Review of Air Baltic flight Riga Prague in Economy

Airline Air Baltic
Flight BT481
Class Economy
Seat 12D
Flight time 02:10
Take-off 01 Mar 16, 12:50
Arrival at 01 Mar 16, 14:00
BT   #2 out of 21 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 98 reviews
Rl 777
By 1479
Published on 31st March 2016
Hello and welcome to the second part of this short series covering my trip to Prague with my sister in early-March! Unfortunately some technical issues with my phone delayed this FR. It was sent for repair a week ago and has now been repaired and I have all of my important stuff at my fingertips again. Without further ado, let's continue with this short series!

Part 1 - BT118 ARN-RIX Airbaltic Bombardier Dash 8 Q400, Reg YL-BAE -
Part 2 - BT481 RIX-PRG Airbaltic Bombardier Dash 8 Q400, Reg YL-BBW - You are here
Part 3 - OK490 PRG-ARN Czech Airlines (SmartLynx) Airbus A320-211, Reg YL-LCM -

The assigned gate for flight BT481 to Prague was B4, connecting to our next flight was a breeze as both Sweden and the Czech Republic is in the Schengen area.
photo 20160301_113747

Walking to gate B4, the terminal was clean.
photo 20160301_113756

All B gates, a few cafés and a small duty-free shop was located here. This area of the terminal wasn't too busy.
photo 20160301_113852

We made it to our gate after 4 minutes of walking at 11:40 AM (UTC +2). Our flight from ARN was scheduled to arrive at RIX at 11:45 so we were pretty early…
photo 20160301_114050

It's time for a little bit of spotting. Aeroflot A320 getting ready for its flight to SVO.
photo DSC_0618_edited

Our BT Q400 that will take us to PRG. YL-BBW delivered to BT in June 2013.
photo DSC_0620_edited

Flight information:

Airline: Airbaltic (Styled as airBaltic)

Flight no & route: BT481 RIX-PRG

Scheduled time of departure (actual): 12:50 PM (13:10/01:10 PM) UTC +2

Scheduled time of arrival (actual): 14:00/02:00 PM (14:03/02:03 PM) UTC +1

Scheduled flight time (actual): 2h 10 min (1h 53 min)

photo rsz_1rsz_1rsz_dsc_0622_edited

SU A320 pushback.
photo DSC_0626_editedphoto DSC_0633_editedphoto DSC_0637_edited

There wasn't a lot of action after the SU 320 left, I decided to walk around the terminal and check out a couple of stores to burn some time.
photo 20160301_114506

10 minutes later I see my sister waving at me to come back to B4, I walk to her and then she yells “Look, Wizz Air!“. I turn around and look out of the window to see a W6 A320 pulling in to its gate. I pull my camera out and snap a few shots. There wasn't much to be seen at RIX so I'm thankful my sister notified me of the W6 320 :). Wizz Air has one of the best airline liveries according to my sister, she has flown with them on the NYO-VNO leg.
photo DSC_0641_edited

This aircraft arrived from Doncaster in case you're wondering :).
photo DSC_0644_edited

What do you guys think about including a spotting bonus from ARN in the next part? I'm a pretty regular spotter at ARN and have a lot of pictures to share.
photo PSX_20160401_113607

Boarding was announced at 12:20 PM (UTC +2), 30 minutes before our scheduled time of departure. The line wasn't really a line at first, passengers built three lines that connected to one line right before the BP check. Some passengers with large hand bags had to get their hand luggage checked for size before entering the jetbridge while other passengers went straight in.
photo 20160301_122047

Boarding might have commenced on-time but we had to wait in the jetbridge for 5-7 minutes before being allowed to walk to the aircraft.
photo 20160301_122724

Walking to our Q400 after a few minutes of waiting.
photo rsz_capture-_2016-04-02-15-22-24-1

Wizz Air A320 is also visible.
photo 20160301_123628

One of the flight attendants greeted me and then I walked to my seat which was 12D once again. 12D and 12C were the only 'pair' seats left on this flight, we had no other choice but to take these seats again. This will be my seat for the next 2 hours.
photo 20160301_123849

Pretty nice weather in RIX.
photo 20160301_123957photo rsz_capture-_2016-04-02-15-21-57-1

The seat pitch was okay, the seat comfort is bearable for flights up to 1,5 hours in length but worked for this flight too.
photo 20160301_124023

'Life vest under your seat'
photo 20160301_124047photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0649photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0650

The load was pretty good today, the load factor was at least 95%.
photo 20160301_124557

Overhead bins, the cabin was dimmed for departure.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0655 (1)

Pushback commenced at 01:03 PM local time (UTC +2).
photo 20160301_130042

Announcements were made in Latvian and English, a safety demonstration was also done.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0656photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0658 (1)

Some cabin lighting.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0659

Taxiing to runway 18.

