Review of LAN Argentina flight Buenos Aires Sao Paulo in Economy

Airline LAN Argentina
Flight LA4546
Class Economy
Seat 22A
Flight time 02:50
Take-off 21 Feb 16, 15:20
Arrival at 21 Feb 16, 18:10
4M 6 reviews
By 1426
Published on 13th March 2016
Hello everyone! This is the first part of a series of reports from my trip to New York City last month.

My itinerary was:

EZE-GRU with LAN Argentina on a Boeing 767-300ER
GRU-JFK with TAM on a Boeing 767-300ER
JFK-GRU with TAM on a Boeing 767-300ER
GRU-EZE with LAN Argentina on an Airbus 320

When I bought the tickets, I tried to choose my seats on the LAN webpage. I could only choose the ones for my flights between EZE and GRU (because they were operated by LAN). On the flights operated by TAM the webpage said I had to do it through TAM’s webpage. When I entered TAM’s it said I had to choose my seat during online check in, but I couldn’t do this because on flights to USA the option is not available.
So, let’s start with the report!

Date: 21/02/16
Origin: Buenos Aires – Ezeiza EZE
Destination: Sao Paulo – Guarulhos GRU
Estimated Departure: 15.20 (15.50 real)
Estimated Arrival: 18.10 (18.30 real)

On the Sunday of my flight I arrived EZE about 4 hours before, on a shuttle from my city. As the counters of LAN and TAM are always open, I could check in and dispatch my luggage (directly to JFK). The agent gave me my two boarding passes. The attention was correct and fast.

EZE Entrance – Terminal A

photo 2016-02-21_09-34-16_1

Then, as it was midday I had lunch at the Mc Donald’s located near international arrivals at Terminal A. There I ran into someone I know who was supposed to fly on the Air Europa flight to Madrid at 12 but it was rescheduled to midnight…Poor guy!
When I finished I went to the upper level (departures) to pass trough security and migrations (which were a breeze).

EZE Panorama

photo 2016-02-21_10-07-15


photo 2016-02-21_10-15-47

Duty Free

photo 2016-02-21_10-29-06

As there was still some time from my flight I decided to walk through the Terminals (which are connected on the airside), and watch people pass by. On my boarding pass it wasn’t printed the gate, and on the screens that information wasn’t available yet.

Terminal B

photo 2016-02-21_10-33-44_1

Aeromexico Boeing 787

photo 2016-02-21_10-34-33

Departures Info

photo 2016-02-21_10-35-24

Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus 340 about to depart to Bogota

photo 2016-02-21_10-47-55

Iberia Airbus 340 “Salvador Dalí”

photo 2016-02-21_11-01-32

Alitalia Boeing 777 departing to FCO

photo 2016-02-21_11-23-30

My passport and boarding passes

photo 2016-02-21_11-28-21

Relax B)

photo 2016-02-21_11-37-52

When I was sitting on the couches facing to the platform, I saw passing a LAN Argentina Boeing 767 and stopping on a gate nearby. My flight was originally scheduled on an Airbus 320. So I went to see on the screens if my gate was available and then I noticed I will be flying a 767 instead! :D (I really love wide body aircraft).

LAN Argentina Boeing 767 which took me to GRU, register LV-CDQ

photo 2016-02-21_12-50-20

Customary screenshot ;)

photo 2016-02-21_13-23-51

At 14.50 they announced the boarding was about to start. I was made on the same order as they always do it in LAN: First passengers with children under 2, and with special needs. Then passengers in business class and with high status, later pax flying on the back lines of economy (Me) and finally pax on the front lines of economy.

Gate 16

photo 2016-02-21_12-51-18

Glass Air Bridge

photo 2016-02-21_13-10-49


photo 2016-02-21_13-12-12

Business class

photo 2016-02-21_13-13-26

Our neighbor plane, Air New Zealand Boeing 777 which started operations 2 month ago in EZE.

photo 2016-02-21_13-15-54_1

Finally at 15 I boarded the plane. This Boeing 767 has the old LAN interiors and the older in flight entertainment. The screens have lower definition and a remote control on the armrest. But I always find the 767 configuration (2-3-2) in LAN and TAM very very comfortable.

