Review of Brussels Airlines flight Brussels Prague in Economy

Airline Brussels Airlines
Flight SN 2809
Class Economy
Seat 19A
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 30 Apr 16, 09:30
Arrival at 30 Apr 16, 11:00
SN   #102 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 204 reviews
By GOLD 688
Published on 15th May 2016
After the early check-out, we caught the 6.47am train from Brussels Centraal to the airport. Luckily, train service had resumed using the old airport station and it was also the last day before BRU's departure hall would be partially opened after the unfortunate incident.

photo 26365855914_77c6a07f43_b

Just a short 15min train ride, we arrived at Brussels National Airport and proceeded to the temporary check-in tents. All tickets were checked and baggage screened before we were allowed into the check-in area. There were long queues (due to the May Day holidays) but queues moved fast. Airline personnel were also moving up and down the queues to sieve out passengers who had flights due to departure. Though the whole procedure was slightly messy, it was not as bad as I had imagined.

photo 26937792166_f2ab45a10d_b

photo 26365854834_fab06ed8e5_b

It took us half an hour to reach the check-in queues, and it was after we were sieved out by the Brussels Airlines staff for the 900-930am departures.

photo 26937791176_5cee7a2b16_b

All the check-in staff were in high spirits to handle the huge passenger load. All counters were opened and there were 2 staff manning at each counter to speed things up.

photo 26877004842_d57a3a3476_b

Dropped my bags and got my first ever Brussels Airlines boarding pass! It is always exciting to fly a new airline and better still, a new aircraft type!

photo 26367183543_00336308f3_b

Then, we had to climb up 4 storeys to reach the interior of the main terminal building. It was definitely a climb not suited for the elderly and those with heavy carry-ons.

Into BRU's airside

photo 26365852894_b1330be677_b

photo 26937789286_04a91df8cd_b

photo 26365851684_ff12f3dc6d_b


photo 26937788396_71dea4e2d0_b

The airside was unaffected from the incident and by now, all shops were fully operational. Again to the Belgium theme, chocolates are sold everywhere in duty-free as well!

photo 26365850214_e1f5fd58c9_b

photo 26365848804_8fa81ac3f2_b

photo 26937785776_acf04c8410_b

Tintin's rocket

photo 26876997812_99c032da00_b

Area with eateries. It was in fact, rather busy in the morning.

photo 26937784646_1a7dca806f_b

Walking down the 'A' Pier to the departure gate.

photo 26365845674_7ded14ae53_b

Reached the gate, where boarding has just begun.

photo 26365844234_4dd1f90c3e_b

30 April 2016
Brussels Airlines
SN 2809
Brussels (BRU) - Prague (PRG)
Avro RJ100
Economy Class
Flight Time: 1H11M

The Avro RJ100 that would be flying us to Prague. Excited to fly this aircraft as not only is it my first flight on one, it is also a very rare aircraft model in Asia. However, Brussels Airlines has quite a number of these aircraft plying its regional routes alongside its Airbuses.

photo 26876995092_4f5c01738c_b

Another RJ100 beside while boarding the aircraft.

photo 26902751181_6f62953b5c_b

Just before boarding.

photo 26876992812_120137bf9b_b

Aircraft door

photo 26365842374_78378d1a08_b

Welcomed by the purser as I stepped onto the aircraft an suddenly I felt lke being transported 20 years back. The aircraft seats and cabin felt very retro. Seats were in a rather spacious 2-3 layout, with the first few rows reserved for Business Class, which are just economy seats but with the neighbouring seat blocked. There were no separation between the 2 classes as well and during the flight, service for Business passengers was in full view of the rest. Guess this is common for European airlines.

Row 1 with the most legroom. Seats were upholstered in leather.

photo 26876991862_b417fcf223_b

Proceeded to my seat at 19A, which is the second last row of the aircraft and is at the 2-seater side. Boarding still in progress and flight was very full. There were 2 cabin crew working on this flight.

photo 26937779536_0d34020118_b

Though the seats looked aged, legroom is good and seats comfortable enough for the short flight. There is also a drinks holder.

photo 26902750421_fa0035f7b5_b

View out of the window.

photo 26365839394_e7a7b30ae4_b

Inflight magazine, BOB menu and safety card.

photo 26365838174_354c7686fc_b

Brussels Airlines' fleet.

photo 26697914090_9ddf019c1b_b

What you can do with your airsick bag.

photo 26902750051_02e1777870_b

After passengers had boarded, the crew at the rear came down to hand out children activity kits to the kids onboard. Nice gesture by Brussels Airlines here.

Safety demo was then performed manually while we pushed back. Flight time would be slightly over an hour.

Starting the taxi to the runway.

photo 26876988922_2e6444b216_b

Passing a sister A330

photo 26365836394_88aaf9d994_b

And it was only a short taxi to the active runway, Rwy25R.

photo 26876988532_04c476b141_b

Takeoff from Rwy25R

photo 26876988372_f4918d9068_b

photo 26876988092_bfba38187b_b

photo 26971316125_e23543e4d7_b

photo 26876987702_cb49c83085_b

Video of the takeoff.

