Review of American Airlines flight Dublin New York in Economy

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA291
Class Economy
Seat 15A
Aircraft Boeing 757-200
Flight time 07:15
Take-off 24 Jun 13, 09:15
Arrival at 24 Jun 13, 11:30
AA   #69 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 569 reviews
Published on 23rd July 2016

Hi all and welcome to my latest trip report. This instalment charts a trip I made to New York in June 2013, where I took the newly-launched AA route from DUB to JFK!

As this flight pre-clears US Customs at DUB, I turned-up at the airport 3 hours before departure. The airport was very busy, and I encountered lenghty queues at the AA check-in desks, security and at US CBP. Approaching 8:40 - only 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time, I left the US CBP area and headed for my 757, which had by that time more or less been fully boarded.

photo 9136328577_717e8ed599_k

When booking for this trip I opted for Main Cabin Extra for both the outbound and return journeys. Upon being welcomed onto the aircraft, I made my way to seat number 15A.

photo 9138550262_7a0094b89a_k

Legroom was excellent, and definitely worth the extra fee to upgrade. The load onboard today's flight would be 100%, and considering I was one of the later passengers to board, the aircraft was pushing-back within a matter of minutes.

photo 9136325819_cc0b6af6ba_k

Having never-before flown the Boeing 757, I was mightily impressed by its takeoff performance. You can see the video here:

Shortly after reaching cruising altitude, a drinks service was held, followed then by the main meal.

photo 9138548112_c255ce663c_k

As is often the case for economy airline meals, the meal tray was incredibly hot. A trick I use to make the most of this is to use the heat from the overly hot tray to heat up your bread roll! Thus, after a few minutes you're meal has cooled a little and your bread roll is warm!

photo 9136322959_b1e58779b2_k

photo 9136320013_eed1d9e72b_k

The pasta meal, although nothing amazing, was quite satisfactory and was much better than the meal I received from EI when I travelled DUB-MCO earlier this year.

Although AA won on the catering front, EI certainly offer a better hard product. AA International 757s have no personal TVs, and although I had extra legroom, the seats were somewhat restraining for a flight of such a duration.

photo 9138538554_3f8958b578_k

The flight passed uneventfully, with drinks rounds every hour or so. I, along with most of the other passengers, at least tried to make up on the lost sleep from the night before.

photo 9136321217_2a1d7f05ae_k

Approximately 90mins before landing, a snack box was handed out.

photo 9136553643_bb9c82d67f_k

photo 9136552649_75bc7a8aee_k

I liked the array of items given, and made good use of the free drink service also. Soon we hit land; first Boston, then the tip of Long Island.

photo 9136551531_5ad1b438b3_k

photo 9138774290_f7b3cacbcc_k

The descent towards JFK was smooth; here's the landing video:

While taxiing it was delightful to feel the 30'C heat through the window.

photo 9136545475_45b93bf029_k

Arriving at the domestic pier of AA's Terminal 8, we de-planed quickly and I headed to pick up my luggage.

Having some spare time as I waited on a friend to arrive on a flight from AMS, I went to Terminal 5 for food and some plane spotting.

photo 9138769220_67d77e5652_k

photo 9138764976_b973f29faf_k

photo 9138766034_c18fe63432_k

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American Airlines

Cabin crew7.0

Dublin - DUB


New York - JFK



Overall, I enjoyed my first experience of AA. Despite the queuing at DUB and the lack of PTVs, it was a comfortable flight and the FAs were nice!

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