Good space in my seat, 22A

photo 2016-02-21_13-20-36

A7 15.30 the captain introduced himself and the rest of his crew (they were all Argentineans), he announced the flight will take about 2 hours and that in a few minutes we’ll be taking off. Later the chief FA introduced herself and wished us a pleasant flight. The security indications video was displayed when we pushed back.

Take off

photo 2016-02-21_14-00-57

Flight map

photo 2016-02-21_14-02-53

Approximately 30 minutes after takeoff the meal was served. The choices were blueberry muffins or cheese sandwiches, with hot or cold drinks.

I went for the muffin and a glass of diet coke. The muffin was very good

photo 2016-02-21_14-25-03_1

I looked up the entertainment system. It has a huge variety of films, TV programs and music. For the short duration of the flight I chose a short movie which I had seen many times before and I love: “Clueless” or “Despistados” (in Spanish). So ninety’s!

Parental Advisor

photo 2016-02-21_14-33-10

At 18.20 the captain announced we were starting our descent over Sao Paulo, and asked the passengers to fast the seatbelts.


photo 2016-02-21_16-25-34


photo 2016-02-21_16-33-37_1

Finally at 18.50 we landed in Sao Paulo Guarulhos International Airport. Minutes before the landing they showed a video explaining how to connect international and domestic flights in GRU between terminals 2 and 3. I was told my JFK flight will depart from Terminal 3 (new one), so when I realized the plane was heading to Terminal 2 I was upset. I had plenty of time to make my connection, but I it involved walking like an hour on the airport walkways (according to the video).

Platform in GRU

photo 2016-02-21_16-50-34

When I got off the plane, I followed the way other passengers were doing (because this flight is mostly used by Argentineans to connect in GRU with flights to USA, Europe and Brazil). Then I found myself in a security check point. After that there was an information screen, where I saw my JFK flight will be departing from Terminal 2 (the one I was in) instead of Terminal 3.

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LAN Argentina

Cabin crew9.0

Buenos Aires - EZE


Sao Paulo - GRU



This was a very good flight. I never had flown with LAN Argentina before, but i did with other LAN subsidiaries. The service they offer is very good. The plane was very comfortable, and thanksfully it wasn't full. The only thing they should improve is changing their interiors to match the other LAN and TAM's. EZE-GRU is the busiest route from EZE Airport

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  • Comment 159684 by
    A350Flyer 10 Comments
    Great report. too bad you could noot use the new terminal 3, Looking forward to the rest!

    Hasta luego!
  • Comment 159696 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this FR.

    You were lucky to fly on a widebody. It makes all the difference in the world.

    A shame that you missed the new T3 at GRU. GIG is horrible and is in need of a major renovation if you ask me.
    • Comment 336491 by
      viajero90 AUTHOR 103 Comments
      Thanks for your comments!
      On the way back I could see the new Terminal, it will be in my following reports!
      GIG is really awful, they don't even have a decent air conditioning system. In a hot summer day you can fell hotter inside the airport than outside
  • Comment 159785 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6427 Comments
    Nice Report! I didn't know LAN Argentina had 767s. I wonder if they were moved over from Regular LAN Chile?

    I could only choose the ones for my flights between EZE and GRU (because they were operated by LAN).
    - Geez, you would think being that LAN and TAM are the same company now, that they would make it easier to choose seats!

    The Terminal in EZE looks like. I always thought that EZE was dark and drab, is this a new terminal?

    It certainly is nice to have a widebody with PTVs on a short regional flights. Equipment changes to widebodies are always welcome :-)

    Thanks fro sharing!

    • Comment 336589 by
      viajero90 AUTHOR 103 Comments
      Thanks! Yes! LAN Argentina received the only 2 767 from LAN Chile..
      - The companies haven't fully merged yet. Last month they just announced the gradual unification of their frequent traveler programes.
      - The terminal in EZE from the pics is the newer area, which opened a few years ago. It's connected with the Terminal A (old), that looks like from the 90's.

      Thanks for your comment!

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