Taking off from runway 18 at 01:10 PM local time. The famous Q400 engine noise was back, we would have to live with it for 2 hours this time.

photo DSC_672_edited

Mārupes Siltumnīcas is visible in this shot, apparently it's a major greenhouse where they grow vegetables. The area itself is called Jaunmārupe.

The flight was pretty uneventful, there wasn't much to see or do so I just read the in-flight magazine or slept the majority of the flight.
photo 20160301_131410

The updated spring menu.

Spring/summer edition of the in-flight duty free magazine.
photo 20160301_131454

Spring version of the Baltic outlook magazine.
photo 20160301_131612

Here's something that interested me, the flight schedules! RIX-ARN was served 22 weekly at this time with 2 weekly VNO-ARN flights. Currently they operate 24 weekly flights RIX-ARN and 5 weekly VNO-ARN flights. BT used to have monopoly on the RIX-ARN route but SK recently resumed flights to RIX with 17-18 weekly flights from ARN giving BT a little bit of competition.
photo 20160301_131640photo DSC_680_editedphoto DSC_683_edited

I later went to check out the lavatory which was located at the front.
photo 20160301_133006

This was probably the smallest airplane lavatory I had seen in my life (kind of makes sense, it's the smallest plane I've flown with).

I decided to buy a Twix bar when the FAs walked down the aisle with the cart, I hadn't eaten anything since 05:55 AM (UTC +1). My sister went with the roast beef salad and loved it. The flight attendants on this flight were okay, nothing extraordinary but they got the job done.

We later initiated our descent to PRG 20 minutes prior to arrival.
photo DSC_687_edited

Descending through the clouds.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0688photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0689

Well, what do we have here? The outskirts of Prague totally covered in snow! The pilot did give us a few temperature updates during the flight but we had never expected so much snow in PRG.
photo DSC_690_edited

The village of Líbeznice on the bottom left.
photo DSC_691_editedphoto DSC_692_edited

A place called Seblec, 50 km from central Prague.
photo DSC_693_edited

Landing on runway 24 at Prague.

Taxiing to our stand.

Officially in Prague.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0703 (3)

We came to a final stop at 02:07 PM local time (UTC +1), 7 minutes after our scheduled time of arrival. My sister really wanted to get out of this plane! I'm pretty sure I was tired of this Q400 as well, it was an interesting experience though.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0704 (2)photo 20160301_140726

We were taken by buses to the terminal as in Riga but there was one difference.
photo 20160301_141143

These buses weren't as spotter friendly.
photo 20160301_141152

Anyway, we arrived at the terminal 6 minutes later and headed for the exit.

We made it landside, purchased a pre-paid SIM-card and headed off to our hotel with the help of Google maps.
photo 20160301_142215

Welcome to Skoda land!
photo 20160301_143250photo 20160301_143258

Walking to the bus stop.
photo 20160301_143419

We purchased two 72-hour cards for us.
photo 20160301_143524

A SOR NB 18 articulated city bus, operating line 119. We would take bus 191 to Na Knížecí.
photo 20160301_143845

It was pretty snowy as you can see.
photo 20160301_145655

We arrived at a bus stop called Anděl almost an hour later, which is a bus stop, tram and metro station. Our hotel was pretty close to this station. (This wasn't our bus).
photo 20160301_153458

I guess that's it for this FR! Thank you for taking your time to read it!
photo 20160301_163621


Old town square.
photo PSX_20160401_165422photo PSX_20160401_165454photo PSX_20160401_085129

Prague astronomical clock.
photo PSX_20160401_165520photo PSX_20160401_165553

Rudolfinum, a music auditorium and art gallery.
photo PSX_20160401_165648photo PSX_20160401_165737

View of Prague from the Petrin hill observation tower.

St. Vitus Cathedral.
photo psx_20160401_172506

Prague Castle (Forgot these pictures at first, thanks to NGO85 for notifying me about that).
photo psx_20160406_173324photo psx_20160406_173432

Karlův most (Charles Bridge).
photo PSX_20160401_172706photo PSX_20160401_172845

Tančící dům (Dancing house).

Prague metro.
photo 20160301_172730

Old tram.
photo psx_20160401_173015

New tram.
photo PSX_20160401_173126

Thank you for taking your time to read this FR (and bonus if you made it so far). I asked this question earlier in the FR but will ask again, do you think I should include a spotting bonus from ARN in the next FR? Any feedback is appreciated!

