed,so the back side of the seat is padded.
A comfortable, thick foam mattress is also provided on long haul flights
photo IMG_1306

Extra table and lamp
photo IMG_1301

In the meantime, we are leaving NZ
photo IMG_1286photo IMG_1287photo IMG_1291

No mistake, it's a 777-300
photo IMG_1292

Well now, what about food and drinks?
photo IMG_1298

I'll start with the energizer drink, delicious
photo IMG_1293

Some toasts, very crispy; I like the small salt and pepper dish;
marmalade was nice but would deserve a better container.
photo IMG_1302

Then a yoghurt and fresh fruit; all thru breakfast one of the FA will go round
the biz cabin with a teapot in one hand and a coffee pot in the other hand;
plenty of refill! in a mug! I like that; and I think on my last longhaul flight
with a large european airline we had a shallow cup for tea and FA wanted
to take away my tray without offering at least one refill! Just appalling.
photo IMG_1296

I keep to the basics
photo IMG_1303
It was so so; eggs vere fine but pork flavour was really too strong;
but I discovered that NZ food was very often a mix of US food
and British food from the 60's; so after all this hot breakfast main course was not so bad!

I like the buttonhole on napkin; hardluck though; I always wear shirts
or poloshirts but on that day I had a T shirt; I managed to stay spotless though!
photo IMG_1295
No trolley; fruit juice was served from a tray, then table cloth
and little tray with cold orders came with cutlery and mug; hot dish was served one by one to each pax.

Tea addict, means restrooms; but "they" are gonna see me…
photo IMG_1307

Didn't I tell you? …
photo IMG_1308
Am not joking, this "window" is facing the real one!

I like these small cotton towels
photo IMG_1309

I'm not much into IFE but screensize seems great.
photo IMG_1304

In the meantime we are getting to Melbourne; clouds were so low and it was so misty that we could make out ground only a few seconds before touch down.
photo IMG_1313 (2)

Nice Garuda aircraft
photo IMG_1314 (2)

We don't see much of these ones overhere
photo IMG_1315 (2)

United, Air India maybe, and Vietnam Airlines
photo IMG_1316 (2)

End of flight is very quiet; the purser goes round shaking hand and having a little chat with every pax; obviously NZ FA keep in mind that we are their jobs; we shoult import this to France

Immigration and quarantine go as a breeze; NZ gave us a priority card, but getting to immigration line, we are advised to use the machines, it will be quicker; though they mention Uk, Eire, US, NZ, Japan, Singapore and a few other kind of passports only are accepted, we can also use machines with a french passport; so we read passport, take a ticket go to a gate, take off glasses, have a photo, collect passport and ticket and this is it; then pick up luggage, give ticket to quarantine staff and are immediately allowed to get out; this is it.

A nice red double decker, with plenty of space to store luggage, will take us to downtown Melbourne for a reasonable price
photo IMG_1317 (2)

Departure every ten minutes; drop off at the main bus terminal; our place in Melbourne is just across the street;

There it is:
photo DSC_0486

!!!!!sorry, no this is Captain Cook's cottage, shipped from North Yorkshire to Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne

Our place is on 31st floor in that blue building with yellow stripes, left of picture
photo DSC_0447

But australian bonus will come with another FR

Ladies and gentlemen, The BONUS, South Island, NZ

North Island is in FR

On a ferry from Wellington
photo DSC_1146 - Copie

Amid the islands
photo DSC_1150 - Copie

to Picton, railstation
photo IMG_1064

If most of NZ is very green, north of south island, Marlborough land is very dry;
vineyards and sheep; it could be Greece
photo DSC_1158

Kaikoura, the town itself doesn't look nice, but the area is wonderful
photo DSC_1166

It's on a peninsula, stuck between the sea, green valleys and the mountains
photo DSC_1169 - Copiephoto DSC_1174 - Copiephoto DSC_1175

