Review of China Southern flight Sydney Guangzhou in Business

Airline China Southern
Flight CZ326
Class Business
Seat 19H
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 09:35
Take-off 31 Jan 16, 11:25
Arrival at 31 Jan 16, 18:00
CZ 134 reviews
By 5293
Published on 21st February 2016
Hello everybody

This flight is part of the following itinerary:

CDG/NRT on AF, december 14th 2015, business class, no report
NRT/NOU on Aircalin, december 15th, business class, no report
Nouméa Magenta/Ile des Pins on Air Calédonie december 19th: no report but onward journey of the following
Ile des Pins/Nouméa Magenta on Air Calédonie december 20th,
NOU/AKL on Air Calin, december 22nd, business class, (in french only)
Christchurch/Wellington, Air New Zealand january 12th, 2016, coach class, no report
Wellington/AKL january 17th, Air New Zealand, coach class,
AKL/Melbourne january 21st, Air New Zealand, business class,
Melbourne/SYD january 26th, Qantas, coach class, no report
SYD/Canton january 31st, China Southern, business class, That's here!
CAN/CDG february 1st China Southern, business class, no report.

The last leg reported was this excellent flight from AKL to MEL on NZ business class; after a few days in Melbourne, see bonus here below, we flew to Sydney; nothing special on that QF flight which I did not report, but I give you some information and pictures hereafter.

We take the airport bus at the bus terminal which is just across the street opposite to our home in Melbourne; very convenient, fast and fairly cheap way to get to the airport on time; QF domestic terminal main lobby seems very basic and rather empty; lots of self check in machines and hardly any QF staff, whereas NZ who has lots of self check in devices has always several staff members around, just in case; anyway we manage to get our BP and tag our cases. Security goes fast and easy, then we have miles of corridors, steps, lifts to reach our concourse and boarding room.
However I do appreciate these very large windows, they are on boths sides of the concourse.
photo IMG_1360

I like public telephones too; with usb ports on which you can charge your iphone battery; very convenient; and so much easier than using charger + cable + adaptor and crawl on the ground like a crocodile to reach a mains connection on the baseboard.
To keep you waiting, a few pictures of this short flight MEL/SYD just over an hour; they serve cold and hot drinks and a hot pie, not exactly delicious but at least eatable if not edible.

Pitch is good
photo IMG_1361

A comfortable seat with harmony of colors similar to FAs'uniforms.
photo IMG_1364
photo IMG_1362

Sydney is the last stop on our 7 week grand tour; on january 31st we fly back to France with a stop over and plane change in Guangzhou; we fly China Southern on both legs as it seems easier to redeem Flying Blue miles on AF Skyteam partners than on AF themselves. No comment

Once more, Uber will take us from downtown to Sydney International terminal; mostly strange and unexpected in such a large city, the highway connects downtown Sydney to the domestic terminals, and then the road goes on through a small community with a long traffic light and a queue to enter the terminal area.

Anyway we left early and get there quite on time.
Smart precaution as it's very crowdy; lots of departures to south and far Asia and the middle east.

The day before I've located CZ check in area on airport website so we make our way easily.

The queue to coach check in
photo 20160130_220041351_iOS-3 (2)

Priority lanes are clearly marked
photo 20160130_221904925_iOS (2)

And immediately a member of staff waves us; she is very pleasant and efficient; our reserved seats on the CAN/CDG leg have been cancelled…mystery…but she very quickly offers two seats abrast juts one row behind the one we had selected; she gives us full information on how to go through priority lane for security and emigration and the way to the lounge as well as transit procedures in CAN.

A little walk in the terminal to post a letter
photo IMG_1443 (2)photo IMG_1442

And we enter the priority lane
photo IMG_1444 (2)

Emigration is a machine; no stamp on passports! what a shame. Security lane is very long with lots of scan gates and hardly anybody so it goes as a breeze.

No duty free for us; lounge is not clearly marked but we manage; we have got to walk thru a part which is still under construction; it seems it connects the main building with a new concourse in which we'll find the Skyteam lounge and our boarding gate.
photo IMG_1445 (2)

There is an Amex lounge; we could try it with our Platinum cards, but…
photo IMG_1446 (2)

eventually we make up our mind and go to the Skyteam lounge
photo IMG_1447 (3)

Welcomed by two young asian women (ie smiling); they tel us there will be no announcement and we shall watch the screen; this will be a major issue later.