Security/Immigration left at 7,5 for RIX and PRG

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Air Baltic

Cabin crew7.5
Buy-on-board menu7.0

Riga - RIX


Prague - PRG



Another functioning flight with BT, a standard flight IMO. They got us from point A to point C through point B without any hassle.

Cabin comfort - I was skeptical at first about the seat comfort for this flight as it had a scheduled flight time of 2 hours. It did the job in the end but was neither comfortable or horrible. The seat pitch was standard. However, my sister never wants to fly with BT (at least not in their Q400s).

Crew - Standard crew, the FAs did their jobs efficiently and with a few smiles.

BOB - Decent menu for short flights, hot meals could be pre-booked.

Entertainment - Natural IFE was the only IFE offered.

On-time performance - We landed a few minutes late at PRG, nothing substantial.



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  • Comment 161026 by
    martin1405 36 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this FR my friend! :)

    It seems that you had a decent experience with BT! Would you fly with them again?

    The pics you took during takeoff and landing are gorgeous. I didn't notice hat it has snowed in Prague when you send me the pics.

    Thanks for the bonus! The pictures are beautiful. You had nice days in Prague!

    Can't wait to read your next flight report! :)
    • Comment 337593 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 802 Comments
      Thank you for your nice comment :).

      I would only fly with them if the price was right, otherwise I would stick to other carriers. This was a decent one-time experience with them though.

      Thank you so much :). I was surprised when I saw all that snow, I had expected something like that in a place like Kiruna haha.

      Thank you once again for your feedback, we had a great time in Prague :).

      See you in the next one!
  • Comment 161055 by
    marathon GOLD 10135 Comments
    Not much traffic in RIX, but you made full use of the good lighting conditions… and of your sister’s cooperation, thanks to her too !

    This was not the best window seat, due to the engine cowling, but did you see the landing gear moving in and out of action ?

    Great tourist bonus in Prague, and I vote in favor of an ARN spotting bonus :)
    Thanks for sharing !
    • Comment 337594 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 802 Comments
      I think there was some more action on the other side of the terminal but the views weren't as nice there.

      Unfortunately not but these were the only 'pair' seats available upon checking-in. Yes! I did indeed see the landing gear go down and retract :).

      Thank you so much, and thanks for the feedback!

      See you!
    • Comment 337626 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 802 Comments
      Btw, thank you so much for your nice comment :).
  • Comment 161101 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    I enjoyed reading this great FR with its superb bonus of PRG which gives me a prelude of what to expect when I go there later this year.

    BT has very competitive prices for some routes and it is a no frills type of airline. Nice that you were able to experience this small plane on this route.

    Thanks and see you later.
    • Comment 337627 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 802 Comments
      Thank you for your nice comment :).

      Prague is a beautiful and cozy city, I hope you'll have a great time there!

      They got the job done efficiently and safely, it's questionable if I would fly with them on flights longer than 1,5 hours unless it's a 737. It was still an interesting experience to try out a turboprop for the first time.

      See you!

  • Comment 161112 by
    Alosh 28 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR

    it is my first time to hear about this airline ! it looks good.

    thanks for the beautiful shots of Prague.

  • Comment 161379 by
    NGO85 SILVER 1972 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR!

    Wizz Air has one of the best airline liveries according to my sister
    - It'd be popular in most Asian countries with its cute pink livery.

    This was probably the smallest airplane lavatory I had seen in my life
    - CRJs have even smaller lavatories where you can barely fit your feet in there.

    The outskirts of Prague totally covered in snow!
    - I would have RIX to be covered in snow and not PRG.

    I can't imagine getting stuck on a Dash8 for this long of a flight. They are fairly comfortable, but with the curvature of the cabin the lack of footspace is probably very noticeable.

    Spotting through the propellers is never an easy task ;)

    The downside of PRG is the lack of a metro or train connection. It's definitely not one of the easy airports to get to...

    Excellent bonus of PRG, very good night shots. The city looks beautiful in snow. No bonus of the largest castle in the world?

    As Marathon said, we always vote in favor of bonuses.
    • Comment 337890 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 802 Comments
      Thank you for your nice comment :).

      I can't imagine getting stuck on a Dash8 for this long of a flight. They are fairly comfortable, but with the curvature of the cabin the lack of footspace is probably very noticeable. - The Q400 was perfectly fine for the ARN-RIX leg, the same can't be said about this flight...

      That's true, it was convenient for us as we never had to change buses, bus 191 took us directly to our hotel. It would be quite a hassle if you had a large bag and had to take the bus and then connect to the metro just to get to your destination.

      Thank you so much :).

      No bonus of the largest castle in the world? - Oh, I forgot to include some shots of it! Thank you for noticing, I added some pictures now.

      Thank you for your feedback!

      Have a good one, see you!

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