Review of CSA flight Prague Frankfurt in Economy

Airline CSA
Flight OK 534
Class Economy
Seat 21F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 03 May 16, 07:20
Arrival at 03 May 16, 08:10
OK   #102 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 42 reviews
By GOLD 671
Published on 17th May 2016
Early the next morning, we just walked along a connecting linkway and 2 minutes later, was at the terminal building.

photo 26995448556_1e404c5764_b

Checked in for the Czech Airlines flight at Terminal 2, which is a terminal dedicated for Schengen flights. There were hardly a queue for check-in and the check-in agent was really friendly.

photo 26995446906_2e96053afd_b

photo 26425362443_d26dd60a1e_b

Boarding pass. Another airline off my list!

photo 26754916670_bff125a131_b

The whole terminal building felt rather sterile but functional.

photo 26425359473_cb96609ace_b

photo 26995444956_9a36ccaf5f_b

Using my Priority Pass, I went to the Erste Premier Lounge to grab some breakfast. The lounge is the biggest in Prague Airport, and is also used by Czech Airlines and Skyteam's premium passengers. Lounge was comfortable enough for a short stay, offering decent seating, workstations, a small hot/cold buffet and beverages.

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My simple breakfast. The egg rolls were delish!

photo 26754915360_10f31262ac_b

30min prior to departure, we proceeded to the gate.

photo 27028648795_6dfcec55d6_b

photo 26934714162_831fbbbe9b_b

One of Czech Airline's main workhorses, A319, being pushed back.

photo 26754910930_af6cca7a72_b

03 May 2016
Czech Airlines
OK 534
Prague (PRG) - Frankfurt (FRA)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 40M

Initially when I booked the flight quite some time back, it was scheduled as A319, but was changed to an ATR72 a while back, and today, it was swapped back to an A319 again. Realised the reason why when I saw the board that the flight would be operating Prague-Frankfurt-Dusseldorf. Seemed that OK has combined the Dusseldorf flight with our flight since the load factor is rather low for both flights.

Boarding has just begun.

photo 26934712902_6501ddd3e0_b

Another A319 at the gate beside.

photo 26754909270_8688ef224b_b

Steps to striking another airline off my list.

photo 26423289284_984752dd82_b

photo 26934710892_bb67f8cebe_b

Welcomed aboard and proceeded to my seat at 21F towards the rear of the aircraft. Passed the Business Class seats, which are again normal economy seating but with the middle seat blocked with a cocktail tray.

photo 26754907200_89929db52d_b

Regular economy seats.

photo 26934709712_0859850f5a_b

Boarding in progress.

photo 27028644785_f86b33654a_b

Legroom was good and there is an adjustable headrest on every seat. Cabin also seemed very well-maintained and clean despite this not being a very new aircraft.

photo 26934707902_eb0416a4da_b

photo 26754904390_4f1e622c4b_b

photo 26754902680_62dc59429e_b

View from the window, with another OK A319 seen taxiing out.

photo 27028642565_d9d0ff7aa9_b

Contents of the seat pocket.

photo 26934706282_3f8c3d7432_b

Czech and English papers were available at the door during boarding. I grabbed an English weekly news.

photo 27028640745_b656f9c08b_b

Czech Airlines has scrapped its free snacks and beverages service for economy since late last year and has followed the footsteps of many other European carriers to offer buy-on-board.

photo 26934704862_03193c9c08_b

photo 26960424741_0b88953dde_b

photo 26934703432_1928c07cf1_b

Welcome announcement by the crew. There were 3 cabin crew serving on this flight.

Pushed back right on schedule.

photo 26934701772_d63a325f08_b

Safety video was shown on the drop-down overhead screens. The video was actually quite entertaining.

photo 27028639935_5b464e6b66_b

Taxi out to the runway for the 40min flight to Frankfurt. A Szechuan Airlines A330 was spotted at Terminal One.

photo 26425311613_334b1bd1e8_b

Holding short of Rwy 24 for an Austrian Fokker70 to land.

photo 26754893830_fcf46df5e3_b

Departure from Rwy24.

photo 26425309483_cd0fd5fe45_b

photo 27028638605_f5b3f482f3_b

photo 26934698282_8ed881a1f4_b

Video of the takeoff.

