Review of El Al Israel Airlines flight Tel Aviv Bucharest in Economy

Flight LY575
Class Economy
Seat 51A
Aircraft Boeing 737-900ER
Flight time 02:25
Take-off 28 Apr 16, 08:35
Arrival at 28 Apr 16, 11:00
LY 35 reviews
By 1380
Published on 9th May 2016
TLV airport enterance:
photo dsc_2091_

Check in area:
photo dsc_0128_photo fb_img_1461810642177_

WC before border inspection:
photo dsc_2092_

I couldn't take photos in the border inspection area, because the security prohibit it.

Some photos from the duty free area:
photo dsc_2093_photo dsc_2094_photo dsc_2108_

ELAL B738:
photo dsc_2104_

Sundor B738 and first visit of Hainan in Israel!
photo dsc_2114_

Departures schedule in the terminal area:
photo dsc_0130_photo dsc_2110_

And before the gate:
photo dsc_2129_

I arrived to gate D1a, in this gate I needed to take a bus to the aircraft.

Some photos from the bus:
photo dsc_2130_photo dsc_2131_

Aircraft Information:
Boeing 737-958ER
In service since March 2015 (Only year and month old when I travelled)

Outside view:
photo dsc_2132_photo dsc_2137_

Wing view from my seat:
photo dsc_2140_

Nice legroom:
photo dsc_2143_

New PSU:
photo dsc_2148_

Cabin view:
photo dsc_2151_photo dsc_2152_

Elal magazine and safety card:
photo dsc_0131_

Some photos during taxi:
photo dsc_2154_photo dsc_2160_

And from the take off:
photo dsc_2167_photo dsc_2179_

Overhead screen:
photo dsc_2187_

Power socket under my seat:
photo dsc_0139_
The power socket was unusable and also placed in unconvenient place.

Shortly after take off:
photo dsc_2190_

Entertainment control:
photo dsc_2204_

40 minutes after the take off, the crew served breakfast:
photo dsc_0133_photo dsc_0134_photo dsc_0137_
Included: Omelet, salad, white cheese, butter, bread, water, olive oil, strawberry jam and hot drinks.
The omelet was untasty, but full meal for 2 hours is nice.

During cruise:
photo dsc_2199_

Elal dream stream system:
photo screenshot_2016_04_28_09_15_38_photo screenshot_2016_04_28_09_20_13_photo screenshot_2016_04_28_10_35_22_

During descent:
photo dsc_2209_photo dsc_2214_photo dsc_2219_

Overhead TV with map view:
photo dsc_2211_

photo dsc_2232_photo dsc_2235_
The landing was hard, I don't know why.

During taxi in OTP:

Economy class:
photo dsc_2258_photo dsc_2260_photo dsc_2261_

Business class:
photo dsc_2263_photo dsc_2266_

Gate view:
photo dsc_2267_

OTP airport:
photo dsc_2268_photo dsc_2269_photo dsc_2270_

Thank You!
Soon I'll report new flight: LY574 (9.5) with B763 4X-EAJ. OTP-TLV.
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El Al Israel Airlines

Cabin crew7.0

Tel Aviv - TLV


Bucharest - OTP



The flight was short and good, but not excellent.
The cabin should be cleaner, the table of my father was dirty.
The flight took off with delay of 20 minutes.
The crew wasn't nice and talked to some people without respect.
The Dream steam system is nice idea, but the system work slowly and I couldn't check the system deeply in short flight like this.
The catering was OK but not more than OK.

About TLV airport:
In this time, the cleanliness improved, so I gave better score.
There are many shops and places to eat, so I gave 10 in services.
The terminal isn't big and I know quickly where I need to go, so I gave 10 in Access.

About OTP airport:
The baggage claim was little slow, the access to the rental car area isn't clear, maybe they need to add some signs to the airport that it'll be more clear where people need to go to take their car...
They got maximum score in services because the airport is including many shops.

Information on the route Tel Aviv (TLV) Bucharest (OTP)


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