Review of Air Tahiti flight Papeete Rangiroa in Economy

Airline Air Tahiti
Flight VT 538
Class Economy
Seat NA
Aircraft ATR 42-500
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 04 Mar 12, 13:45
Arrival at 04 Mar 12, 14:45
VT   #72 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 96 reviews
By 2571
Published on 1st April 2012
Here is a FR on Air Tahiti on a trip to Manihi I did with my partner to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.

Departure was in the afternoon, we drove to my mom's place to drop off our car and she dropped us off at the airport.

Check-in is ultra fast as there is no one in line.
photo P1060465-1

We go through security rapidly and go to the boarding area which is rather full with a flight to Bora-Bora and our flight to Manihi via Rangiroa.
photo P1060466-1
photo P1060467
photo P1060468

The screens above our gate.
photo P1060470
photo P1060472

Advertisements for the stunning tahitian black pearls.
photo P1060473

The snack-bar of the domestic terminal.
photo P1060474

Then comes the time to board our ATR 42.
photo P1060476

At the footsteps of the Control Tower a Monarch 757 is resting. It is operating a special round the world trip for the Captain's Choice Club.
photo P1060477

But for us it will be this ATR 42-500 which will take us to Manihi via Rangiroa.
photo P1060478
photo P1060479
photo P1060480
photo P1060482

We take the 2 seats at the front of the aircraft and no one will come sit in front of us.
photo P1060483

The route map.
photo P1060484

Right hand side engine.
photo P1060485

We depart from the parking area for the runway.
photo P1060486

Take-off !
photo P1060487
photo P1060488
photo P1060489

Papeete harbor.
photo P1060490
photo P1060491

And Tahiti is getting further away as we climb towards our cruising altitude going to Rangiroa.
photo P1060492

The legroom is simply the best at those seats !
photo P1060493

During the one hour flight, the cabin attendant will serve us a pineapple juice.
photo P1060495
photo P1060496

Seat pocket contents.
photo P1060497

BoB prices.
photo P1060498
photo P1060499

Safety card.
photo P1060500
photo P1060501

The Air Tahiti magazine at the fleet page.
photo P1060502

We start our descent towards Rangiroa where the majority of the passengers will get off.
photo P1060503
photo P1060504
photo P1060505
photo P1060506

We land on the atoll of Rangiroa where the sun is crushing us. The crew invites us to disembark even the passengers in transit for Manihi.
photo P1060507

photo P1060508
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Air Tahiti

Cabin crew7.5

Papeete - PPT


Rangiroa - RGI



We departed on time.

If we had other seats or people had sat in front of us the mark would be lower.

The cabin attendant only did one run with drinks and that was it.

Nothing much was offered apart from a pineapple juice...

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