Climbing to cruising altitude.

photo 26425306283_52af707dd0_b

photo 26934696562_e070f25c5a_b

photo 26425304213_b6fe66d79d_b

Drop-down screens were showing the flight map and information.

photo 26754889330_0d707f0ac4_b

After seatbelt signs were switched off, BOB service started (think Business Class passengers got a cold snack). At least Business Class was separated from Economy by a curtain. Programme on the drop-down screens were also changed to duty-free advertisements.

photo 26754888670_5c22f9caa0_b

photo 26754887510_eaa01d5e11_b

Lavatory offered the basic amenities.

photo 26425300023_d44893e87e_b

Cabin view with service in progress. Generally, cabin crew seemed rather friendly and pleasant.

photo 26754885820_a788cf4c2a_b

Just spent the rest of the short flight admiring the scenery.

photo 26425297843_d378d615de_b

We were soon descending into Frankfurt and cabin was prepared for arrival.

Getting lower.

photo 26995431356_5d2644bb2c_b

Can you spot another aircraft making a parallel approach? River Main was running below us.

photo 26425296143_8b914a8c29_b

photo 26995430986_d6d5b6a936_b

Flaps down.

photo 26754881470_f9c11175dd_b

Frankfurt's city skyline can be seen in the distance ahead.

photo 26754880740_7a6025e782_b

Landing on Rwy25L half an hour ahead of schedule! The flight was only 40min while the flight time was padded at 1h20m.

photo 26425292553_4283599441_b

photo 26754879610_0150c44213_b

photo 26754878970_5d5eb7d8ca_b

Video of the landing

Had a long taxi to Terminal 2. Parked at the remote stand.

photo 26754878410_cd25c13de1_b

Disembarking. Passengers bound for Dusseldorf were requested to remain onboard.

photo 26754877990_9e66e4d1c3_b

My seat for the flight.

photo 26754877120_4c52f41a80_b

Down the stairs to the bus.

photo 26754876520_3048922f11_b

What a short and comfortable flight on this baby Airbus.

photo 26425287143_df1f455160_b

photo 26754875520_4fa77e039b_b

Heavies parked at the Terminal building.

photo 26995429556_b9a935acb5_b

Baggage claim was very efficient. There I counted only 5 pax with checked in bags!

photo 26754874240_06b10d1bcc_b

As there were no trains from Terminal 2, we would need to board the 10min shuttle bus ride to Terminal 1 to catch the trains to the city.

Passing through T2's departure hall on the way to the shuttle bus station.

photo 26995429286_78a76fc7de_b

photo 26754872460_f1382fc90a_b

It was a quick 15min train ride from Terminal One to Frankfurt Main Train Station.


Stayed at Manhattan Hotel, which is literally just opposite the train station and offers very comfortable rooms at great rates. I would be only spending 24hrs in Frankfurt.

photo 26423264524_79b1daa2c4_b

Walked down to River Main.


Reaching Romerburg, which is Frankfurt's old town.


photo 26995428376_4b3c84e3de_b

Explored a local market.


Had a pasta lunch at a local joint.

photo 26754870800_ec0d7b0a8e_b

photo 26754869290_3323f37e0c_b

photo 26934661362_2d6b982bc1_b

Sinful but yummy Tartufo dessert

photo 26934659132_e13a26ed5d_b

Fresh fruits and vegetables for sale.


Then it was down to the shopping street for some serious shopping!




A festival market selling german fare. Got a currywurst here.



For dinner, we actually had some Chinese food haha.

photo 26934657102_5871c9bfca_b

Next morning, it was an early start with breakfast at the hotel. The included breakfast, though simple, was of rather good quality and choice.

photo 26423263334_2d8a237ba9_b

photo 26934654352_5645bb0af4_b

Then it was just across the street to catch the 0920am ICE train to Amsterdam. The train ride took slightly more than 4hr, passing Cologne, Dusseldorf and finally into the Netherlands. Tickets were also a mere 39Euros each when booked early!

photo 26423260834_9b69001252_b

As our final stop was Amsterdam Schiphol, we required a change of train at Utrecht Centraal, which was another 20min regional train ride to Schiphol. Total journey time: 4h20min from Frankfurt Main to Schiphol.

photo 27028616245_39f96073e1_b
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Cabin crew7.5

Erste Premier Lounge


Prague - PRG


Frankfurt - FRA



Czech Airlines offered a pleasant flying experience with its comfortable and clean cabins. Flights were on time and service was BOB just like many other European carriers. It was a good first experience on Czech Airlines.



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    The aircraft is
    AIRCRAFT Airbus A319-112
    CODE TYPE A319
    MODE S 49D055
    AGE (February 2007) 9 years

    consider the age of the aircraft, I agree if the plane were maintenanced very well

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