A coastal walkway goes round the peninsula, 12 km
photo DSC_1177

This peninsula, is for me, one of the most beautiful places in NZ
photo DSC_1179photo DSC_1181 - Copie
Black spots are seals

Our bed and breakfast is quite stylish
photo DSC_1184

A nice view from our balcony
photo DSC_1185

Kaikoura is a famous whalewatching place, here a sperm whale

photo DSC_1205

Nice tail
photo DSC_1193

I like that
photo DSC_1192

Another one a little further away, sort of a pressure cooker
photo DSC_1214

With a dolphin flirting around
photo DSC_1209

Did I say dolphins?
photo DSC_1243photo DSC_1230

I like that one
photo DSC_1202

I just had to be patient as there were hundreds.
photo DSC_1247

On the way to Mt Cook -AORAKI- highest mount in NZ
photo DSC_1252photo DSC_1259photo DSC_1275

I did not mean it, but I like the shades and colours of these two pictures

A wild area, used to be a gold mines area.
photo DSC_1298

This little town looks so british, don't you think?
photo DSC_1301

AS everywhere in NZ, pavements are covered
photo DSC_1304

A geological wonder, on the shore just off Dunedin
photo DSC_1310

Dunedin, the most scottish city in NZ; railstation
photo DSC_1316

An albatros
photo DSC_1332

Dunedin is nestled at the far end of this long and narrow bay.
photo DSC_1370

Wonderful Milford Sound
photo DSC_1407

The long way down to Queenstown
photo DSC_1443

along the shores of Lake Wakatipu
photo DSC_1450

Nice walk around the lake
photo DSC_1455

Across south island, NZ Alps
photo DSC_1515photo DSC_1526

Christchurch, devastated by earthquake; some artists "fill up" ruined places with paintings, sculptures or trompe l'oeil.
photo DSC_1541

They started rebuilding with ship containers; this shopping center has definitely adopted this style of building
photo DSC_1571

A famous street, spared by the tragedy, praised by tourists
photo DSC_1545

Christchurch has preserved places totally spared by earthquake; some new high tech rebuilt buildings, and lots of no man's land beated by strong winds; the general atmosphere is rather weird

So let's finish with some pastoral vision! From the rose garden in beautiful Hagley Park
photo DSC_1531

That's all folks!
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Air New Zealand

Cabin crew9.5

Air New Zealand International Business Class Koru Club Lounge


Auckland - AKL


Melbourne - MEL



Pre flight procedures were quick and easy, nice brand newlounge, very clean, good wifi connexion, breakfast buffet offers quality and quantity, large airside windows; boarding seemed a bit messy but easy for biz pax; excellent service on board and catering rather good; comfortable seat even though I don't like that angled layout; a good opportunity to test NZ longhaul product on a medium range flight; a special mention for FA and purser; easy entry procedures in Melbourne. So all in all, a very good flight!

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The airline with the best average rating is Emirates with 8.4/10.

The average flight time is 4 hours and 3 minutes.

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    NGO85 GOLD 1871 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR!

    The reverse herringbone cabins are not my favorite since you have to contort yourself to reach the window for photography. Maybe your photos are misleading, but these seats seem very narrow since you don't get an armrest on the left side (only a wall). Either way, it's still an excellent product to get on a 3.5-hour flight.

    Catering looks good for breakfast. The cotton hand towels in the bathroom is definitely a unique feature. I wonder how many of these they go through on an actual TPAC, must have quite the laundry bill.

    Fantastic bonus of NZ, too bad the weather in Australia was not as nice on arrival.

    • Comment 334379 by
      LTQLGW AUTHOR 164 Comments

      Hi Thks for the comment. I had cotton towels on Air Mauritius business some yeras ago but it seems they dont't have them anymore; probably no laundry, just waste.
      Melbourne weather was like that every morning, sometimes rain, drizzle, or thunderstorm and heavy rain; but from about noon it got clear and then bright sunny and warm so it was good because we are not earlybirds! strange though, it was like this every one of the 6 days we were there

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