Review of Qatar Airways flight Singapore Jakarta in Business

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR 626
Class Business
Seat 2B
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 28 Apr 07, 14:50
Arrival at 28 Apr 07, 15:35
QR   #13 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 577 reviews
By 7101
Published on 31st March 2012
Here is a flight I did on Qatar Airways flight QR 626 SIN-CGK.

We had a fantastic 3 days in Singapore. I love the City/State of Singapore even if it is rather expensive.
We left the Novotel Clark Quay with deep regrets as it is well located and very comfortable. We are at the main entrance of the hotel ready to catch our taxi for Changi.

The taxi took us to the international airport, the roads are clean and green !
photo JKTAPR2007001
photo JKTAPR2007002
photo JKTAPR2007003

The taxi will drop us off in front of the terminal, we'll look for the counters to check-in for our flight.
The counters and information boards are looking old but they serve their purpose and at the very top our flight to Jakarta.
photo JKTAPR2007004
photo JKTAPR2007005

It is a little early and the counters are not open yet so we decide to visit the terminal a little bit. As most south east asian terminals it is full of stunning orchids.
photo JKTAPR2007006
photo JKTAPR2007007
photo JKTAPR2007008

It is while we walk about the terminal that we'll notice that the check-in for Business Class is done in an area dedicated to Premium customers. No one told us that and we were waiting for the regular counters to open. Bad point for Qatar Airways !
We are welcomed by an agent who asked us which airline we were travelling on. We tell him that we are travelling on Qatar Airways on the flight to Jakarta, the agent will ask us to have a seat in the small lounge area while they set up the counters.
photo JKTAPR2007009

After a short wait we are invited to get to the counter and check-in. All is rather fast, the agent gives us our boarding cards, the invitation to the SATS lounge and tag our bags.
photo JKTAPR2007011

After immigration we went to the SATS lounge where a few foreign airlines send their customers and of course the Qatar Airways customers.
photo JKTAPR2007029

Here is the SATS lounge.
photo JKTAPR2007010
photo JKTAPR2007012
photo JKTAPR2007013
photo JKTAPR2007014
photo JKTAPR2007016
photo JKTAPR2007028
photo JKTAPR2007019
photo JKTAPR2007021
photo JKTAPR2007022

Before I settle in for a snack I request to use the showers. My wish was granted straight away !
photo JKTAPR2007026
photo JKTAPR2007015
photo JKTAPR2007027

Drinks and snacks.
photo JKTAPR2007023
photo JKTAPR2007024
photo JKTAPR2007025

After I had a snack and had a few pineapple juice and surfed on the net I went to gate D54 to check if our aircraft is here… nothing ! It is a fact we are going to be late !

I go back to the lounge to wait a little. The aircraft finally arrives and we finally get the information that our flight to Jakarta will be delayed !
We wait another half hour before going to the gate. There we go through security and we wait some more before being allowed on board.

Our Airbus A330-200 A7-AFO inbound from Doha, still with the old colors.
photo JKTAPR2007030
photo JKTAPR2007031
photo JKTAPR2007032
photo JKTAPR2007033

We finally board the aircraft and are welcomed at the door by Monica, the cabin attendant that will look after us. She will show us towards our seats 2A and 2B.
photo JKTAPR2007034

The cabin seen from our seats. It is not full, only 16 passengers in Business Class on this flight. The seat was OK for a short flight but spending the Doha-Singapore on this toboggans would have been a nightmare !
photo JKTAPR2007035
photo JKTAPR2007036
photo JKTAPR2007038

Monica will offer a welcome drink, I go for the lassi and my partener will choose the orange juice.
photo JKTAPR2007040

Our neighbour, Jetstar
photo JKTAPR2007041

Monica will hand out the menus and wine lists.
photo JKTAPR2007044

We leave our gate D54 for the runway and of course Indonesia.
photo JKTAPR2007045
photo JKTAPR2007046
photo JKTAPR2007047
photo JKTAPR2007048

Our aircraft continues its climb towards Jakarta.
photo JKTAPR2007052
photo JKTAPR2007053
photo JKTAPR2007054
photo JKTAPR2007061
photo JKTAPR2007063
photo JKTAPR2007065

Shortly after take-off, Lubna the purser (ex Malaysia Airlines crew) and Monica start the service, Monica took the order on the ground, the flight being short in time, they start the service early.

My partner chose the grilled beef tournedos, onion marmalade, grilled vegetables and potato roesti.
photo JKTAPR2007066

For the it will be sauteed chicken with vegetables and oyster sauce, singapore noodles. Both dishes were OK, nothing to write home about, it is a shame that Qatar is lacking so much imagination !
photo JKTAPR2007068
photo JKTAPR2007070

We chose to drink a glass of white wine with our meal, a Sauvignon Blanc Puilly Fumé 2005 Domaine Chatelain.

Lubna will clear our salad plates and will drop the dessert in its place. A passion fruit mousse with orange crème anglaise. A very poor dessert not worth a Business Class menu.
photo JKTAPR2007071

She will then come back to collect the trays and will offer a hot drink. I ask for a tea with milk.
photo JKTAPR2007073

Scenes from my window.
photo JKTAPR2007075
photo JKTAPR2007076

The cabin after the meal. I find the decor to be very gaudy, too bling bling. To me Etihad is by far the only airline from the middle east that has good taste for its cabin decor. The faux marble table, the burgundy and grey… nothing good !
photo JKTAPR2007080
photo JKTAPR2007081

We start our descent towards Jakarta and Monica will come through the cabin to tidy up and invite passengers to fasten their belts.
photo JKTAPR2007083
photo JKTAPR2007084
photo JKTAPR2007085

We continue our approach to Jakarta and fly over a few islands before reaching the main land.
photo JKTAPR2007086
photo JKTAPR2007087
photo JKTAPR2007092
photo JKTAPR2007094
photo JKTAPR2007096

We land at Jakarta Soekarno Hatta airport after this short journey from Singapore.
photo JKTAPR2007100
photo JKTAPR2007101

We disembark rather fast as we were in Business Class. Jakarta Airport is not as practical as Denpasar where you buy your visa just before reaching immigration. In Jakarta the counters for the visas are on the side and further from the immigration counters. We had to backtrack to get the visas and when we were back a small queue was already in place.

We were also amazed at the attitude of indonesian women coming back from work in the Gulf. 4 of them cut the line in front of us, I didn't say a thing, the 5th one saw that there was no way she was going to cut in front of us and went back to the end of the line.
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Qatar Airways

Cabin crew9.0

Singapore - SIN


Jakarta - CGK



Flight was delayed, no explanation, no information, it is unacceptable !

The seat weren't very comfortable as they were at an angle.

Lubna and Monica were really nice throughout the flight, excellent crew !

The meal was OK, it lack imagination, dessert was terrible and not worth a business class.

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