Review of Singapore Airlines flight Tokyo Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 11
Class Business
Seat 92A
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 07:10
Take-off 13 Apr 16, 20:50
Arrival at 14 Apr 16, 03:00
SQ   #1 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 617 reviews
By GOLD 2713
Published on 22nd April 2016
Some of the food I had:

Tempura at a famous eatery in Shinjuku.



Yummy cakes from Harbs café.


Ramen at a joint opposite the hotel.



Tonkatsu meal


Savoury and sweet freshly cooked Calbee!


Eggs and pancakes with mountain of whipped cream!



Limited edition Haagen Daz!


Ichiran Ramen! Though touristy, it is still a must on every Japan trip!


Royce ice-cream. Never seen this before.


By now, you may have realised why is there no sashimi featured when I was in Japan. Truth is, I don't eat raw fish and meat. Wasted, you might say. So it was to more cooked food! Haha.

Famous Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart. Luckily there was no queue. The previous trip to Fukuoka, the queue was snaking!



My second tonkatsu meal. This restaurant, Maisen, was great!



And chilling out with some flowery desserts and teas at Aoyama Flower Market Teahouse.



Yakitori joint, which is more famous for its fried chicken.





Tasty Japanese-styled pasta and caramel lava cake.



As it was a rather short trip, I did not do much touring out of Shinjuku, except going to Odaiba and DisneySea, both of which I had never been to.

Gonna cross the bridge to Odaiba.


One of the shopping center's interior, which is modelled after Las Vegas's Caesar Palace.



Park in Odaiba



Replica of Ms Liberty


Giant Gundam.


Off to DisneySea!!


Spot Mickey


Arabian Land. Yes, there was barely a crowd on the Monday.


Toy Story ride


The icon of DisneySea


Now, for the premium J class flight back on SQ. It was again a 1.5hrs bus ride back to Narita, where we arrived almost 3hrs prior to departure as we wanted to do some last minute shopping for Jap tidbits in the terminal.

Narita Terminal One.

photo 26467675262_e37ace4eaf_b

Checking in for my flight. Both SQ12 to LAX and SQ11 to SIN were being processed for check-in, but there were no queues at all at all of the counters.

photo 25955033644_d0b8258562_b

ANA Dreamliners

photo 26493941211_3b79ebc84f_b

UA Dreamliner and SQ Whale (SQ12) at the far end.

photo 26467674442_24e9a85197_b

After immigration and security, as well as packed my carry-ons full with Japanese snacks and Royce chocolates, I proceeded to the lounge. ANA Lounge is located one level below the departure level, and hence there is no view to speak of from the lounge. With this aspect, I much prefer Haneda's ANA Lounge with the sweeping view of the tarmac.

Stars Wars Battle Pod simulator at the entrance of the lounge.

photo 26287113040_c964b8b445_b

Star Alliance Dreamliner welcomes you.

photo 26467668162_26c42601f7_b

The lounge, as expected, is designed in a Japanese modern utilitarian style.

photo 26467672812_7eb0965ffe_b

Lounge seating.

photo 26467671772_f582879465_b

Work cubicles.

photo 25957088493_a9b4ce3896_b


photo 26287117070_fb22bdccff_b

Anyone here a Million Miler?

photo 26287117820_1ddf1c7904_b

Buffet area.

photo 25955030444_9a52b66db5_b

Cold selection

photo 26534004836_72d8cec8ee_b

Hard liquors

photo 26467669892_46bd9903a8_b

Selection of noodles from the Noodle Bar

photo 26534003696_201a8c0615_b

There is even a sake bar!

photo 26493939421_9ce66037dd_b

My selection of ANA Chicken Curry with rice and Soba with Kariage.

photo 25955029394_4072c72d53_b

A bit more food and a cappuccino.

photo 26467668692_d548acd139_b

Left the lounge about 40min before boarding as it was gradually getting very crowded. Our plane, which has just arrived from Los Angeles, was still being prepared.

photo 25955023184_8c2d89abc5_b

Gate area.

photo 25957083313_512b8c941a_b

photo 26493932281_a1383f843a_b

13 April 2016
Singapore Airlines
SQ 11
Tokyo Narita (NRT) - Singapore (SIN)
Business Class
Flight Time: 6H49M

Boarding called and performed by priority. Walked down towards the awaiting whale.

photo 26493929921_46336cd6a8_b

Up the jetbridge to the Upper Deck and was welcomed at the door. Proceed to my seat at 92A, which is at the aft Business Class cabin. This aircraft is fitted in a full Business Class Upper Deck layout.