Then you have a choice, stairs, escalator, or lift to go downstairs; the lounge has large windows airside.
photo IMG_1454

This quiet and comfy place will suit us.
photo IMG_1453

I've hardly ever seen so many A380 in such a short time; KE is leaving, EK is taxiing in the distance and QF will keep on arriving and departing.
photo IMG_1468

Until the star of the day arries, with a view of downtown Sydney in the background.
photo IMG_1450

Beautiful, isn't she?
photo IMG_1451

Star of the day which took the place of just pushed back KE.
photo IMG_1452photo IMG_1455

Let us get closer
photo IMG_1463

I take a walk round the lounge

photo IMG_1474photo IMG_1475

No amenities, but everything brand new, and fine…
photo IMG_1464

I was about to add and clean
But No
photo IMG_1465
Do all users have problems? Look at the floor under each urinal.

Who is amulant? the males or the toilets?
photo IMG_1467

A quieter area with no direct view on the tarmac
photo IMG_1473

There is a smoking room, and a relaxation room with windows and a windowless TV room.
photo IMG_1470photo IMG_1472

photo IMG_1456

photo IMG_1458

My choice: nothing extraordinary but tasty and am starving!
photo IMG_1460photo IMG_1459

More people in the lounge now with flights China Eastern, Delta, Vietnam airlines and Garuda.

Another A380 just arrived.
photo IMG_1461

Time goes and the screen still shows flights much earlier than ours, and no flight in the time range of ours.

But it's now 10:55am and BP says boarding at 10:40am
photo IMG_1477 (3)

But nothing on the screen. So I check on Sydney airport website, and …I see our CZ flight says: final call !!!

So we pack our things very quickly; get upstairs, tell the employees that downstairs screen does not mention our flight; they say that they know!!! I presume they knew it already when we arrived. In fact there are two screens behind them, the upper one is a replica of the downstairs screen and the lower screen shows later flights, including ours.

Fortunately, the gate is pretty close; boarding with business gangway to the upperdeck; welcome at gate; then a female FA comes to us and gives us the menu; there seems to be no drink service, but may be too late as we are the last to board and doors will be closed right behind us. Just a few minutes later FA comes back and collects the menu; very little time to make my choice or to take a picture;

Then she kneels down in the aisle to take orders.
photo IMG_1481

In the meantime, I discover my seat and environment for the next 9 hours or so
photo IMG_1480

A mattress
photo IMG_1482

Storing capacity under the footrest and between seat and window
photo IMG_1484

No otoman but this footrest is very comfortable; for now I store quilt and mattress
photo IMG_1483

Seat control panel is retractable
photo IMG_1489

The main table
photo IMG_1491

Push back on time
photo IMG_1492

Time to enjoy our gifts!
photo IMG_1488

And show the content
photo IMG_1485

Say hello to our cousin
photo IMG_1494

And a few acquaintances
photo IMG_1495

That's all you have as a show, because…
photo IMG_1496

Indeed, in spite of several reboot by FA and pursel herself, that's all I get all thru the flight

As a matter of fact, very long to start, then many commercial, most of them for luxury western cars, and between each, this lovely chinese ad, I could not understand what it was about, but it was nice music and picture
photo IMG_1506

And though, it's a large screen when it works!!
photo IMG_1493photo IMG_1504-2
But mine went off everytime I wanted to enter the menu

Talking about menu…
Meal time, no trolley!

These hot nuts are delicious, I take apple juice as usual.
photo IMG_1507

And green tea for my wife. The Virtue league is on its way!!
photo annickrepas

Brand named cutlery
photo IMG_1541

Starter with delicious garlic bread which will enhance the course that was a bit too cold
photo IMG_1510photo IMG_1511
If you have keen eyes you may make out the slippers I now wear.

Mushroom soup was my second choice; it's delicious; but were there some turbulences?
photo IMG_1512

My choice among three main courses was lamb chops.
photo IMG_1513

Maybe overdone for some people, perfect for me.
photo IMG_1514

No highlight for the dessert; I choose pana cotta/passion fruit coulis
photo IMG_1515

It was like the picture!

Then come fresh fruits
photo IMG_1516

And, is that some kind of british influence, then comes cheese!
photo IMG_1518
Without port! so after all not so british.

No tea or coffee service; well we'll do without it

I've got a very good book on ipad, and since IFE keeps off, I'll read, sleep and walk around cabin.
Let us start by the restroom
photo IMG_1521
A rather rude passenger?
photo IMG_1520
Because it was kept very clean throughout the flight
photo IMG_1522

A somehow reduced offer, but enough for me.
photo IMG_1526 (3)

Let's have a look
photo IMG_1547photo IMG_1544

Comfy under the quilt, but half asleep and as blurred as my picture
photo IMG_1525

About 2 hours before landing then comes snack time; when orders where taken at departure time, I wihed chinese noodles, but since we were last pax to board and order, there were no more; so I selected spaghetti carbonara…

… which a wizard seems to have changed into penne bolognaise; nice one anyway.
photo IMG_1542

