Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Denpasar in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 946
Class Economy
Seat 55K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 02:40
Take-off 24 Mar 16, 16:25
Arrival at 24 Mar 16, 19:05
SQ   #9 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 647 reviews
By 4234
Published on 30th March 2016
Once again, I took the chance of the long weekend holidays in Singapore to make a trip to a regional destination, this time to the popular resort island of Bali for a 3 nights stay. This trip would also be interesting as I would be flying Singapore Airlines on the trip up to Bali, and returning on Garuda Indonesia. Having flown SQ countless times, I was more eager to see how the new Garuda, with acclaimed 5-Stars Airline and Best Cabin Crew awards, compares to the industry leading Singapore Airlines. So here we go, the battle between SQ and GA on the regional SIN-DPS flight!

Check-in was as usual painless when done online and at Changi Terminal 2, we used the self-service check-in kiosks on get our boarding passes, printed on flimsy slips of paper.

photo 26068079406_7f5aea4747_b

It was a rather long trek to gate F58 where the aircraft was parked.

photo 26094003655_328e900d8e_b

The aircraft had arrived slightly late from Brisbane and servicing was still being done.

photo 25821159990_e1948cdc5e_b

Sister Silkair parked beside.

photo 26094000625_636d097b17_b

24 March 2016
Singapore Airlines
SQ 946
Singapore (SIN) - Denpasar Bali (DPS)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 2H21M

Boarding was called and priorities were enforced. Down the jetbridge we go to the aircraft.

photo 26068073366_ca422a00b2_b

Expecting a trolley load of newspapers at the door it was not to be. Only about 15 copies of The Straits Times were placed on the trolley. Cost-cutting measure?

photo 25489246744_bb7a880b9e_b

Welcomed onboard and directed to my seat at 55K. The flight would end up totally full. Not unexpected during this long weekend.

Boarding in progress.

photo 25489241354_d2a286d9be_b

View out the window.

photo 26093997525_f2939d446d_b

Legroom was average, with pillows and blankets pre-set on every seat. Note: STQ has its footrests removed as well.

photo 26027661521_5965a35ce1_b

Inflight magazines.

photo 26027658251_179d2abcca_b

I would be an almost 2.5h flight today.

photo 26093983935_3f9482ea8f_b

The obligatory SQ hot towels were distributed, doors closed and we pushed back with safety video shown. Crew were seen to be in quite a rush due to the late boarding and full flight.

photo 26093988765_52f42980a7_b

Lets have a preview of Terminal 4 during the taxi to the runway.

photo 25489234594_68cd0048d3_b

photo 26068060966_9701b96c50_b

photo 26068060106_ce0655863a_b

Cleared for departure from Rwy02C.

photo 26093981805_3ff1c96e36_b

photo 26093980455_90169f8493_b

And lift off, climbing to the cruising altitude of 37,000ft.

photo 25489227114_78aa707ca9_b

photo 26093978285_14ed8da3c0_b

photo 25489225324_a2657d23a3_b

photo 26068051916_cd358c2a80_b

photo 26001459212_c179efec40_b

photo 26093974935_29dcf0d92a_b

photo 25489221704_8d285b7a36_b

Video of the takeoff.

Meal service commenced shortly after departure. Service was typically SQ, efficient and polite, with all requests attended to swiftly but nothing too memorable. Guess with the really full and short flight, one cannot expect too exceptionally superb service in Economy.

photo 25491373853_5c3b2a5002_b

On offer was a choice of Chicken with potatoes or Fish with rice. We had a selection each. Meal was served with a salad starter, warm roll with butter, cup of water and a dessert. Requested for an apple juice to go with the meal.

photo 26027639791_90efd565d6_b

Chicken with potatoes selection. The salad starter was simple but refreshing with the fruit bits. Chicken selection was just standard airplane food fare and was rather bland. Dessert I knew would be good as I can the same dessert last year on the flight back from Hanoi. An observation: The cup of drinking water, which I thought would be mineral water, seems to be "downgraded" to be just filtered tap water, as there was a rather strong taste of chlorine which I am very sensitive to. Have not encountered this on my prior flights.

photo 26027637461_a6ed59e53a_b

photo 25489217354_df70130bfc_b

photo 25821125910_8bb4df8be6_b

As for the Spicy fish with rice option, it was a TOTAL FAIL!! The fish, I think should be dory, was all mushy and has a slight "fishy" taste. More incredibly, the red-coloured "spicy" sauce, other than a hint of hotness, was totally tasteless!! Seriously, I wondered how the caterers were able to whip up such a flavourless dish in the kitchen…. Had anyone in the catering center test-tasted the dish???

photo 25821124540_c5576acc6e_b

The saving grace was the chocolate mousse dessert, which was yummy!

photo 25489211884_b4e0c77c3a_b

Accompanied my meal with a Chinese movie. Not too interesting movie selections in this month's Krisworld.

photo 25821120590_c6980a7542_b

Ended my meal with a cup of tea during tray collection.