Bulkhead seats at row 91.

photo 25957067593_608556315a_b

Old Long-haul Business Class seat on the A380.

photo 25955020824_3cb4df9a57_b

My seat, picture taken from later in flight.

photo 25955007694_8747bfd110_b

Out the window. It was a rainy evening.

photo 25955015584_ac1959ba90_b

Welcome drinks and hot towels offered. I opted for the Taittinger of course.

photo 26560008495_13728e4600_b


photo 26533997906_058f419ac3_b

Newspapers and magazines were offered. Noise-cancellation headphones were of the older version. Anyone knows why is there inconsistency in using the older and new "Phitek" headphones on different flights?

photo 26467658152_615a768b52_b

Inflight magazines and menu.

photo 25955019984_13c75024b6_b

Lets have a look at the menu before departure.

LAX-NRT Sector

photo 26467662492_31f2c76ff9_b

photo 26287107790_4e8bec03ba_b

photo 25955018664_b208246e6c_b

And what would be served on this continuation NRT-SIN sector.

photo 26287107180_c1e97f98c3_b

photo 26493926311_450725d600_b

Champagne and Whites

photo 25957077523_febe820998_b

Reds and Port.

photo 25957077983_eb7275d901_b

Alcoholic Cocktail selection. There is a couple of new ones.

photo 26560003715_e4f0f5b6cd_b

Non-alcoholic cocktails. New selections on the menu well.

photo 26493925851_1bf52148ac_b

Flight was rather lightly loaded and soon boarding was completed and safety video was played.

photo 26287103840_9c67acb18d_b

Take off from Rwy16R for the almost 7hrs flight to Singapore.

After takeoff, socks, slippers and eyeshades were distributed.

photo 26493922981_45178b4707_b

Started on my first movie.

photo 26560000265_c8ca6eab75_b

For my post-takeoff drink, I tried the Grand Pineapple Daiquiri. Honestly, as most of the cocktails uses similar ingredients with slight variations, I felt that they all tasted similar, haha. Satay was also served shortly after takeoff. On this flight, dinner service was conducted promptly to allow a longer rest period.

photo 26493922421_610089f8e3_b

For the dinner selection, I selected the Hanakoreiki as the international selections sounded boring, At this time, turbulence became quite bad and hot beverage service was suspended. At one point, crew were also requested to suspend service.

photo 26493921741_44850069a6_b

First cold bento set. Had a Reisling and cranberry juice (cranberry only available on US flights).

photo 25957074393_f493dd0d85_b

Apologies for the slightly blurred pictures, due to the turbulence and dimmed lighting. As I was still not too hungry after the food in the lounge, I only test-tasted a bit of each dish in the bento set.

photo 26287101180_333d273c0a_b

After the cold bento set was cleared, the warm set with the mains was delivered.

photo 25957073333_04b585753c_b

photo 26559998215_791913d6bf_b

However full I am, there will almost be room for dessert! The green tea tiramisu cake was excellent!

photo 25957072263_21de572c43_b

Followed by some fruits and cheese. I had the melon and some strawberries, and nibbled on the cheeses.

photo 26493919081_08081b207e_b

photo 26467652852_606b08f3b7_b

By this time, the turbulence had subsided and hot beverages were offered. I had a cappuccino and was also presented with a selection of pralines.

photo 26467652522_c0a9f7aeeb_b

Visit to the lavatory, which was stocked with the usual J Class amenities.

photo 26493917041_d41c5d3a06_b

photo 26467651882_91d0c02aa2_b

Returned to my seat and converted it into a flat bed.

photo 25957070693_d347abfa89_b

Time for movie in bed!

photo 25957069623_2334e4107a_b

After a couple of movies, I slept for the rest of the flight, till we were almost reaching Singapore.

Cabin being prepared for arrival. The aft Business cabin was pretty empty on this sector.

photo 26533983846_d0c2a0f7ab_b

Looking down the aisle towards the mid-J cabin.

photo 25957068223_636febdfd8_b

13min to landing. Our flight path flown.

photo 26559992635_59bc3fe80d_b

Landing on Rwy20R. Arrived on the dot at 3am Singapore time.

And thanks to the crew for the set of SQ Teddies!

photo 26533981956_f5179b4a4f_b

Thank you for reading and all comments were welcomed!
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

ANA Suite Lounge Satellite No. 5


Tokyo - NRT


Singapore - SIN



Again, it was a very comfortable and enjoyable flight on SQ Business Class. With the less than full cabin and attentive crew, service was expectedly great! Even though the seat is of the older generation, it is still one of the best out there. A very pleasant way to end a short holiday indeed!

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