With a nice toast supposed to go with…nothing
photo IMG_1540

And then will start a very long descent towards CAN; Purser will come and thank every passenger, apologizing once more for my IFE; then we keep on going down through a long and thick layer of clouds; it will get sort of clearer just seconds before touchdown.
photo IMG_1553

No spotting possible except that kind of "impression soleil couchant" as night will come soon.
photo IMG_1561

A modern aircraft or Noah's ark?
photo IMG_1564

Leaving the aircraft thru lower deck.
photo IMG_1565

Connecting passengers are met by a CZ staff member, one for each flight; ours must have been
a hiking champion because we can hardly follow her; but police control is not that far and when she sees there is a small queue and some waiting time, she waves us to come forward , to cross over the yellow line and she blocks access of other PAX to the first free counter, and here we go, last in, first served
photo IMG_1566

I wonder why we have this police control for PAX transiting and staying airside only, but …this is China I suppose.
Anyway, the policewoman is smiling and makes things very fast , then she invites us to take the escalator behind her to get to the lounge upstairs. All in all 7 minutes from plane to lounge.
photo IMG_1567photo IMG_1568

A welcome control outside the door, and a less formal one inside; downstairs is a restaurant with a noodle bar
photo IMG_1574

Upstairs, first part is sort of a narrow "tunnel"; seen here entrance side, with the terminal building in the background
photo lounge5

Then a large atrium with glass roof and full view airside, unfortunately the pouring rain keeps on and night has come.
photo lounge1photo IMG_1571

It's about 6:30pm and the place is rather quiet; it will be busier and very noisy later with large chinese families and misbehaving children; but it will return to quiet atmosphere from 11pm till departure time

I ask for a shower; some form to fill in, but service is quick; place is cleaned just before I use it; quite roomy space, with wardrobe for clothes, plenty of towels and hot water.

I confess I will go down three times to the noodle bar; made on request they are absolutely fantastic. I did not take pictures, and I prefer to show you a vista of the terminal building seen from upstairs
photo lounge4

From time to time a CZ staff comes round and calls for boarding flights; I think his chinese is easier to understand than his english but he does the job.
Except the two noisy hours, this long waiting time, some 7 hours, was rather comfortable in spite of a rather too cool airconditioning.
We'll board at a downstairs gate, I mean ground level, which means the plane is at large and we'll take a bus; a small bus is reserved for business class; a french PAX has put all his (many) hand luggage on the available seats, and situation turns to a mess when the last passengers arrive; all the more than a CZ staff member comes with each of them with a huge umbrella, because this heavy rain still goes on. Once everyone has found a seat, we start a several mile drive around the airport; our plane to CDG was parked at a very far gate; we have to board by this steep staircase usually used by crew members, still under the somehow cumbersome but very useful umbrellas.
Nice welcome onboard, biz cabin is full, warm and comfortable.
I do not have dinner because of the noodles bowl in lounge; i switch the IFE on and can enjoy flight information all thru the flight…at least everytime I open an eye during this very long night flight; I wake up above Sweden, when breakfast service is about to start. After boarding I had selected chinese breakfast, which surprised the FA. There it is
photo ptidej


Landing time, purser comes round and thanks every passenger; she asks me about my chinese breakfast, and invites me next time, to take advantage of the free stop over in Guangzhou to enjoy cantonese cuisine.
We walk thru miles of dark corridors in CDG, which any human being seems to have left, before we get to immigration ; long queues but rather fast for Skypriority

Well that's all for the reports of our long trip in and from the Pacific. This report may seem a bit messy, but the QF flight did not deserve a full report I think, and the CAN/CDG leg left so late, after our long flight from Syd and long transit in CAN that I did not feel well enough to report it. Thanks for having read so far and as a reward, please enjoy the bonus!

Melbourne comes first
Queen Victoria market and its fabulous delicacies department
photo marché

Wonderful botanical garden
photo DSC_0360photo DSC_0381

On the way back, crossing over the river and a good view of new buildings outside the CBD
photo DSC_0356photo DSC_0383

Modern and old buildings seem to get on well!
photo DSC_0385

As you will see, I'm fascinated by this tower
photo DSC_0395

Melbourne is a city of diversity, human and architectural
photo DSC_0397

Sometimes the inside is as good as the outside
photo IMG_1340 (2)
Inside the library of the State of Victoria

And what do you think of this theater?
photo DSC_0400

The railstation opposite seems very sober in comparison
photo DSC_0403

You may use this streetcar for free, as all streetcars in and all around CBD
photo DSC_0408

I told you: fascinating
photo DSC_0409 (2)

But if you prefer a ride round Melbourne, go to the National gallery of Victoria, and help yourself!
photo IMG_1334 (2)

A short boat trip outside Melbourne, to Williamstown
photo DSC_0425
Lovely early 20th century houses
photo DSC_0428

