Review of Air Tahiti flight Manihi Rangiroa in Economy

Airline Air Tahiti
Flight VT 533
Class Economy
Seat NA
Aircraft ATR 72-500
Flight time 00:35
Take-off 06 Mar 12, 13:00
Arrival at 06 Mar 12, 13:35
VT   #72 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 96 reviews
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Published on 7th April 2012
After 2 magincal days in Manihi, we have to go home…

We do our check-out and board the golf carts that will take us to the airport.

The road towards the airport.
photo P1060742
photo P1060743
photo P1060744
photo P1060745

The hotel staff drop us off near the small shack that is used as a terminal and they drop off our bags at the check-in counters.

The airport is near the wharf where the boats link the airport to the main village located on another islet.
photo P1060746
photo P1060747
photo P1060748

The plane has arrived yet, must be inflight between Rangiroa and Manihi. The firefighters are here, awaiting its arrival.
photo P1060749

The waiting area and the small snack-bar.
photo P1060750

These are the counters for check-in and the benches of the boarding lounge !
photo P1060751

A tupa, big earth crab will be our entertainment while we wait for our flight.
photo P1060752
photo P1060753

We were supposed to get an ATR42-500 but it is F-OIQU, an ATR72-500 that shows its wings !

The whole airport staff gets ready, the aircraft is here !
photo P1060754

Tiairani is on the ground !
photo P1060755

And parks right in front of us !
photo P1060756
photo P1060757
photo P1060758
photo P1060759
photo P1060760
photo P1060761

The airport staff invites us to board and we follow the ground agent to the aircraft.
photo P1060762
photo P1060763
photo P1060764

We are greeted on board by a female cabin attendant, the purser is standing half way through the cabin to spread the passengers evenly for load purposes as there are only 11 of us.
photo P1060767

The legroom.
photo P1060765

The view through the very dirty window.
photo P1060766

The doors are closed and the engines are starting to rumble.

Do not sit on the tables please !
photo P1060770

LThe plane is taxiing up the runway…
photo P1060771
photo P1060772

does a turn…
photo P1060773
photo P1060774

and runs fast to take off !
photo P1060775
photo P1060776
photo P1060777

Manihi airport and the parking area.
photo P1060778

Take off for Rangiroa. We turn above the lagoon of Manihi.
photo P1060779
photo P1060780
photo P1060781
photo P1060782
photo P1060785
photo P1060786

We go past the airport, the runway and the Pearl Beach Resort.
photo P1060788
photo P1060789
photo P1060790
photo P1060791
photo P1060792
photo P1060793

We continue our route towards Rangiroa and after 30 minutes we are above Rangiroa.
photo P1060798
photo P1060799
photo P1060800
photo P1060801
photo P1060802
photo P1060803
photo P1060804
photo P1060805
photo P1060806
photo P1060807
photo P1060808

We are on final for Rangiroa.
photo P1060809
photo P1060810
photo P1060811
photo P1060812

We land softly !
photo P1060813

Next FR, the last leg, Rangiroa-Papeete.
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Air Tahiti

Cabin crew5.0

Manihi - XMH


Rangiroa - RGI



That's a very bad mark for Air Tahiti.

No pineapple juice on this leg, the cabin staff was missing !



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