Review of Air Asia flight Singapore Penang in Economy

Airline Air Asia
Flight AK 1726
Class Economy
Seat 19A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 10 Jun 16, 22:30
Arrival at 10 Jun 16, 23:35
AK 120 reviews
By 1239
Published on 15th June 2016
Now for the second weekend jaunt to Penang via AirAsia and Jetstar. As similar to previous, boarding passes were printed at home and we can proceed directly to the gate.

photo 27594055501_ab1dcf122d_b

Departure Gate D34

photo 27056503374_ba7383fb70_b

10 June 2016
AK 1726
Singapore (SIN) - Penang (PEN)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 54M

Aircraft had arrived early and being prepared for departure.

photo 27594053631_d7f6dcbaac_b

photo 27057956083_cb8bc38dd5_b

With the very short turnaround, boarding was soon called.

photo 27594051921_84f28c5e0a_b

The usual budget seat pitch.

photo 27056500154_78293ed7c0_b

Inflight mags and stuff

photo 27633353466_1b443d7ce2_b

View out the window

photo 27633354306_a9a7257a24_b

Boarding was very efficient and was swiftly completed despite the full flight.

photo 27056501084_19ac0d38ef_b

Pushback and taxi for the 1hr hop to Penang.

photo 27057953663_789575f8e0_b

Departure from Rwy20C

It was a clear night.

photo 27633352306_0f7803aaf5_b

Overflying Changi

photo 27056497504_91aff5c95c_b

Climbing into the night

photo 27056496774_3c795a68fa_b

As soon as the seat belt signs were turned off, pre-ordered meals were delivered from trays. Not too many pre-orders on this very short flight. BOB was offered after the pre-orders were distributed.

photo 27633348606_358846ecb0_b

With the very reasonable meal prices onboard AirAsia, I pre-ordered a Nasi Dagang with Chicken Curry. The meal was max-ed with a dessert of 2 vanilla cupcakes. The meal was flavourful, though the portion of chicken was a tad tiny.

photo 27633350856_e645f30f11_b

photo 27056494394_970a1dac92_b

We also pre-ordered a new dish, Kolo Mee. Now, this dish from Kuching tasted delicious and fairly authentic for airplane food!

photo 27056495814_a321da98d2_b

photo 27633349926_8d725c6010_b

Ending the supper with sinful cupcakes.

photo 27056493274_2220a52ebf_b

Very soon, we were descending into Penang and landing on Rwy04 15min ahead of schedule.

Taxi to the terminal.

photo 27633347896_e4897eecde_b

photo 27056492554_acd5c511fa_b

photo 27633346966_88a112bc67_b


photo 27056491504_760542ddf4_b

photo 27633346076_470b389a99_b

Disembarked via stairs

photo 27056490504_f3f4226029_b

Malindo is repainted in Batik Air colours?

photo 27633345216_bdf400b7d5_b

Immigration and customs was quick and a short taxi ride later, we were in Georgetown within 40min from touchdown. Stayed at Hotel Jen for 2 nights. Hotel Jen was rebranded from the previous Traders Hotel, which in itself was originally branded as ShangriLa. The hotel is rather old but functional and is due for total refurbishment this year. However rooms are big and comfortable, though "classic" looking.

photo 27056489904_3c7f7176c8_b

Next morning, headed to Tai Tong Restaurant for dimsum brunch.

photo 27633343886_123ee36b93_b

photo 27633344236_c3c3ce329d_b

photo 27057945883_2c6f7e77e1_b

Hainan association with Komtar in the background.

photo 27057943883_fe23352b95_b

Passed my this roast meat stall with long queues. Gonna try it next time.

photo 27057944973_3113cc166e_b

Penang Teochew Chendol to provide some respite from the heat.

photo 27057943183_11570408f1_b

Dinner at a hawker center along Jalan Macalister.

photo 27057942653_5e8ca3d6a8_b

Loh Bak

photo 27668563445_890e6647a3_b

Penang Char Kuay Teow

photo 27057941613_8207ace4b1_b

Fried carrot cake and oyster omelette.

photo 27057940293_68355156be_b

Beehoon soup

photo 27057939253_75ccd7e2af_b

As it is the durian season, it is a must to try some of the famous Penang durians!

photo 27057936793_008916f60d_b

photo 27057938443_269dce2d24_b

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Air Asia

Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu8.5

Singapore - SIN


Penang - PEN



An enjoyable short flight with good catering onboard AirAsia it was.

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