Review of AeroMexico flight Cancún Mexico City in Economy

Airline AeroMexico
Flight AM 586
Class Economy
Seat 21A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:50
Take-off 02 Mar 16, 20:25
Arrival at 02 Mar 16, 22:15
AM   #39 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 68 reviews
By 2514
Published on 24th March 2016
Welcome everyone to the 3rd part of my most recent trip to Mexico.
Just a quick look at where we are and where we left last time.

CUN - MEX AM B738 you are here

As I promised I will start with few pictures from our stay at Cancún.
Cancun can be basicly devided into two parts. First is the downtown where the most of the locals live, it´s few kilometers from beaches and the hotels are much cheaper here. Then there is a Hotelzone. It is land in shape of "7" that is going all around Nichupte lagoon. And it is all covered with beaches and hotels. The hotels that are more 2 times more expensive than those in downtown. As prices for transportation are pretty low in Cancún we decided to book Ibis Cancún Centro hotel that was situated in downtown. On one hand it saved us a lot of money but on the other hand travelling to beaches and back on a daily basis was unconfortable and sometime exhausting with local bus. The whole bus system seemed to be very chaotic as there were no maps or timeschedules. Taxis were cheap too, but the prices of buses were ubeatable with 11,50MXN per ride. Taxis to hotelzone were over 100MXN but still it is very good price.

View of our hotel from Plaza las Americas shopping mall.
photo _288DSCN0292photo _292DSCN0296

The main purpose of going to Cancún was the sea and beaches for us and that is where we stayed almost everyday. As it was February beaches were far from crowded so we enyjoed nice sandy beaches almost alone. Cancún is well-known for its turqoise waters and I have to admit I was really impressed by the sea colours there.
Sea temperature was very good for swimming but it was windy there which meant there were quite high waves and it was not allowed to swim at many places.

Cancún is also popular destination due to its nightlife. Hotelzone is full of (beach) clubs and after paying an admission you are usually allowed to drink as much as you wish. From what I could see Hotelzone had a great atmosphere during evenings and nights but we were too tired to try partying at night.

In the middle of our stay we took a one day trip to 130Km far city of Tulum where the ruins of Mayan are. We spend it mostly at the archeological zone and by the sea, but our stay was really nice. The whole Tulum was not in such a rush as Cancún was. I found it to be very nice and calm place. To get there from Cancun it´s best to take ADO bus that costs about 170MXN one-way, the ride takes 2 hours. It takes you to Tulum center and from there you can catch taxi for 70MXN to archeological zone.
photo _116DSCN0117

The whole place was full of iguanas, I loved them.

We also stayed at Isla Mujeres for a day which is and island close to Cancún, just a 15 minute boat ride. Nice place, but still enjoyed Cancún´s beaches more though.
photo _331DSCN0335

Oh, really?
photo _51DSCN0051

Ok, you´re right
photo _397DSCN0401

Let´s go back to flying.
To get back home we were scheduled on CUN-MEX-CDG-NUE routing and with another 10+hours long journey from NUE home we were ahead of another difficult experience. Our flight from Cancún was scheduled to leave at 20:22 so we tried to get some rest during the day but still managed to get to beach for 2 hours. As I didn´t want to leave hotel before 16:00 I paid for a late check-out.
On the hotel wifi I got regular update from my father sending me aircraft regs for both CUN-MEX and MEX-CDG segments. Still with hour to leave I followed our ride on Flightradar24.

Our original plan was to leave at 16:00 and head to bus station from where we would leave to the airport. But right in front of the hotel there was some taxi dispatcher who offered us a taxi and after a short chat he almost equaled the price of the bus. 5 minutes later our taxi arrived and soon we were heading to the airport comfortably. After 15 minutes ride we were right in front of Terminal 2 with huge amount of time to spare. After quick walk through landside we found out there is nothing to do and tried to check-in and get airside.
I wanted to do an online check-in in the afternoon but was unable to do so due to codeshare flight (that is what AM website told me). At the desk everything went smoothly, I asked the guy if we can get a window seat on the left at which he replied "sure". He was very nice and surprised us by saying he visited Brno in previous years. From check-in we went directly to security and few minutes later we found ourselves airside.

There are some pros and cons about Cancún Internation Airport. I liked the shops, there were several places to get some food including burgers or pizza. Dutyfree shops were rather small but quite fine. Although the airport is quite busy, but small, it´s always easy to get a seat somewhere close to window. We were located in the ground floor as on the 1st floor there were international flights only. I was left disappointed with very bad views outside. The only chance to get apron views from gates at ground floor. Runway action was visible poorly.
Wifi didn´t make me happy too. I read on the internet that it should be free at CUN. I found only one where you have purchase it for 70MXN or something for hour or two. I did it, but when I lost connection at one place I couldn´t bring it back to life anytime after that. That didn´t impress me much.
photo DSC_0211_01photo DSC_0212_01