Climbing through thick clouds.

photo 26971315745_7211370054_b

And finally sunlight when we broke through the clouds. It remained overcast below for more than half the flight.

photo 26367139663_ebc26d3833_b

After seatbelt signs were turned off, we economy passengers watched the Business pax getting served their meals and drinks. After the crew were finished with the service upfront, the BOB cart was pushed down the aisle for us economy pax to purchase any snacks or drinks. Not many takers on this short flight though. And that concluded the inflight service. Interaction with the cabin crew was minimal and they did their jobs.

photo 26971315485_9134e92d1e_b

Nice SN logo on the leather headrest cover.

photo 26367138973_9966fd30b8_b

Trip to the lavatory. It felt like going back in time to the 80s.

photo 26367137943_b0c6502f3f_b

photo 26971314865_d7576461c2_b

Aft galley and aircraft door.

photo 26971314065_ca0b9081ea_b

View of the cabin.

photo 26367136863_e7ddcf12f9_b

The clouds had cleared and we soon started the descent into Prague.

photo 26971313415_cec98862d9_b

photo 26367135933_9ec25edba4_b

photo 26971312885_86618aebc4_b

photo 26365827074_a236b180dd_b

photo 26367134473_777ecfd385_b

Video of the approach.

Landing in Prague Václav Havel Airport Rwy24 ahead of schedule.

photo 26876982332_307f6f476d_b

photo 26971311815_ffa82fea42_b

Video of the landing.

Passed a WizzAir A320 while during taxi to the gate.

photo 26876981722_0090766e1b_b

LH A321 which has just vacated our gate.

photo 26971311375_93f8d8e864_b

Parked at Terminal 2, which is used for Schengen flights.

photo 26876980982_23cf2f775e_b

My seat for the flight. Note the so retro cigarette stub compartment in the armrest.

photo 26365823504_e4351092de_b

3-seater row.

photo 26876980242_491dc68f94_b

Last views of my first ever RJ100 ride.

photo 26365822094_37c02d27ec_b

photo 26365820584_0e6117a70c_b

Travel Service A320 also just arrived.

photo 26876979342_a2035a58b0_b

Czech Airlines A319 in a special livery

photo 26876978652_886a32e55f_b

It was only a short wait for the bags.

photo 26365818754_2d7dd18f4f_b

Withdrew some Czech currency from the ATMs and took the Airport AE bus to the city. Stayed at Majestic Plaza Hotel, which is conveniently situated beside a major shopping mall and walkable to most of the sights in Prague. Prague, in itself, is a very walkable city.

Hotel room, which is of decent size and very comfortable.

photo 26876978002_ab33399885_b

photo 26365817134_296899681c_b

Trams are the main mode of transportation.


Lunch at a well-recommended and affordable pub/restaurant, Kotleta, just beside our hotel. Prices are reasonable and most importantly, food is tasty.

Beef Goulash soup

photo 26367128193_40940f960c_b

Very tasty Asparagus cream

photo 26971308405_cbc82da800_b

Interesting starter of Bacon-wrapped prunes.

photo 26365815504_d2a07c5f03_b

Traditional Czech cuisine of Stewed pork belly with sauerkraut and dumplings.

photo 26367127633_6f5768664a_b

Exploring the Old Town after lunch. Prague Old Town certainly retains its medieval charms, but I find it a bit too touristy for my liking with the hordes of visitors all around and shops after shops selling tourist trinkets.

Powder Tower


Astronomical Clock


Old Town Square


Perfect weather to enjoy the sunshine on the lawns


Charles Bridge across Vltava River.


Sights and sceneries




Roaming around the streets of Prague





Bought a light dinner at a small but popular local deli, Nase Maso, famous for its meat tartar and meatloaf. The beer was literally on-the-tap from the wall as well!




The hotel offers a great buffet breakfast every morning.

photo 26365808494_d39b84fe5e_b

Lunch at a lovely pasta joint, Pasta Fresca, which not only is famous for pasta, but also its to-die-for tiramisu!

photo 26876972002_bc0f3dd963_b

photo 26697895700_14226ee3b2_b

photo 26876970982_53f3d3e278_b

photo 26876968992_db6ddd08e6_b

Trying a traditional Bohemian pastry, which was being sold everywhere.



Dinner at La Boca, an Argentinian-styled restaurant. The steak was great!

photo 26876968182_c1c246ed7d_b

photo 26697893740_7c49eaff4a_b

Prague Old Town in the evening and night feels magical.









Soaking up the sights and sunshine on the last day.




The famous Prague Dancing Houses


Along River Vltava, with Prague Castle beyond.


A small market near the hotel.


And final meal was again at Kotleta, where we had a yummy gnocchi and Czech roast pork knee. Portion was huge and filling!

photo 26697892360_372d109fc7_b

photo 26876966252_cc2a176c7a_b

We proceeded to the airport in the evening, were we spent the night at the airport hotel, Courtyard by Marriot Prague Airport, as we had an early morning flight to catch to Frankfurt. No photos of the hotel but it was comfortable enough for a short night's stay
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Brussels Airlines

Cabin crew7.0

Brussels - BRU


Prague - PRG



The Brussels Airlines experience is acceptable on the short flight. Buy-on-board is becoming the norm on European carriers on intra-European flights, but as long as airfares remain low, I am not too concerned with this model. In this case, Brussels Airlines offered very competitive fares (if booked early in advance) compared to the budget carriers. Crew did their jobs and flight was on-time, which is already better than the normally not-so-pleasant reviews of the airline. More importantly, I had stuck off a new airline as well as a new aircraft type from my list!



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