Melbourne CBD from Williamstown
photo DSC_0435

It's not la vie en rose in the ancient docks.
photo DSC_0461

Did I say Melbourne or Yorkshire? Captain Cook's place was shipped from UK to Fitzroy Garden
photo DSC_0484

And now, last but least, Sydney

This kind of architecture is frequent in residential areas of Sydney
photo DSC_0503

CBD and roof of the opera house from the roof top of our place
photo DSC_0512

From the same place, the street downstairs in Darlinghurst
photo DSC_0518

Influence of British and Byzantine empires in Queen Victoria Building (1898)
photo DSC_0521

An elegant shopping arcade nearby, in CBD
photo DSC_0522

Here too, ancient and modern lean on each other.
photo DSC_0530

On Australia day, I sat hours with my back against a tree, watching an open air show then fireworks;
when I left my place, an opossum came down from the tree. It had been very patient.
photo IMG_1379

We loved that sort of house in the Rocks…
photo DSC_0534

…much preferred to Bondi Beach
photo DSC_0594

As a matter of fact, the coastal walkway which goes for miles from Bondi Beach,
leads to much nicer places, little bays and coves
photo DSC_0607

A daytrip to Blue Mountains, 2 hours by train west of Sydney
photo DSC_0655

Weather was very bad when we arrived but I could take some pictures later
photo DSC_0668

Let us come back downtown
photo DSC_0685

Harbour Brisge is of course a masterpiece
photo DSC_0776

But I think the one you are waiting for is:
photo IMG_1427photo DSC_0744

Seen from the city
photo IMG_1430

The largest auditorium
photo DSC_0794photo IMG_1437

Thanks for your attention

I hope the bonus helped you to read through

And now I give you a scoop: another report will come soon but nothing to dream about, a domestic UK flight!

See you soon!
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China Southern

Cabin crew9.0

SkyTeam Lounge


Sydney - SYD


Guangzhou - CAN



So I summed up two flights and reported a third one; what do I think about CZ; all in all a rather good experience. Quick and pleasant service at check in and transit; nice crew showing interest and consideration for passengers; A380 very comfortable, I liked the 1-2-1 as it was not the fishbone style. Skyteam lounge in Sydney should improve information and restroom cleaning; very nice lounge in CAN. No doubt I'll fly CZ again if I have the opportunity to do so.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est China Southern avec 7.6/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 9 heures et 33 minutes.

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  • Comment 158191 by
    eminere™ 272 Comments
    You seem like a very patient and tolerant traveller, despite the various inconveniences along your journey. Kudos to you!

    Oh, and your Cartier watch is marvellous.
    • Comment 335194 by
      LTQLGW AUTHOR 165 Comments
      thanks for comment
      well I m not as patient and tolerant, it just depends on what affects me and how the situation is managed
      if you read my first report you will see that among my main expectations is customer relation; I ve flown nearly 800 times and I can understand there may be some inconveniences because airline business is so sophisticated and security and safety are such major issues compared to all other things that I am ready to accept inconveniences IF the airline staff express apologies, and shows they are really sorry for it, in short they show to passengers that they are the most important for them. And this was the case, when purser came to try to reboot the IFE and could not, she did apologize then had a rather long conversation with me, my travel experience etc... and she asked me if she could do something else for me etc.... maybe some people would consider it s just words but those words are important to me; and this is why i give up travelling with AF because I travelled with them over 450 times; of course on so many flights there happened to be inconveniences , and sometimes major ones, I could see no real interest from persons facing me and everytime I had to write twice to get an answer; twice I had to write to the CEO himself; which is absolutely no way to manage customer relation; the only good thing is that altogether my claims to the CEO rewarded me with 100 000 Fblue miles; but this is no way to do things, is it? or is my ego oversized?
      sorry for being so long, but thanks to your comment I can see my FR required some more information
      As for the Cartier watch , I love it, it s my wife's and son's present for my 60th birthday! Getting old brings you nice surprises sometimes!
      Once again thanks for reading my FR
    • Comment 335233 by
      eminere™ 272 Comments
      Congratulations on your 60th! A most handsome watch for a milestone year.

      I completely agree with you that it's the soft touch that matters in customer-facing roles and industries, and sincerity in service can indeed go a long way towards ameliorating an otherwise difficult situation. Nevertheless being without IFE for a relatively long flight as this would've put me in a very bad mood, as I rely on it to pass the time. And I am nowhere near as patient or tolerant as you! Lol
    • Comment 335237 by
      LTQLGW AUTHOR 165 Comments
      I should send u a copy of some of my claims to AF and you could see there were times when I was not so patient!!!! lol
      Yes indeed no IFE for such a long flight is a real inconvenience, I could have moved to another seat as cabin was sort of half full, but I could see some other pax had same problem with flight info , and as I was not interested in films I stayed on my seat by window. Thks for congratulations !!!

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