A proof that being a spotter is not an easy hobby at CUN.
photo DSC_0213_01

It felt like every 738 has to be equiped with split-scimitar winglets. I didn´t like them at first but I ended up with having no problem with it.
photo DSC_0215_01

I love both old and new AM liveries
photo DSC_0216_01

With Aeromexico, Volaris and Interjet it was mostly home airlines who led the activity.
photo DSC_0218_01photo DSC_0219_01

Followed up with US and Canadian leisure airlines and then some longhaul heavy traffic from Europe.
photo DSC_0220_01photo DSC_0221_01

Aeromexico operates flights to Mexico City like every hour. This flight was pretty light when leaving as only about 40 passengers boarded.
photo DSC_0222_01

I liked the destinations.
photo DSC_0225_01photo DSC_0226_01

The terminal started getting emptier before our boarding time. From looking around it was obvious we were about to have lighter load too, something like 70%. Few gates next to us Volaris´ flight to MEX was boarded at the same time.
photo DSC_0228_01

Our boarding started little bit late but it went calm and smoothly.
photo DSC_0231_01

Boarding our 3 years old XA-AMJ
photo DSC_0233_01photo DSC_0236_01photo DSC_0238_01

We were greeted by FA when entering the rear door and I immediately got great feeling of very nice cabin equiped with personal IFE.
photo DSC_0239_01

Great legroom and comfortable seat for 2 hours flight.
photo DSC_0243_01photo DSC_0247_01

Boeing Sky Interior with mood lighting on.
photo DSC_0248_01

I have to say I like all Mexican airlines liveries. Interjet livery on A320 is one of my favourites.
Oh and not to forget, my first flight on split-scimitar winglet equiped 738.
photo DSC_0249_01

There was no manual safety demo with PTVs.
photo DSC_0250_01

Pushback started 20 minutes late. It was still quite fine as I expected to catch some lost time on our way. Our connection at MEX was 1h40min so I didn´t want to loose much more time. I was happy to be seated on the left as I expected to get some nice views of Cancún on departure.
photo DSC_0253_01

Taxiing for 12R.
photo DSC_0254_01

Our take off roll was rather lazy, but after rotation we climbed steeply. As expected there were some nice views of Cancun and its Hotelzone but only for few moments because we banked right for 180° turn and to head for MEX. Bad luck as left turn would make the views of Cancun great and it will take quite some time.
Mexico is much bigger than one would guess.
photo DSC_0255_01photo DSC_0256_01

This is how the service looked like. To be honnest I was slightly disappointed as I expected at least a sandwich or something but it was not a big deal.
photo DSC_0257_01

This thing full of air really frustrated me as it was almost impossible to get inside. Never struggled so much to open a box.
photo DSC_0258_01photo DSC_0259_01

Some informations about AM and MEX in the in-flight magazine.
photo DSC_0260_01

Some informations about one we are flying right now.
photo DSC_0262_01

And one we are going to fly in 3 hours.
photo DSC_0261_01

I enjoyed my stay very much. The interior was great, cabin crew did their job well and I got some small refreshment. I also tried IFE for a while and it reacted very well. Good job Aeromexico.
photo DSC_0263_01

Good thing about these winglets is that during night winglet is always well visible.
photo DSC_0264_01

We soon approached Mexico City. I looked forward to see the city from aircraft as it is located right in the city center. But I never expected to see something like that. When the city came to view I was absolutely amazed. It´s incredibly huge and with all the colours and lights I just watched speechless. At one time we were making left turn past the whole downtown and there were other planes visible landing in the distance behind the skyscrapers. It was just stunning view. I recommend you to check youtube for some night landings in Mexico city. I have never seen something like that.
photo DSC_0266_01

Cabin prepared for landing.
photo DSC_0268_01

After landing we struggled to get to our parking gate as the airport was really busy.
photo DSC_0269_01

And here we stopped for almost 15 minutes due to traffic ahead. This 787 is N967AM, our ride back to Europe. Only in case we manage to catch it.
photo DSC_0271_01

Finally parking.
photo DSC_0273_01

As we always report only 1 flight here at FR I got to stop it for now in the middle of journey and we will continue if you join me next time on MEX-CDG flight where I will also write some more words about MEX.

Thank you for opening this one and reading it all down here.
See you next time,
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Cabin crew9.0

Cancún - CUN


Mexico City - MEX



Aeromexico quickly became one of my favourite airlines. We got great modern B738 equiped with Boeing Sky Interior and also split-scimitar winglets which was a new thing for me. Seat was comfortable and I always like when I can follow our flight on the map. This one was equiped with PTV which is always great on 737/320.
There was some small catering, maybe not big but still it was fine to get some refreshment. Only down was our small delay on departure and arrival that was caused by traffic at MEX.

Cancún airport has both positives and negatives. It was nice and clean and I found it well organized. There were several shops and restaurants. But there were bad views outside and I encountered some problems with wifi. Still I felt better here than at MEX.

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