photo 25821114350_bb5f01ac74_b


photo 26093962085_074ee5b7a4_b

Standard SQ amenities in the lavatory.

photo 25821092840_81bf3dccb2_b

View of the forward economy cabin.

photo 26001414872_b5e7603b4c_b

Ordered a Singapore Sling from the galley after the meals were cleared.

photo 25821086290_57a46ab261_b

Setting sun

photo 26027593411_b8454f2797_b

Flight path as we were nearing Bali.

photo 26027592061_1861584db6_b

Last glimpse of light.

photo 26067998736_b064a36c65_b

Had a rather smooth landing on Bali's Rwy09 slightly ahead of schedule.


photo 26027588251_32acf4db3e_b

Immigration and customs was luckily rather smooth as there were no other international flight arrivals prior to us. However, transportation to town was another matter as due to a very bad jam outside the airport, there was a total shortage of official airport taxis due to all stuck in jams. Instead, we had to proceed to the departure hall to grab an incoming drop-off Bluebird cab, which usually would be forbidden by the airport authorities. It was then an hour's ride to Seminyak, with half an hour spent just leaving the jammed up airport premise!

Accommodation was booked at Heliconia Villas, which was well-located just off Eat Street in Seminyak. As it was the low season, rates were actually more than reasonable for the 2-storey pool villa.

photo 25491327133_dce867d72b_b

photo 26093921325_37cbfbd385_b

photo 25821071500_8a6041815e_b

Having reached the villa and checked-in rather late, we settled for supper at one of the restaurants along Eat Street. Chose to have our meal at Café Bali, where we ordered a Snapper steak and a Nasi Goreng. Both were rather tasty, but portions may not be the biggest.

photo 26067991106_47950518c5_b

photo 26001400972_5ff7364868_b

Next morning, brunch was settled at a local Indonesian eatery along Eat Street which offers Nasi Campur, ie, rice with mixed dishes. The dishes were presented buffet-styled and you would pay after picking your fill of the dishes on your plate. Food was authentically Indonesian and tasty (and spicy!) and price was very reasonable as well!

photo 25491319533_6256d13e25_b

And relaxing with a cool drink at Seminyak Square on the very hot day.

photo 26001364312_02998a95dd_b

The stretch of beach near Seminyak, where KuDeTa is located, is definitely much nicer than Kuta.

photo 25821065070_b074637af4_b

Along Jln Kayu Aya, aka Eat Street.

photo 25821060750_09c0fdfb54_b

The bar/café in the background has the concept of "Watching the World Go By".

photo 26027572981_6d54b897c1_b

Dinner at a well-recommended restaurant, Kendi Kuning, which offers excellent food at value-for-money prices, plus excellent service as well! A wonderful dinner experience!

Grilled clams in Balinese sauce

photo 26001384862_f01e26601e_b

Prawns with avocado salad and a vegetable dish. The salad was excellent.

photo 26001373192_d34a9b15f1_b

Balinese-style chicken with rice, and calamari rings.

photo 25491300193_d60ddf32b7_b

And the must-order Grilled mahi-mahi!

photo 26001378522_e6175919b0_b

3rd day, it was back for Nasi Campur, only this time my plate was filled with even more dishes!

photo 26093888285_1b99e805dd_b

And the must drink on all my trips to Indonesia, A&W Root Beer Float!

photo 26001369682_66c4b5522c_b

By now, you might be wondering why is there no pictures of Bali sights. But as we had visited most of the attractions before, this trip was basically a rest and relax and feast trip haha.

Dinner at Ginger Moon. Another restaurant with great food, though a bit pricey. Reservations recommended as the restaurant totally filled up after we had our early dinner.

Babi guling pizza

photo 26067960986_c350e35b44_b


photo 25821039740_da46839d84_b

Steamed buns with Balinese sausages and Nasi Goreng.

photo 26093883235_681d36fb9e_b
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Singapore - SIN


Denpasar - DPS



A standard SQ flight with pleasant and efficient service and offerings. Only fault would be the catering, which was way below usual SQ standards for the mains. But overall still a comfortable flight experience.

Information on the route Singapore (SIN) Denpasar (DPS)


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    Alosh 31 Comments

    thank you for this nice report , hope you enjoyed your vacation ! dishes seem to be so delicious and make me feel hungry lol

  • Comment 161056 by
    Rl 777 806 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    It looks like a pretty normal SQ which isn't a bad thing of course.

    The presentation of your meal looks good, too bad the chicken wasn't as good as it looks like.

    Thank you for the nice bonus as well :).

    Have a good one, see you!

  • Comment 379756 by
    Rob777ER 42 Comments

    Thanks for your report. The service on SQ looks always great - even on this "short" flights.
    The meal looks awesome. I am getting hungry from watching the picture.

    I am planning my summer holidays in Bali and at the moment I am looking for flights. SQ is my favorite, but the price is very high.
    400€ more than with QR from MUC.

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