Review of Turkish Airlines flight Istanbul Prague in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK 1767
Class Economy
Seat 23F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:45
Take-off 16 Sep 14, 09:20
Arrival at 16 Sep 14, 11:05
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Published on 27th November 2014
Feel welcome dear readers as this one is the last part of me and my brother´s trip to Seoul in September this year.

Fourth in the row this one is :
IST - PRG - you are here

Last time we eneded at disembarking this beautiful A330 after our pleasant flight from Seoul´s Incheon airport
Being bussed to terminal is maybe not the experience I expected when arriving from such a destination onboard such a plane.

photo DSC_0436

After entering terminal we went directly for transfer gates and the whole corridor felt pretty crowded

photo DSC_0437

Few moments later our progress stopped as we reached a really long queue. It´s not something you are dreaming about when you are a bit tired after a long flight with another flight ahead of you. Thankfully we had more than 3 hours to spare, but it still took us about half an hour to pass crowded security, if not longer.

photo DSC_0438

We took a look into some duty free shops and then headed for a breakfast to airport´s Burger King. It was crowded everywhere as it was and early morning peak. Later we went to the gates area to get some views of the action outside.
Mostly it were TK A330s who was leading the activity.

But there were also some interesting visitors, like this Turkmenistan 777

photo DSC_0448

Our bird over an hour to departure

photo DSC_0449

Mahan Air A310

photo DSC_0450

Solomon Air B737 in the distance

photo DSC_0452photo DSC_0453

Later the jetbridge was connected to our 737 and boarding started some 40 minutes before STD

photo DSC_0454

I was quite excited during boarding because I knew there is a high chance of flying on a B737 with new Boeing Sky interior that day

photo DSC_0456photo DSC_0458photo DSC_0459

And I was right! Our Boeing 737-800 was TC-JVF, in the air since May 2014 - the youngest plane I have ever flown on. Only 4 months old.
The interior just confirmed it with business and economy classes both looking very good.

photo DSC_0460photo DSC_0461

A thumb up for PTVs integrated in every seat

photo DSC_0463

The mood lighting

photo DSC_0464

Legroom was good, but still slightly worse than at A320 on PRG-IST leg.

photo DSC_0467photo DSC_0471photo DSC_0472

Heavy one parked to the right of us

photo DSC_0473

Pushing back..

photo DSC_0475

And this 777 was parked to the left of us

photo DSC_0479

Taxiing past neverending sea of red tails. Once again, TK´s dominance at Ataturk is impressive

I think we were third in the queue for take off and then we massively accelerated to lift off few moments later.

photo DSC_0490photo DSC_0492

We were offered some views of the city, but the Sun made it difficult to catch a nice picture

photo DSC_0496photo DSC_0500photo DSC_0501

Then we made it through clouds and headed over The Black sea.

photo DSC_0506photo DSC_0508photo DSC_0511

This flight´s offerings. We still had bland meals ordered so we didn´t pay much attention to the menu cards

photo DSC_0513

IFE was not at such a level as on the A330, but it´s still enough for me. I really couldn´t ask for more on an intra-european flight. There was also not as big selection of movies etc., but no problem for me at all.

photo DSC_0514

A bland meal selection so it was pretty tasteless.

photo DSC_0515photo DSC_0516

I love B73x winglets

photo DSC_0517

After the meal I dozed off and woke up just few moments ahead of overflying my hometown Brno

photo DSC_0521

Well-known places to me

photo DSC_0522

A little while later we started our descent towards Prague. Pilots used spoilers to slow the plane down at almost cruising altitude - not sure if I experienced this before

photo DSC_0526

Here it was pretty sure it was going to be RWY 06 landing, new experience for me. Landings are usually done on oposite RWY 24. So we were offered with great views of the czech capital city.

photo DSC_0528

City center around Vltava river

photo DSC_0531

The main railway station. From here we later left for Brno

photo DSC_0532

And PRG airport visible

photo DSC_0534

Final right turn and it was once again clear picturing will be barely possible due to the direct Sun

photo DSC_0538photo DSC_0544photo DSC_0546

Both approach and touchdown were smooth and we were taxiing around usually calm Prague airport.

photo DSC_0548photo DSC_0550photo DSC_0552

After 6 days abroad we met again with this American visitor

photo DSC_0554

We parked next to UP 737, which is EL AL´s lowcost carrier. I really find their livery little extravagant.

photo DSC_0555

When leaving the aircraft there were passport checks at the end of jetbridge. Police has taken 2 people aside and others seemed to be trouble free. Except of our captain who left the aircraft and wasn´t allowed to board back withouth getting through security which he kind of didn´t understand, but in the end he didn´t have any other option.

After taking our baggages an airport personel reached us and asked us where were we flying from and what are we carrying. We answered and immediately were given green to leave the airport… by bus to the railway station, as usual.

Turkish / Korean adventure has come to an end, so see you next time!
Thanks for reading.

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I was lucky to fly on one of the newest planes in TK´s fleet. It was a big contrast to the first leg where we flew on an older A320 which felt like a low-cost. This time aircraft was perfect, personal IFE was a great bonus. Meal wasn´t very good, but it was our mistake that we ordered bland meal and still we can be happy for being given such a meal on an intra-european flight.

Ataturk has great action outside but didn´t impress me when inside as it feels really too crowded. Long security during our transit didn´t help it at all.

At Prague there was everything fine except of everyone´s passports being checked twice - when leaving the jetbridge and at the passport control.



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  • Comment 123277 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 9210 Comments

    Thanks for this report.
    You were lucky to have this very nice cabin , one of the best on the B737 800 ( TK has infortunatly many versions).
    AS usual with TK, catering seems good and better than competitors and I am surprised it was bland !
    IST is actually not a very good airport as TK has grown too fast and Ataturk could not keep pace with this growth. The new one is under construction and looks good, my only concern is the distance from the city center considering the usual traffic jam in Istanbul. I hope they will provide good rail tarnsportation to the city !

    • Comment 305845 by
      mgescheidt AUTHOR 52 Comments

      Thanks for comment. I think it´s correct it was bland as during the booking process we mistakenly selected we want a bland meal so that is the reason.
      I had no idea about new airport being built close to Istanbul, do you have more information? Like where is it?
      I agree that rail service is esential as the traffic situation in Istanbul is really bad during the working days.

  • Comment 123292 by
    Chibcha SILVER 501 Comments

    It seems IST is too successful for its own sake. It surely isn't the best of experiences when arriving from a long haul. TK looked okay, the food offering better than most, and the PTV is always a nice detail. The bonus of riding on a new plane is also great!

    The double passport check seems to be common on flights arriving from Turkey, they do them too at FRA. And I know that they also do them on Colombian flights at MAD and FRA.

    Thanks for the nice FR!

  • Comment 123362 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6051 Comments

    Great report as always. You were lucky to have a new being sky interior plane. I just experienced Boeing Sky interior for the first time 2 days ago and it really makes a difference. It's very impressive.

  • Comment 133211 by
    mc 16 Comments

    Hi,I'm a university student and I'm performing an analysis about airlines customer forums.

    For my research would be very important to know the nationality of each writer...May I know your nationality??

    Thank you so much!

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